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New Treatment For Low Testosterone Protects Fertility


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Payers endorse Androxal as an effective option

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New Treatment For Low Testosterone Protects Fertility

  1. 1. NEW TREATMENT FOR LOW TESTOSTERONE PROTECTS FERTILITY PAYERS ENDORSE ANDROXAL AS AN EFFECTIVE OPTIONMADISON, NJ – Reimbursement Intelligence recently put together a market researchreport in which they interviewed Medical and Pharmacy Directors representing a diversesample of health plans and covering over 206 million lives. The report measured payer response to the product Androxal, an orally activedrug that normalizes testosterone in men. Along with product efficacy, payers were alsosurveyed on the product versus the current standard of care. Results showed payers reacted positively toward Androxal. The vast majority ofparticipants, 84 percent, stated that Androxal filled an unmet need in Testosteronereplacement. Additionally, 94 percent stated that they would add Androxal to theirformulary. Payers not only responded well to the product’s effectiveness but also enjoyedthat it is the only drug for low testosterone that is taken orally and has no black boxwarning. They also recognized the benefits of Androxal because it does not requirechronic use and is the only product for low testosterone that protects fertility. “For men with low testosterone who wish to protect their fertility payers feltAndroxal provided an efficacious and safe treatment option,” says Rhonda Greenapple,President and Founder of Reimbursement Intelligence.About Reimbursement Intelligence Reimbursement Intelligence was built on a commitment to concentrate onbiologics, devices and specialty pharmaceuticals in development. For more informationon the company’s services or to download this article, please or call Rhonda Greenapple at (973) 805-2300. Based in Madison, New Jersey, Reimbursement Intelligence is comprised of agroup of senior managers with more than 40 years of expertise in definingreimbursement strategy and business planning. The company is uniquely qualified toprovide information and services for emerging medical innovations and the biocapitalresources that fund them. 2 Shunpike Road, 3rd Floor Madison, NJ 07940 p: 973.805.2300 f: 973.377.7930