And The Survey Says... Key SharePoint Trends In The Industry


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  • My dedication to you before I begin. By the end of this you will have gained 3 things. It might be new knowledge, it might be a new method but you MUST gain 3 things by the end. If you don’t my first challenge to you is to stalk me, hunt me down and make sure you get 3 things from me. Because I owe you 3 things! This is meant to help you. 
  • A lot of this can seem daunting and I know one of the hardest things is figuring out how to do some of the things I have shown today. If you are interested in further training or assistance please let me know. Based on the number of people who are interested and the areas of interest we can schedule further training sessions to help everyone better use the SharePoint portal.It's our commitment to you that we will continue to hear your feedback and identify the issues. I encourage you to give us feedback during the coming months, and we will continue to deliver more and more functionality, more and more guidance to help you be successful with your application of SharePoint.Thank You for Reading/Listening
  • And The Survey Says... Key SharePoint Trends In The Industry

    1. 1. SPTechCon The SharePoint Technology ConferenceAnd The Survey Says…Key SharePoint TrendsIn The Industry Presented By: Richard Harbridge #SPTechCon @RHarbridge SPTechCon The SharePoint Technology Conference
    2. 2. Who Here Has Seen Family Feud?
    3. 3. What Was The Main Reason For Implementing SharePoint? 1 50 Project Mgmt 13 YouSendIt Internal Collab6 Google 6 1 Docs 2 3 AMS-Legal 1 7 Portal/Intranet 25 Archive/RM 10 DropBox 3 8 9 NetDocuments 25 Don’t Know 1 Rplc File-Share 2 PBWorks 4 2 Accellion 1 Live Doc/CM 18 External9 ShareFile Collab 8 5 No Choice 13 10 5 BPMAIIM SharePoint Puzzle 2012 Survey Results – Maximum of two reasons per respondent.
    4. 4. What Would You Say Are Your Biggest On-going Business Issues? 1 46 YouSendIt Lack Expertise 6 5 19 Google Docs Info Policy 1 2 3 Lack Strategy 39 DropBox 6 1 Not Acc2Plan 19 AMS-Legal 3 NetDocuments 2 User Resistance 28 Process 7 1 Map’n 17 PBWorks 4 2 Process Change 24 ShareFile 8 12 Other! Accellion 1AIIM SharePoint Puzzle 2012 Survey Results – Maximum of three issues per respondent.
    5. 5. SPTechCon The SharePoint Technology ConferenceThank YouOrganizers, Sponsors and You for Making this Possible.Questions? Ideas? Feedback? Contact me: Twitter: @RHarbridge Blog: Email: Resources:90+ SharePoint Presentations at.. SharePoint Standards at.. SPStandards.com15 Pages of Important Questions at.. SPTechCon The SharePoint Technology Conference