Activism, How to Win Friends and Influence People


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  • Started my career by taking a duties as assigned job at a nonprofit,
  • Understanding a little about the people we are trying to influence
  • Have to learn the process of how a bill becomes a law, how the committees and systems work, buried under new diverse information
  • Chase the frog
  • Experiences leave a lasting impression. They go deeper than facts, figures or features. By creating a story-based experience, you cause the person you want to influence, you cause you audience to walk away with an impression of your issue.
  • Facts and figures can be shaped to benefit anyone, BUT when your facts, figures and features are in line, your story can set you apart from the competition
  • Stories are the things that create real connection.
  • There is nothing more mind numbing than hearing or reading a bunch of facts and figures, SHOW The Joy of STATS BBC Video
  • Stories are uniquely able to move people’s hearts, minds and feet
  • Stories last for years, people hear a story, make them their own and retell them – THAT is what we do as humans, we are wired that way!
  • When we know we are trying to be sold, we close our ears, they are trustworthy – we lean forward, uncross our arms and little
  • Activism, How to Win Friends and Influence People

    1. 1. Activism…… How to Win Friends and Influence People @rgordongroup
    2. 2. Let’s Get To Know Each Other What is your name? Where are you from? What do you want to get out of this day? What are you passionate about? @rgordongroup
    3. 3. A little background… @rgordongroup
    4. 4. There are TWO types of Activism • Direct – any attempt to influence any legislation through communication with a legislator, an employee of a legislative boy or government official addressing specific legislation. • Grassroots – any attempt to influence legislation through an attempt to affect the opinions of the general public as related to specific issues or legislation.
    5. 5. Under The Dome… @rgordongroup
    6. 6. Understanding Missouri’s Legislative DNA • 34 – members in the Missouri Senate • 163 – members in the Missouri House • Missouri Legislators are limited to serving 8 years in the House and 8 years in the Missouri Senate. • Representatives are limited to four two-year terms. • Senators are limited to two four-year terms. • The average age of those currently serving in the Missouri Senate is approximately 49. The youngest Senator is 36. Yeah? So what is the point?? @rgordongroup
    7. 7. A Day of “ADVOCACY” at Missouri’s Capitol @rgordongroup
    8. 8. Grassroots Activism • What does it mean to you???
    9. 9. It’s Usually a bit more like this.
    10. 10. As A Member • And a leader – you have many opportunities to engage in grassroots and grasstops activism. • Participate in White Coat Rally Day – March 5, 2014 • Give to the Missouri Medical PAC • Become a Physician of the Day
    11. 11. Breaking Through The Noise Winning Friends and Influencing People @rgordongroup
    12. 12. Your #1 Goal? To get whoever you’re talking with to remember that you actually talked to them!
    13. 13. But REALLY, it’s all about one other thing BUILDING POWER
    14. 14. Power is not measured by the number of advocates we have on a list. Power is not measured by the number of small (or even large) victories we win every now and then. Power must be measured by our ability to successfully advance our own agenda and to make it unthinkable that any other political or special interest would ever want to take us on.
    15. 15. 5 Strategies for Success 1. Learn about the person you want to influence. 1. Become a RELIABLE expert 1. Communicate Frequently 1. Have a specific “ask” 1. Tell YOUR story @rgordongroup
    16. 16. The destiny of the world is determined less by the battles that are lost and won than by the stories it loves and believes in. Harold Goddard @rgordongroup
    17. 17. Stories share emotions….
    18. 18. Stories MOTIVATE and INSPIRE
    19. 19. At the end of the day….. It’s about connecting with both grassroots and grasstops @rgordongroup
    20. 20. Why Use Stories? • • • • • • • They Stick Show rather than tell Demonstrate values Lower our guard Spread Inspire Connect on a deeper level
    21. 21. Activism…… How to Win Friends and Influence People @rgordongroup