Facebook Fanpage Profit System


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Here's a very powerful new method I've developed that you can harness to promote almost anything you want, using;

1. a single Facebook Fan Page
2. a news release that will get listed in Google News (costs $30 or less)
3. Google organic search results

Open the document to discover how to make money every day from a single facebook fan page

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Facebook Fanpage Profit System

  1. 1. CLICK HERE to Get Your Limited-Time DISCOUNT & FREE TOOLS HERE Facebook "Fan Page Triad" Method by Roger HallHeres a very powerful new method Ive developed that you can harness to promote almost anything youwant, using; • a single Facebook Fan Page • a news release that will get listed in Google News (costs $30 or less) • Google organic search resultsFirst off, heres LIVE PROOF this newestFacebook Ad Detective method actuallyworks;Take a look at these current Googlesearch results for the keyphrase; "FreeAndroid Anti-Spy". This is a widely usedsearch in Google and as you can imagine,with the exponential growth in Androidapps, its worth a lot to have even one ortwo listings on the first page of Google.But here, I have achieved 9 out of 10search results are mine, using thismethod(even though there are over 31MILLION search results).(Android apps are part of my businessand I believe this keyphrase will beworth a lot, going forward)With this many organic search results onthe first page of Google, its going to takea lot for others to knock me off the firstpage.Please go to next page…
  2. 2. Heres how I did this, step-by-step (and how you can do it too);STEP 1. I created a fan page on Facebook, on the subject I wanted to gain traffic. In this case, its a fan page onthe subject of defenses against spyware on Android phones;Heres a live link, if you want to see for yourself, what I did; http://www.facebook.com/pages/Is-Your-Cell-Phone-Bugged/117507101647627This gave me a Facebook fan page I could use in my news release, to send traffic to that came across therelease in Google news, organic search results and more.STEP 2. Next, I created a news release and launched it for $30 on www.PRurgent.com (they are the best andlowest cost for almost guaranteed results for inclusion in Google News. TIP: Make sure you use the keyphraseyou want to rank for, in the title of the news release. Here is the live example of the release I created; http://www.prurgent.com/2010-11-19/pressrelease132541.htmPlease go to next page…
  3. 3. STEP 3. I pinged all the pages Ive mentioned above, including the news release using www.pingomatic.comand www.ping.fm (plus some other special tools Im preparing to show my Facebook Ad Detective membershow to use).Thats pretty much all there is to it! Now, this works particularly well for Android apps (because the wayAndroid app links spread is VERY powerful… Google really favors the established app distribution system thatsbeen spawned). But Im also using the TRIAD method in other markets… and it works like GANGBUSTERS inthose markets as well. Im convinced it will work for you, too, in your market.So, Ive shown you the Google organic search results using this method… but what about the financial results?Heres a screen shot from one of my Google Checkout accounts, below. Note the hundreds (approachingthousands) of sales, all due to organic search results using the FREE Fan Page TRIAD method (each one of thelines below is a $2.87 conversion, processed automatically by Google); CLICK HERE to Get More Facebook Tips, Tricks & FREE TOOLS NOW