Sxswi Tips & Sessions 2013


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Tips & sessions of interest to community managers heading to SXSWi 2013

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Sxswi Tips & Sessions 2013

  1. 1. At SXSWi 2013
  2. 2. First Time? Tips To HelpGet out of your comfort zone. Don’t just go to You are broadcasting your brand at SXSW. Assumesessions you know something about. The good stuff is you’re being recorded. Don’t be an ass.brand new.Say “Hi.” Everyone’s there to meet people and have Use the “law of two feet.” If you’re not enjoyinggreat conversations. You never know who you’ll meet. where you are – move.Be friendly. Austin is a great town. Keep it that way. Be Pack a layer. It might get chilly/rainy in the eveningnice, even if you’re not happy.Water is your friend. Drink it. Don’t stand in line. Rally your posse and go somewhere else.Be where you are. Don’t chase the cool parties. Find it When in doubt, go to the roof. Most bars have awhere you are. rooftop. That’s where the magic happens.Put your phone away. Turn it off if you’re having a cool Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be on your feet a LOT.conversation. It’ll be there later.Wander. No shots, but if you do, please see top of this column.Try not to travel in a pack of 20 people. Small = Enjoy yourself…. it’s SXSWi!nimble.Make breakfast tacos part of your daily regimen.Eat when you can. There’s free stuff everywhere… eatit if you like it.
  3. 3. Great Sessions/Events by TheCR Network Members, Partners & FriendsMarch 8 March 9 March 10 March 11 March 12 Fleishman-Hillards SXSW Create Fleishman-Hillard’s Black Box Lounge– presented by Black Box Lounge – 9a-6p – Four AutoDesk – 1-6p – 9a-6p – Four Seasons Outside at 101 Red Seasons River Street Community Peer-to-Peer: Non- Whoa Nellie! Manager High Five Profit Social Media Content Strategy for Flash Mob – 12- Managers – 3:30 – Slow Experiences – 12:15 – Intersection AT&T Conference 3:30 – Austin of Trinity & Fourths Ctr (Beth Kanter, Convention Ctr (Jeremiah Owyang) Laura Fitton) (Margot Bloomstein)Social Health The CommunityStartup Bootcamp – Manager – Enter2p – Hilton (Carissa The C Suite – 3:30 –O’Brien) AT&T Conference Center (Tim McDonald)
  4. 4. More Sessions For Community TypesMarch 8 March 9 March 10 March 11 March 12What Marketers Professions Go Data, Empowering OutsourcingShould Ask Social – 11a – Storytelling&Breaki Communities With &Offshoring SocialThemselves About Courtyard Marriott ng throughthe Civic Science & Data Customer Service –Social – 12:30p – noise – 9:30a - – 9:30a – Austin 11a – Four SeasonsAT&T Conf Ctr Wanderlust Convention CtrFleishman- Social Storytelling Mentor Session – Knowledge Social BusinessHillardBlack Box Meetup – 11a - Meghan Murphy , Ecosystems: How & Meetup – 12:30p -Lounge– 1-6p Four Empire Cmgr – 11a - Hilton What Do We Know? Driskill HotelSeasons – 11a – Austin Convention CtrCommunity Less is More: Why 5 The Science of Puzzle Clubhouse – Advanced SocialManager Meetup – Comments Beats Storytelling – Secrets of Media Monitoring –3:30p – Driskill 5,000 Likes – 1p - 12:30p – Austin Crowdsourcing – 3:30p – AT&THotel Hilton Convention Ctr 3:30p- Hyatt Convention CtrData & The Rise of Say Goodbye to One Million Strong:Gamification: Value Contextual Social CorpMarketing As Social Media andto the Enterprise – Networks – 3:30p - You Know It – The US Army –5p – Four Seasons Sheraton 12:30p - Sheraton 3:30p - SheratonSpreadable Media: Real Talk the Social How to Build a Confessions of aValue Meaning & Customer Service Social Network in CommunityNetwork Culture – Shift – 5p - Health – 4:15p - Moderator – 5p -5p – Austin Sheraton Hilton SheratonConvention Center
  5. 5. Connect With At SXSWi 2013 @TheCR TheCR Network