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Overview of The Community Roundtable


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The Community Roundtable is dedicated to advancing the business of community.

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Overview of The Community Roundtable

  1. 1. The Community Roundtable Advancing the Business of Community
  2. 2. Mission: Advance the Business of Community 1. Champion: Advocate for the needs of community business owners & teams! 2. Educate: Provide training solutions to community & social business leaders! 3. Curate: Aggregate, document & share community management best practices! Services TheCR Network | TheCR Advisory | TheCR Research | TheCR Training! Leadership Rachel Happe! Principal & Co-Founder! @rhappe! Jim Storer! Principal & Co-Founder! @jimstorer! About The Community Roundtable
  3. 3. Member Organizations & Clients
  4. 4. 1. Research. We publish an annual State of Community Management study, Social Executive research and have a library of 200+ best practice reports.! 2. Experience. Our work with 90+ organizations gives us unique insight into community best practices and standards. ! 3. Access to Practitioners. TheCR Network’s expertise and our collaboration with members provides unparalleled access to emerging practices and standards. ! 4! The Community Roundtable Advantage
  5. 5. Collaboration Working groups, TheCR Champions & research advisory boards Programming Expert roundtable calls, Happy Hour, New Member Calls, AMAs Research State of Community Management, Social Executive, Community Manager Salary Survey, Roundtable Reports, Resource bundles, Quick Cases Access Peers from 90+ organizations Status External recognition and opportunities TheCR Network
  6. 6. Research State of Community Management Data about practices and processes in managing communities Social Executive A framework and practices for supporting executive adoption Community Management Salary Survey Skill matrix and compensation data for community professionals Roundtable Reports Qualitative practices discussed and shared by TheCR Network members
  7. 7. TheCR Research Assets Community Management Fundamentals Dark Side of Community Management State of Community Management 2012 State of Community Management 2011 The Social Executive –Case Study Introduc3on to the discipline of community management and why it ma9ers. Perspec3ves on the personal challenges for community managers from TheCR Network members. A report that examines the evolu3on of the social business industry and analyzes organiza3onal pa9erns and lessons learned from industry leaders and prac33oners. A study designed to help be9er understand the level of execu3ve engagement, how execu3ves are seEng priori3es and the value they expect from social business. A compila3on of lessons from TheCR Network members, organized by the competencies in the Community Maturity Model.
  8. 8. Training & Content Internal Community Management Video and worksheet assets designed for employee-facing community managers External Community Management Video and worksheet assets designed for customer-facing community managers WOMMA/TheCR Courses Self-paced Community Manager, Community Strategist and Advanced Community Skills courses. Community Playbooks Custom playbooks developed with clients to document community management practices and processes Toolkits Research, case studies, data and worksheet to address a specific challenge
  9. 9. TheCR Toolkits Start Toolkit Build Toolkit State of Community Management Toolkit The Social Executive Toolkit The Start Toolkit aims to educate individuals and community teams on how to think about geEng started on their community journey. The Build Toolkit aims to educate community teams who are working to organize, assess and report on their community efforts. The Social Execu3ve Toolkit is designed to help social and community teams understand execu3ve adop3on so that they can effec3vely coach execu3ves. The State of Community Management Toolkit includes all of our SOCM research, covering leading prac3ces required to create a successful community program. Start Toolkit
  10. 10. Advisory Community Performance Benchmarking Performance benchmarking and recommendations Workshops One- to two-day workshops for teams looking to start their journey, build out a community program or grow a community program. Speaking Webinar, keynote and executive presentations Retained Advisory Long term advisory to support a client’s strategic and tactical community needs.
  11. 11. Speaking Topics • The Business of Community • The Path to a Fully Socialized Business • Working in the Social World: Complex Adaptive Systems • The Social Executive • The Role of Community Strategist • The Role of the Community Manager • Community Management Fundamentals • Community Content and Programming • Building A Community Roadmap
  12. 12. 13! The Community Maturity Model
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he Community Maturity Model (CMM)
  14. 14. 15! Community management is measurable
  15. 15. 16! Measurable enables effective planning
  16. 16. 17! Case Study: Using the Community Maturity Model at Microsoft
  17. 17. Using the CMM for Internal Consulting At Microsoft, many teams are committed to fostering and revitalizing communities. The Community Maturity Model helps us develop action plans for these communities. We’ve used the Community Maturity Model to:! 1. Show community owners that the work of managing communities can be systematized (to a degree).! 2. Guide community managers as they assess their communities against industry norms and identify the actions they want to take to improve community performance.! 3. Advise sponsors of potential new communities of the initial actions they should take as they launch their communities in an 8-Step Internal Community Jumpstart plan.! Alex Blanton, Microso1 Member of TheCR Network since 2013
  18. 18. Microsoft’s CMM Assessment Tool
  19. 19. 20! The Social Executive Research
  20. 20. The Social Executive Framework
  21. 21. The Social Executive Assets Cards for Community Case Studies Training and Toolkit
  22. 22. The Social Executive Services Training Presentations targeted at executives or those coaching executives Assessment Interviews, assessment and recommendations Case Study Interviews and narrative report designed to share your success Toolkit Content and worksheets designed to help those coaching executives
  23. 23. Thank you! Rachel Happe Principal & Co-­‐Founder The Community Roundtable @rhappe Jim Storer Principal & Co-­‐Founder The Community Roundtable @jimstorer