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TheCR: Our Story


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How and why The Community Roundtable began and how we help clients today

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TheCR: Our Story

  1. 1. The CommunityRoundtable Story The Community Roundtable
  2. 2. In 2007 Social Software Adoption Was Growing Quickly
  3. 3. Media Was Changing RapidlyThe one with the microhone no longercontrolled the conversation
  4. 4. Business Had Been a Controlled Environment Organized, Ordered, Predictable
  5. 5. But People Started Talking About & To Brands Whether Companies Wanted Them To Or Not
  6. 6. It Was ChaoticAnd Confusing
  7. 7. Social Is Not Orderly
  8. 8. Social networks:• Hold up mirrors• Equalize access• Crumble barriers= Makes many peoplevery uncomfortable
  9. 9. And Organizations Were Still Hardwired for This (And Many Still Are)
  10. 10. A Handful Started to Understand the Change and the Future
  11. 11. And TheCR Network Was Born (2009)1. Peer Learning 2. Capture & document tacit knowledge
  12. 12. We Developed A Framework For Members To Work Within: The Community Maturity Model Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Hierarchy Emergent Community Networked Community Familiarize & Strategy Listen Participate Build Integrate Command & Leadership Control Consensus Collaborative Distributed Culture Reactive Contributive Emergent Activist Community Defined roles & Integrated roles None Informal Management processes & processes Content & Formal & Some user Community Integrated formal Programming Structured generated created content & user generated content Policies & No Guidelines for Restrictive social Flexible social Inclusive Governance UGC media policies media policies Consumer tools Consumer & self- Mix of consumer ‘Social’ functionality Tools used by service tools & enterprise tools is integrated individuals Metrics & Activities & Behaviors & Anecdotal Basic Activities Measurement Content Outcomes
  13. 13. What TheCR Network Members Say
  14. 14. And Over the Years Our Services and Membership Has GrownMission: Advance the Business of Community Services1.Champion: Advocate for the needs of community business • TheCR Network owners and teams • TheCR Focus2.Educate: Provide training solutions to community & social • TheCR Advisory business leaders • TheCR Research3.Curate: Aggregate, document, and share community management best practices • Community Management TrainingMember Organizations & Clients Leadership Team Rachel Happe Principal and Co-Founder @rhappe Jim Storer Principal and Co-Founder @jimstorer
  15. 15. What TheCR Network Members Say
  16. 16. Contact Us Twitter Jim @jimstorer Rachel @rhappe