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Everything You Need To Know About SharePoint's Social Capabilities - Document Strategy Forum


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Everything You Need To Know About SharePoint's Social Capabilities - Document Strategy Forum

  2. 2. #SPSocial @RHarbridge2My Name Is Richard Harbridge…
  3. 3. #SPSocial @RHarbridge3Connecting ValueTo SharePointSocial Features
  4. 4. What is theValue?
  5. 5. • Lowers Cost Of Sharing &Organizing Information• Reduces Organizational Barriers• Improves Business Agility• Compliments Talent Management• Promotes End User Innovation
  6. 6. • Improve Search Relevance• Improve Content Authority• Add Further Contextual Relevance• Provide Additional Ways ToFind Content
  7. 7. CommunitiesSearchSitesCompositesContentInsightsNot Just Communities…Leveraged Everywhere
  8. 8. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeSocial Feedback Leads To BetterProcedures?Why Leveraging SharePoint Blog Features for News is a Great Idea
  9. 9. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeSocial SharePoint OptionsWhen are people going beyond SharePoint for Social Functionality?ExtendingComplimentingSupplementingReplacingIgnoring/Locking DownHow To Lock Down SharePoint’s Social Features
  10. 10. #SPSocial @RHarbridge12Wikis, Blogsand DiscussionsDemonstration
  11. 11. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeSharePoint 2010 Wiki CapabilitiesSharePoint Server: Enterprise Wiki Site Template – built onSharePoint Publishing infrastructureSharePoint Foundation:Team Sites with Web EditEasy page editingWiki-linking withauto-completeCross-browser RichText EditorPage Templates(Content Types & PageLayouts)Ratings(Web Analytics)Scalable(Output Caching)Customizable(Master Pages & CSS)Categories(Managed Metadata)Social Tags & Notes(Social Store)
  12. 12. #SPSocial @RHarbridge
  13. 13. #SPSocial @RHarbridge
  14. 14. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeBlogs in 2010…• The gist of it:• Blog posts auto listed in activity feed.• Consistent and improved rich text editor.• Live preview and ability to launch blog programfrom ribbon.• Team blogs as well as individual blogs.• Personal blog can be linked to mysite.• Improved navigation OOTB for blog sites.• “About this blog” content area.• No HTML or silverlight/media (AVAILABLE in 2013 w/ Nicer Design Options)
  15. 15. #SPSocial @RHarbridge
  16. 16. #SPSocial @RHarbridge
  17. 17. #SPSocial @RHarbridge
  18. 18. #SPSocial @RHarbridge
  19. 19. #SPSocial @RHarbridge21Personal Sites,Profiles, and NewsfeedDemonstration
  20. 20. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeStorage Architecture in 2013Content DBs (per-user)User Profile ServiceProfile DB (per-service)People andtag followingUser profilepropertiesSocial DB(per-service)Social tagsContent DB(site collection per-user)Feed postsSite anddocumentfollowingPersonalstoragespace(Site Feed posts arestored in the SP site)
  21. 21. #SPSocial @RHarbridgePermissions
  22. 22. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeTip: SharePoint Magnifies IssuesActive DirectoryNot Up To Date?
  23. 23. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeTip: Plan User Profile PropertiesProperty Name Example: Region NameSource Example: System XYZEditable By Users Example: Editable By UsersPrivacy Example: EveryoneRequired or Optional Example: OptionalUser Profile Property Planning Worksheet
  24. 24. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeProperty Tags and Knowledge MiningWhere are the tags?•Outlook 2010 {Sent Items}•Sharepoint Server 2010Control and Consent1. Auto find and publish to MySite to use {Least Conservative}2. Don’t Analyze Email {Most Conservative}Office Resource Kit {}3. Analyze and upload (user consent at client)Outlook ->Options ->Advanced4. Consent on suggestions (user consent at server)
  25. 25. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeSocial Newsfeed
  26. 26. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeSocial Newsfeed
  27. 27. #SPSocial @RHarbridgePrivacy Settings
  28. 28. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeHow You Follow…
  29. 29. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeHow You Follow…
  30. 30. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeWhat Am I Following?
  31. 31. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeWelcome Message
  32. 32. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeWelcome Email Message
  33. 33. #SPSocial @RHarbridge35Tags, Notesand RatingsDemonstration
  34. 34. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeTags, Notes and Ratings• Social Tags, Notes and Ratings• Helps categorize, annotate, promote and helpretrieval of relevant links• Applies to any URL, inside or outside ofSharePoint with bookmarklet• Independent of write-permissions (go readers!)• Primary mechanism for promoting documentsand web pages to the newsfeed• At the very basic level it has 3 parts to it• Person, URI, Feedback• SECURITY TRIMMING STILL IN EFFECT
  35. 35. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeTags, Notes and Ratings• Tags:• Social Bookmarks (Such as I Like It)• Basically just Keywords tied to data…• Tag Cloud• Depicts the most popular tags.• Tag Profiles:• Tag Profiles show sites, docs, items, people thathave been tagged with a term.• Tag Profiles also show a list of communitymembers and any discussions or postings thatappear on the communities note board.
  36. 36. #SPSocial @RHarbridge
  37. 37. #SPSocial @RHarbridge
  38. 38. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeRating vs Liking
  39. 39. #SPSocial @RHarbridge42People SearchDemonstration
  40. 40. Get RecommendationsGet suggestions onpeople to follow
  41. 41. Search For PeopleRefine your searchbased on keywordsDiscover expertson their interestsprojects
  42. 42. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeBetter User Profiles = Better Search• Encourage users to have photos and updateprofile information• Turn on ‘knowledge mining’ and encourageusers to publish suggested keywords• Setup connection to Managed MetadataService Application• Add custom profile properties
  43. 43. #SPSocial @RHarbridge46CommunitiesDemonstration
  44. 44. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeCommunities in 2013
  45. 45. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeTitlePosts and repliesDescriptionNavigationCommunity Categories
  46. 46. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeCommunity Postings
  47. 47. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeCommunity Conversations
  48. 48. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeCommunity Owner Tools
  49. 49. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeReputation & Badges
  50. 50. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeReputation & Badges
  51. 51. Find What You’re Looking For
  52. 52. #SPSocial @RHarbridge55Implementing An EffectiveSharePoint Social Strategy
  53. 53. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeSocial Roll Out
  54. 54. #SPSocial @RHarbridgePhase 4Phase 3Phase 2Phase 1 Basic ProfileImportMySites PilotedMySites GloballyDeployedMySitesCustomizedProfilesImplementedCustom ProfileFieldsProfile FieldsIntegrated WithLOB DataUsers Can EditProfile Data WithWrite Back To ADPhotos UpdatedFrom CentralSourceProfilesPresentationCustomizedMy Sites & Profile Roll Out
  55. 55. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeSocial Feature Roll OutPhase 1Less Than 50% Profiles PopulatedNotes and Status UpdatesInfrequently UsedCommunity Sites PilotedWikis PilotedLeadership Blogs PilotedDiscussion Boards PilotedTags & Notes Infrequent (UsageLow)Ratings Piloted On KnowledgeBasePhase 2Less Than 75% Profiles PopulatedNotes & Status Updates UsedFrequently By Early AdoptersCommunity Sites GloballyDeployedWiki Sites Globally DeployedDepartment Blogs DeployedDiscussion Boards GloballyDeployedTags & Notes Adopted (UsageHigh)Knowledge Base Initiating NewProcedures/PoliciesPhase 3Close to 100% Profiles PopulatedNotes & Status UpdatesConsidered Cultural NormCommunities Extended ToExternal ParticipantsWiki Spaces Extended To ExternalParticipantsPersonal Blogs DeployedDiscussion Boards Leading To NewInnovation Or Cost SavingsTags & Notes (Expected)Knowledge Base Podcasting &Media
  56. 56. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeMap To Business ObjectivesSupportAcquisitionsProvidePositiveWork CultureHighlightExceptionalPeopleHave HighlyEffectiveDecisionMakingSupportingCommunityCustomerTransparentSupportLeadershipPersonallyEngaging w/CustomersInternal SocialCollaboration    User Profiles PersonalMySites Internal SocialNetworking    Communities OfInterest   Communities OfPractice    External SocialAuthoring   Social CRM     Direct Relationship  Indirect Relationship
  57. 57. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeProfile Sprawl Challenge?
  58. 58. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeNo Anonymity In The Enterprise?
  59. 59. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeKeyword Sprawl Challenge?
  60. 60. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeUnique Cloud Challenges…If you have SharePoint 2013 On Prem and a Office 365 SharePoint Online Instance…How do you plan the socialuser experience?Example: Following an o365 document doesn’tadd it to your onPrem social feed, it would add itto the o365 data… Difficult hybrid scenario.
  61. 61. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeDiscipline and Processes
  62. 62. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeSamples of What to Measure– Number of completed user profiles– Number of connections per user– Cross posting of blogs, subscriptions to RSS and other feeds– Average number of participants with Wikis (also look atdistribution – Wikis with most participants vs. universe ofwikis)– Effective use on major projects– Reduction in e-mail (generally, on specific topics, corporatenoise)– Range of adoption (departments, topics)– Does a new policy or idea get adopted easier?– Search metrics: fewer similar queries=right information faster
  63. 63. #SPSocial @RHarbridge66 Twitter: @RHarbridge Blog: Email: Resources:50+ User Adoption Activities Adoption Activities130+ SharePoint Standards SPStandards.com35+ Governance Documents Governance Documents80+ Downloadable Presentations YouOrganizers, Sponsors and You for Making this Possible.
  64. 64. #SPSocial @RHarbridge67Bonus: Microsoft Vision& Yammer Strategy
  65. 65. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeNew experiences thatcombine social, collab,email, instantmessaging, voice, andvideo
  66. 66. #SPSocial @RHarbridgeSocial in the cloud Social on-premises
  67. 67. #SPSocial @RHarbridge
  68. 68. #SPSocial @RHarbridge