SoLoMo Promotion The Body Shop


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SoLoMo Promotion The Body Shop

  1. 1. BONDARENCO Alina OPRIS Raluca MBA2A
  2. 2. Target Audience  Female and Men clientele loyal to or interested in:  The Body Shop Brand;  SPA treatments;  Social Responsible companies;  Smartphones and internet.
  3. 3. The Offer  Each time a client goes into a Body Shop boutique and checks-in either via Foursquare, Google, Yelp or Facebook by the means of the smartphone application of the brand, receives a promotional offer inviting them to use the SPA with a 10% discount on the treatments;  If shared with a friend, the friend also gets 5% off;  The offer also works with the hotels nearby not having SPA facilities and using a LoungeUp application. The interested guest is invited to discover our SPA with a 5% discount on treatments or products;  Once the application downloaded, each time you pass in the area, you receive the latest personalized offers only through a permission-based approach.
  4. 4. Why this offer?  Create more brand awareness;  Increase our direct purchases and revenues;  Reward guest loyalty;  Attract new segments of customers;  Enhance customer service experience.
  5. 5. Social Media Involved  Foursquare;  Google;  Yelp;  Facebook.
  6. 6. Localization  By the means of the GPS localization for the customers having the application and passing in the area, having accepted to share their information with us;  Having checked-in on one of the social medias involved;  Guests staying at the partner hotels.
  7. 7. SoLoMo Structure
  8. 8. The Body Shop wishes you a warm welcome!