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Contact PLISF:                                        PLISF       University of Pittsburgh                                ...
PLISF Executive Board                                                     2011-2012PLISF GRANT SPONSORS:                  ...
Faculty, Staff & Student Sponsors       Thank You for Your Support: The Priory. NASCAR. Verve 360 Degrees of Wellness.    ...
The Pitt Legal Income Sharing Foundation...PLISF is the student-run public interest organization at                       ...
WELSH WHITE                                                                MEMORIAL GRANT      PLISF                      ...
63. Spring break is coming up so make sure you are                                                           ready by gett...
54. “An Evening in French” with Vivian Curran and    Cecile Desandre. Souhaitez-vous une boisson?    (Would you like a dri...
44. Not in the mood for the all you can eat seats? Get         PLISF LIVE                                           dinner...
35. “Bagels and Beagles, Grits and Goldens” -              9. “Skinny Jeans and Fat Burritos.” Head down to    the title s...
18. Annoyed with having to fight for a study room in        26. Photos are so last year. So get your picture taken    the ...
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PLISF 2012 Auction Program


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This year's auction lots!

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PLISF 2012 Auction Program

  1. 1. Contact PLISF: PLISF University of Pittsburgh pitt legal income sharing foundation School of Law 3900 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15260 presents the Attn: PLISF 26th annual www.plisf.orgPLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLYWe hope you enjoy your evening andremind you to please drive safely on yourway home tonight. PLISF provides thisinformation to discourage drunk driving.If you or the person driving has beendrinking this evening, PLEASE TAKE A February 2, 2012BUS OR TAXI, or ask someone who hasnot been drinking to drive you home. Barco law buildingYellow Cab: 412.321.8100 lobbyClassy Cab: 412.322.5080 doors open at 6pm Sponsored by Anonymous Donors
  2. 2. PLISF Executive Board 2011-2012PLISF GRANT SPONSORS: Noah Jordan, 2L Co-President Amanda Heimburg, 3L Co-President Anonymous Donor Tessa Walker-Mack, Vice- President Lauren Purcell, Secretary Allison Dowling, Co-TreasurerSILVER LEVEL SPONSORS: Cory Ricci, Co-Treasurer Ashley Hileman, Auction Donation Chair Anonymous Donor Rebecca Grinstead, Auction Planning Chair Nate Ghubril, LRAP Chair F. Dok Harris & Harris/Wukich Patrick Lemon, Alumni Chair Sarah Martin, Social Media Chair K&L Gates, LLP Megan Walker, Volunteer ChairBRONZE LEVEL SPONSORS: Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP There’s still time to become a PLISF SPONSOR Go to for more information. A Very Special Thanks To: Christina Daub Patricia Powell Marlon Ferguson Dean Deasy Pitt Law IT Rhonda Wasserman, PLISF Advisor Judge Lisa P. Lenihan Judge Lester Nauhaus Pitt Law Alumni Association ALL OF OUR STUDENT VOLUNTEERS & Jacks Tuxedo in Monroeville for outfitting our Masters of Ceremony.
  3. 3. Faculty, Staff & Student Sponsors Thank You for Your Support: The Priory. NASCAR. Verve 360 Degrees of Wellness. Melaniesha Abernathy Noah Jordan Ace Adventure Center. Strassburger, McKenna, Jessie Allen Alexis Kinney Gatnick, & Gefski. Healey & Hornack, P.C. Buckhead Kristen Baginski Susanna Leers Saloon. Tambellini Restaurant. Morella & Associates. Jaclyn Belczyk Patrick Lemon Dave & Busters. Dels Bar and Ristorante. East Coast Tanning. Big Burrito Group. Prantls. Silkys Sports Elena Baylis Suzanne Leroy Bar and Grill. Original Oyster House. Chick-Fil-A. Ronald Brand Al LindsaySushi Too. Tana Ethiopian Cuisine. Box Heart. Harris John Burkoff Alexandra LinsenmeyerGrill. LeMont Restaurant. Holiday Inn Select. Puccini Nancy Burkoff Jules Lobel Salon. Carnegie Science Center. Pittsburgh Chamber Music Society. Pittsburgh Public Theater. Pittsburgh Mirit Eyal-Cohen Tessa Walker-Mack International Childrens Theater. Pittsburgh Cultural David Coogan Michael Madison Trust. Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. City Theater Margaret Mahoney Dean Mary CrossleyCompany. Taza 21. Pittsburgh Steelers. Alexs Flowers. Vivian Curran Martha Mannix Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Seven Springs Mountain Resort. Laurel Caverns Geological Dean Kevin Deasy Sarah Martin Park. Sals Pizza. Senator John Heinz History Center. Cecile Desandre Rricha Mathur S.W. Randall. Frick Art & Historical Center. Pitts- Francis McCarthy Katherine Douglass burgh Pirates. Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh. Breathe Yoga Allison Dowling Lauren McChesney Studios. Three Rivers Paintball. Pitt Shop. Laurel Highlands River Tours. Venture Outdoors. University Judge Michael Fisher Alan Meisel of Pittsburgh Book Center. Coach Agnus Berenato. Judge Judith Fitzgerald David Mulock James Flannery Peter Oh Lawrence Frolik George Pike Nate Ghubril Lauren Purcell Erica Given Cory Ricci Rebecca Grinstead Wes RistPitt Law Alumni. Kevin Tucker. Society for Contempo- Haider Hamoudi Jasmine Gonzales-Rose rary Crafts. Childrens Museum of Pittsburgh. Max Slater David Harris Arsenal Cider House. Burelli Edwards Brano. Amanda Heimburg Stella Smetanka Caddyshack Hair Design. Caliban. Blue Grotto Pizza. American Eagle Outfitters. Arthur Murray Dance David Herring Catherine Song Studio. Paddy Cake Bakery. Ichiban Steakhouse. Bernard Hibbitts Travis Sumpter Gismondi & Associates. Judit European Day Spa. La George Taylor Ashley Hileman Cappella. Mineo‟s. Noodles & Co. Olive Garden. Jay Hornack Judith Teeter Pandora‟s Box and Gallery. Patron. Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. Pittsburgh Burger Company. Pittsburgh Jean Lisa Howell Judge David TorreyCo. Hooters of Monroeville. Coffee Tree Roasters. Deli Dean Anthony Infanti Megan Walker on Butler St. Dinette. Emiliano‟s. Enrico‟s Biscotti. EONS. Esser‟s Floral Shop. Five Guys. Relax the Back. Razzy Fresh. Wigle Whiskey. Rink at PPG Place. Steel City Ballroom. Mount Lebanon Flowers. Hamilton‟s Staff and Student Organizations Wholesale Flower Shop. Mama Ros‟s Sandwich Shop. Barco Law Library Staff Yolanda‟s Hair Design. Lou‟s Little Corner Bar. Carol‟s Confections. Daquila Hair Color Studio. Wild Card. Career Services Office Tram‟s Kitchen. Trader Joe‟s. Tonic Bar & Grill. The Development and Alumni OfficeSlipped Disc. Tessaro‟s. T‟s Upholstery. Steeler‟s Store. Segway in Paradise. Rothrock‟s KungFu & TaiChi.Rivers Casino. Handmade Tea. Alley Brothers Brewing. Dr. Robert Woolhandler. Pittsburgh Pretzel & Sandwich Shop. Houlihan‟s Restaurant & Bar.
  4. 4. The Pitt Legal Income Sharing Foundation...PLISF is the student-run public interest organization at PLISF and thethe University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Our mission is to provide students with financial support to accept Loan Repayment Assistance Program non-paying public interest legal internships (LRAP) during the summer. It is through fundraisers like Every year, a number of University of Pittsburgh School tonight‟s Auction and the PLISF snack table that we are of Law graduates dream of a career serving those who able to support students as they use and develop their receive inadequate or no legal assistance. These legal skills and knowledge while serving students pursue their dreams through advocacy underrepresented populations in our legal system. work in the public‟s interest or by serving our Thank you all for attending the 26th Annual communities through public sector employment.Auction, and a special thanks to the many committed These new lawyers face a substantial challenge. It is PLISF members especially difficult for new law graduates with whose hard work made this evening possible. substantial educational debt to take lower-paying jobs that would enable them to pursue their dream. Pitt Law recognizes that the legal community has a A special thanks to tonight‟s auctioneers : responsibility to serve others and seeks to Professor Allen support its students in pursuing a broad range of career choices. Professor Frolik Professor Hamoudi On May 6, 2008 the University Of Pittsburgh School of Law announced the Loan Repayment Assistance Professor Hibbitts Program (LRAP). This pilot program has been Alexandra Linsenmeyer adopted in the hope that it may begin to remove Charmaine McCall obstacles to graduates interested in choosing a career of service and will serve as the foundation of a sustainable, and our Guest Student Auctioneers permanent program of loan repayment assistance. Under the Pitt Law LRAP, participating graduates receive an annual sum of money in the form of a Another special thanks to tonight‟s forgivable loan to pay a percentage of their Masters of Ceremony: Mike Ovens & Dave Rohlfing monthly student loan payment. PLISF is dedicated to ensuring the success of All proceeds from tonight‟s Auction will support grants LRAP and is currently working with the Career Services to students working for public interest organizations Office and their development team to raise funds for the this summer as well as the Welsh White Memorial program. This year, on February 16, PLISF is hosting Grant for a student working in the criminal justice a panel for students to provide them with the infor- field, the Judge Amy Hay Memorial Grant for a mation they need in order to accept a public intereststudent working in the public defenders office and dem- position after law school in spite of growing concerns onstrating a positive influence in the Pittsburgh legal regarding student debt. Additionally, a portion of community, and the Jack McCarthy Memorial this year‟s Auction proceeds will be donated Grant for a deserving student working in the juvenile directly to Pitt‟s LRAP Program. PLISF justice field. members and alumni can help make LRAP successful by helping to raise awareness about the program, or by volunteering time to follow up with Your donations and purchases are greatly appreciated potential PLISF and the students and public interest organiza- tions who benefit directly from your generosity. If you are not involved with PLISF and would like to help us grow the LRAP through a Under IRS Publication 78, PLISF is a public donation, or if you have a lead to another charity with a 50% deductibility limitation. organization that can help, please let us know by contacting our LRAP Chair, Nate Ghubril. He PLISF‟s nonprofit tax identification number is can be reached at 25-1555403
  5. 5. WELSH WHITE MEMORIAL GRANT PLISF In honor of Professor Welsh White, PLISF invites donations to fund a grant for a student pursuing a public interest internship in the Appreciates criminal justice field. Donations will be accepted during the Your Auction and can be made by cash, check or credit. Generosity!Live Auction not your thing? Don‟t forget to check out the Silent Auction and Raffle Tables for more GREAT lots! For example: Sampling of Silent Auction Lots: 1L PENNY WARS Date Night with Oscar Basket Window Herb Garden Basket As part of the Welsh White Grant, a Leadership Workshop & Lunch with special contest is sponsored for the 1L class. It is Professor Madison a penny war with donation jars designated for Indian Food Cooking Lesson with Rricha Mathur each section. Teapot & 1-Month Membership in Handmade Tea Each penny will be given negative value Sampling of Raffle Lots: to each section‟s final tally, while larger denominations will be given a positive value. $30 to Allegro Hearth Bakery Penny Wars will end at 10pm on the $10 to Pittsburgh Pretzel night of the Auction. The section with the high- Pittsburgh Pirates Gift Bag est score will win a private happy hour! 2 Golfer‟s Choice Passes from Birdsfoot In addition to the 1L students, 2Ls and Gift Certificate to Fountain of Youth Spa 3Ls, staff, and faculty may donate to their favorite section‟s jar. You may also contact PLISF directly to donate to one of our memorial awards at: or Special thanks to this year‟s Section Reps: Katherine Douglass, Max Slater & Travis Sumpter
  6. 6. 63. Spring break is coming up so make sure you are ready by getting your GTL on. Have multiple tanning sessions at not 1, but 2 different places (East Coast Tanning and Puccini)! Then have your hair styled more than once by Yolanda and Bid. Bet. Puccini, which will totally impress your spring break crush. Benefit Public Interest. 64. Last chance to save on bar prep! Bid on a $1500 BARBRI bar prep course.Raffle Baskets The Raffle portion of the Auction consists 65. Treat yourself to a day ofof several fantastic prizes! Participating in the relaxation! Start the day off with a yoga classRaffle is easy! Simply write your name and (4 classes at BYS), then enjoy a peaceful trip“bidding number,” which you were given when to the beautiful Pittsburgh Botanic Gardenyou paid your admission fee, on an orange with a membership. End the day with a sweetticket, and drop it into the bucket of your choice! treat from Razzy Fresh ($10 gift certificate).Buckets will be raffled off at the end of the night. You are given 5 orange tickets with your 66. Hamoudi, hamburgers and hanging spares! Enjoyadmission, but you can always play any of the a night on the town with Professor Hamoudi as you have dinner at BRGR and then hit the lanescasino games to win more or buy more! Orange for to be used in the Raffle can be pur-chased at the Chip Exchange Counter orfrom a Raffle volunteer for only $1.00 67. We‟re in law school now, we play Beer Pong ineach! style with this regulation handcrafted Pitt Beer Pong Table and 2 cases of personally selected micro-brew beer from Alley Brothers Brewing. You can throw your own Game Night!Silent Auction The Silent Auction is located next to the 68. Watch the Penguins crush the Blue Jackets atRaffle. The Silent Auction consists of several the February 26th 1pm game, courtesy ofbaskets, many made by the PLISF executive board. Healey & Hornack, P.C. Not only will you and 2Additionally, there are several baskets donated by friends be able to cheer on your favorite Pensbusinesses in the community. In order to partici- player, but you‟ll also have the chance to talk gamepate in the Silent Auction, fill out a “bidding strategy before the puck drops with Professor Hornack over brunch downtown.form,” located on the table with the Silent Auc-tion items, indicating your name, biddingnumber, and how much you would be will- 69. Need a night out? Pick up some flowers with aing to spend for a specific item. The Masters of $30 gift card to Hamilton‟s WholesaleCeremony will provide a warning 10 minutes Flower Shop (and maybe a date) and have abefore the Silent Auction ends and the highest classy dinner with a $50 gift card to LeMont.bidders will be announced! 70. Get the inside scoop on Pitt Women‟s hoops byA sampling of our Silent Auction and Raffle joining Panther‟s Head Coach Agnus Berenato for Lunch. P-I-T-T Let‟s Go PITT!Lots are listed in the back of this program. 71. Looking to have a retro (or at least novel and enter- taining) night out? Get a new do at Caddyshack Hair Designs, spiffy duds at EONS Fashion Antique (with $25 gift card), and go out with a friend to a punk ballet show – Armitage Gone Dance. 72. Hope you‟re getting your gym workout in, because you won‟t be walking up any more steps at Barco if you get this exclusive Barco Elevator Key!
  7. 7. 54. “An Evening in French” with Vivian Curran and Cecile Desandre. Souhaitez-vous une boisson? (Would you like a drink ?) Professors Curran and Desandre invite up to 10 students for an evening of drinks (any degree of French fluency). Google translate says: Cela est sera une Bid. Bet. soirée inoubliable! (This will be a night to remember!) Benefit Public Interest. 55. Show off your manly skills with a Gift Bucket from Home Depot. Grab a drink with a Casino Games $10 gift card to Patron in Monroeville then head to Hooters to use your $50 Gift Certificate. Finish There are 2 Poker tables, 2 off your men‟s day that night with a Growler from Black Jack tables, and 1 Roulette Arsenal Cider House. table. You need chips in order to play any of the casino games. You can choose56. Creativity is the spice of life.Flowers are the décor to cash-in any of the 5 orange tickets you of the Earth. Pizza is the food of the law student. were given when you paid your Combine these self-evident truths with 2 admission for chips. Simply take your Vouchers to City Theater Company, an artisan orange tickets to the Chip Exchange handmade Indian purse from Pandora‟s Box Counter, and you will be given 4 chips & Gallery, a $20 gift card to Esser‟s Floral for every 1 ticket. You can always buy Shop, and a $10 gift card to Blue Grotto Pizza. more chips at the Counter:57. Stressed about bar prep? Bid on a $1500 BARBRI Gift Certificate. $1 = 1 ticket 1 ticket = 4 chips58. Are you looking for a taste of home? 5 tickets = 20 chips Enjoy a dangerously delicious home- made pie made by Pitt Law student Lauren McChesney. After you indulge in your The best part is: any chips that pie, embrace your inner baker and take a private you win at any of the casino game tables pie lesson to learn how she makes her perfect can be cashed in at the Chip Exchange pies! Counter for orange tickets which you can then use to bid on Raffle items!59. Drinks with Professor Lawrence “Killin‟ For every 4 chips you‟ve won, you will Em Softly” Frolik at his apartment. Nuff said. be given 1 orange ticket!60. “Gym Buddies.” Tired of a noisy gym but still need Casino games will end before Raffle Lots to get in shape for spring break? You and a friend will enjoy 2 one-month memberships at Verve are drawn. 360 Degrees of Wellness. You may not be sleeping too well now, but let‟s change that! Enjoy a Dr. Scholl‟s Technogel Contour Pillow. And don‟t forget about61. Are you to the EXTREME? Cash in with 2 $25 gift the Live Auction! cards to Segway in Paradise, 4 Ice Skating Information can be found in the Passes downtown, and 1 full day white water rafting pass from Ace Adventure Center. following pages.62. There are no conflicts, and the forum has already been selected, so the path is clear to establish minimum contacts at dinner with Professor Wasserman and 5 of your friends at Quiet Storm Restaurant.
  8. 8. 44. Not in the mood for the all you can eat seats? Get PLISF LIVE dinner with a special friend with a $100 gift certificate to Andrew‟s AUCTION Steak and Seafood at Rivers Casino before catching a Pirates game. Then retire to the Priory LOTS Hotel for a free one-night stay. 45. You know what February brings – W21. Pitt Law Students need nourishment. Get 4 free forms. Spend this tax season the right way by bowls of noodles at Noodles and Co., 2 free having lunch with Professor Eyal-Cohen. Not burgers from Five Guys, a Pitt Law hoodie from only will you and two other students have a chance the Pitt Shop, some new headphones from the to spend time with one of Pitt Law‟s great professors, but you also have a chance to discuss Slipped Disc with the bestselling Girl with the tax avoidance strategies with her. Dragon Tattoo audio book, and a framed 8 x 10 photo of the Cathedral of Learning by local photographer Allison Dowling. 46. Get your hair did, shake your money maker, and then wind down with some delicious hot tea with this lot consisting of a $50 gift card to Daquila2. Do you want to be the cool aunt or uncle? Hair Color Studio, 3 lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studios (1 private, 1 group, Get the kids games and toys from S. W. 1 practice), and 2 boxes of tea. Randall, 2 tickets to any Pittsburgh International Children‟s Theatre performance, admission for 2 to the Chil 47. Skate up an appetite with 4 skating dren‟s Museum, and $20 of goodies from passes (including skate rentals) at the Rink Prantl‟s. at PPG Place and then enjoy grub and vino with your $65 gift cards to Dinette.3. “Baby, It‟s Cold Outside!” Come on and take your favorite snow bunny down to Seven Springs for 48. Were you outbid last time? Here‟s another chance. an afternoon of snow tubing for two. On the $1500 BARBRI Gift Certificate. way back, treat yo‟ self to a delicious dinner at Olive Garden ($30 gift card). 49. Do you love the Steelers, but hate having to sit in the nose-bleed seats where even Brett Kiesel looks4. Take some shots at your friend with Paintball for tiny? Now you can see the Steelers up close 2 at Three Rivers Paintball, then take a shot on from the club level with 2 prime tickets cour- a tour of the Wigle Whiskey Distillery and end tesy of F. Dok Harris & Harris/Wukich. the day in a food coma with $50 at Pittsburgh Burger Company. 50. In what world do pizza, flowers and ballroom dancing go together? In Mt. Lebo!. Indulge in5. Professor George Taylor is a giant among mere dance lessons from Steel City Ballroom, a $35 mortals. Enjoy dinner with him and 3 of your gift card from Mineo‟s, and a $15 gift card friends at Café Sam. from Mount Lebanon Flowers. 6. “Hipster‟s Paradise” Throw on your skinny jeans 51. Can‟t decide what to eat for dinner? Indulge in and flannel. Go crate diving at Jerry‟s Records Italian specialties at La Cappella with a $30 gift with a $25 gift card and then enjoy $20 worth of certificate, Japanese from Ichiban Steak- the best pizza in the city at Mineo‟s. house, with a $25 gift card, and classic American sandwiches from The Deli on Butler with a $20 gift card.7. Last minute on your bar preparation? Get a $750 gift certificate to BARBRI. 52. Do you love both Professors Burkoff? Do you need a home cooked meal? Do you have seven8. You, a friend, Prof. Brand and Prof. Rist. Eating. friends? Then you should bid on a delicious Chatting. More Eating. Are international home cooked meal for 8 at the Burkoff‟s. study and careers on your mind? Have all your questions answered by Pitt‟s resident experts over lunch at the 53. It‟s a secret. University Club.
  9. 9. 35. “Bagels and Beagles, Grits and Goldens” - 9. “Skinny Jeans and Fat Burritos.” Head down to the title says it all, or it doesn‟t… Enjoy a Pittsburgh Jean Company with a $100 gift progressive brunch for 6 Pitt Law students card for some stylin‟ new skinny jeans. But maybe at the homes of Dean Crossley and Professors what you‟ll really need are some comfy jeans after Herring and Wang along with their collective you gorge yourself on burritos and margaritas at canine companions. Don‟t forget to discuss Emiliano‟s with a $20 gift card. your favorite conflicts of paws. 10. Let‟s face it, Pitt is it! Show your school spirit and36. Art is pretty, but you can‟t afford it. Well, now you be a part of the Oakland Zoo, by going to the Pitt v. can appear cultured with your $60 dual St. John‟s game. You and a friend will enjoy the membership to the Frick Art & Historical game in style with club level seats, courtesy of Center, and decorate your apartment with a $50 the Burkoffs. Let‟s go Pitt! gift card to Box Heart, a $50 gift card to Borelli Edwards Gallery, and an original painting by Autumn Divers. 11. “All-American Afternoon” Put on your stars and stripes and crank up the Springsteen. Blow off some steam at Dave and Buster‟s with half-off37. Dr. Robert Woolhandler gave us 2 friggin‟ awe- skee-ball, arcade games and drinks then stuff your some Center Ice, Club Level Penguins Tix face at Pittsburgh Burger ($25 gift card). (Section 102, March 9 vs. the Panthers), and now „Merica! we‟re giving them to you (for the right price). 12. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Get 4 Fantastic Lower 38. “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!” And Level tickets to a Sunday matinee Penguins you can too. This lot includes a DVD and 3 Game and $15 to Tambellini Restaurant. months of training at Rothrock‟s Kung Fu & Tai Chi. And you‟ll have calories to burn after a meal at Tessaro‟s with a $25 gift card. Bring 13. Date with Dorothy Mantooth? Court her with a your newfound strength to a place it‟s needed at a coffee and donuts at Dunkin‟ Donuts ($25 gift Pirates game for 4! card). Step up your game with a nice dinner at Silky‟s Crow‟s Nest ($40 gift card). Then take her out for a nice seafood dinner at Original39. Tour the world without having to leave the Steel Oyster House ($50 gift card) and never call her City. Enjoy cuisine from three continents with $50 again. at Sushi Too, three dinner tickets to Hof- brauhahaus, and $25 at Tana Ethiopian Cuisine. Then head back home with handmade 14. Looking for the perfect Valentines Day Moroccan Drums as a souvenir. gift? Surprise your sweetheart with tickets to the Pittsburgh Chamber Music So- ciety, and flowers from Alex‟s Flow-40. Missed the silent auctions on Barbri? Bid on this ers. Then retire to the Holiday Inn Select $750 BARBRI Gift Certificate. for a romantic dinner for two, one-night stay, and breakfast.41. Buy some peanuts and crackerjacks with Professor Lobel and 2 other students at a 15. It might be cold outside, but the weather is starting Pirates game while enjoying the game from your to turn! Make summer plans now at a BBQ hosted box seats. by Pittsburgh‟s Chief Magistrate Judge Lisa Lenihan and our very own class of 2011 alumnus and former PLISF President Kevin Tucker.42. Expand your horizons and learn a little science at the Carnegie science Center, then head over to Senator 16. Worried about how you‟re going to afford a bar John Heinz History Center with prep course? Bid on this BARBRI $1500 gift your 2 passes to both. After certificate. improving your knowledge base, head to Eat „N‟ Park and enjoy $10 worth of treats! 17. “Get Out of the Library.” Have you been so busy with school that your relationship has suffered?43. Are you interested in our neighbors to the North? Make it up to your partner this spring with 2 Grab dinner for 4 at Lucca with Professor tickets to the Pittsburgh Public Theater in the Hibbitts and talk about history, hockey, and Tim heart of the cultural district. Enjoy dinner with a Hortons. $50 gift card at any of the Big Burrito Group restaurants including Eleven, Casbah or Soba and then ice skate downtown (4 passes).
  10. 10. 18. Annoyed with having to fight for a study room in 26. Photos are so last year. So get your picture taken the library? How great would it be if your study caricature style by our very own resident artist group (anywhere from 2 to 6 people) had its own Catherine Song. Then laugh about the cartoon study room for 6 hours a day, every day versions of you and your friends over drinks at from April 23 through May 8? Bid now in Harris Grill with a $50 gift card. hopes of straight A‟s. 27. You don‟t have to sell your Nissan to attend a19. Enjoy your favorite international cuisine with traditional Iraqi dinner for 4 with Professor Professor Harris and your 3 friends (4 stu- Hamoudi along with cigars and signed copies dents total) for lunch. Students have the choice of his latest book. from Mad Mex, India Garden, Thai Gour- met, KaMei, or Rose Tea. 28. Could you have starred in Blades of Glory? Show off your moves on the ice at the Rink at PPG 20. You like looking at pretty things, and you Place with tickets for 4. Then warm like great food. Combine these passions with 4 up at Starbucks with your brand new passes to Phipps Conservatory and Botani- mugs and $25 gift card courtesy of cal Gardens, a $20 gift card to Smallman St. Judge Torrey. Finally, finish off the Deli, and $30 dollars to the famed Allegro evening with dinner at Bravo Cucina Hearth Bakery. Italiana with 2 $10 Gift Cards and 2 free appetizers.21. Broadway has come to Pittsburgh! Spend the night in the theater district with 2 tickets to Billy 29. Are you a budding political animal? Enjoy lunch Elliot on February 11. Then enjoy dinner with a for 4 with Mayor Ravenstahl where you can $100 gift card to the hip restaurant Meat and discuss the Steel City, Tebowing, and your future Potatoes and who knows, maybe you will see Tom ambitions. Cruise. Courtesy of Professors Mannix and Smetanka. 30. Are you a Steeler fan, n‟at?Yinz need to get bid- ding! This fan package includes A Commerative22. An Evening with Evidentiary and Cor- Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Magazine, a porate Gatekeepers. Professors Oh Steelers t-shirt and pillow, and two Steelers and Gonzalez-Rose offer a night of pre-season tickets. Commemorate the event bowling and dinner for you and a with your 2011 Autographed Steeler Football. friend where you can discuss the law, the lanes, and the best of the 80‟s cul- ture. 31. Yay BARBRI! Get a $1500 gift certificate for a bar course – good for any state.23. Looking to explore your adventurous side? Or just need some hobbies to add to your resume? Either way, start at the Laurel Caverns Geological 32. You‟re a poor and hungry student, and that‟s okay! Park with 4 passes for Cavernputter, head Satisfy your appetite while exploring the town with over to Laurel Highlands River Tours and use a $25 gift card to Chick-Fil-A, $30 gift card to your white water rafting trip for one to show Momma Ros‟s Sandwiche Shop, and top it all off to your friends. And for those days you don‟t off with a traditional pizza at Lucci‟s. feel like leaving the city, head downtown and use your Venture Outdoors membership and $20 program pass in your new Venture Outdoors t-shirt. 33. Hit the links and learn what it truly means to be a lawyer with 4 weekday rounds at Birdsfoot Golf Club (cart included) and 4 golfers24. Do you want to be a tax master? You cannot choice passes! DEAN-ny how much fun you will have at lunch for up to 4 with Dean Infanti at a restaurant of your choice. 34. “Don and Betty.” Do it up Mad Men style at Tonic. Enjoy over 13 types of martinis (and maybe some dinner) with a $25 gift card before a classy25. Put your paws to together for the perfect Penguin‟s evening at the Pittsburgh Symphony package with this parking pass and 2 Penguins Orchestra with your mistress, er, friend. tickets to applaud Pascal Dupuis, courtesy of F. Dok Harris and Harris/Wukich.