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Michelin guide


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Michelin guide

  1. 1. Michelin Red Guide
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• This report’s purpose is to familiarize you with the Michelin Red Guide • We have chosen this topic because of the notoriety that the French gastronomy has all over the world
  3. 3. What is the Michelin Guide? Awards one to three stars for the restaurants outstanding quality. Red guide help traveler find the nice place to eat and stay out. Update every years The guide is not a directory-only the best make the cut There are also other Michelin Guides, like Rising Stars the most trustworthy and known guide still remains the Red Guide as it ranks only haute-cuisine restaurants where one can find the most fine dishes and the best service.
  4. 4. The History of Michelin Guide First published in France by Andre Michelin. In 1990, the first michelin made for the motorists, for find the place. In 1920, the dinnig part in the michelin became very popular. Today, Michelin Stars are awarded sparingly to a small number of restaurants of outstanding quality
  5. 5. Michelin Star Ranking System The guide has a ranking system based on three stars: • One star indicates “a very good cuisine in itscategory” • Two-stars represents “excellent cuisine, worth adetour” • Three-stars are awarded to restaurants offering“exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”. three-star Michelin ranking is rare.
  6. 6. Michelin Inspectors around 80 full-time inspectors. The personalities who judge the restaurants are not known to wide public. An inspector must have as studies a culinary school. The inspectors, the editor of the Michelin guide and the director Michelin, all meet several times a year. They discuss the restaurants and compare reports, and decide whether to award stars.
  7. 7. Michelin Criteria• The quality of products, the attention paid tohygiene and the authenticity of the dish• The chef’s knowledge of different cookingmodes and ingredients and the ability to provehis culinary capacities• The chef’s special skills to prepare the disheswhich make the establishment’s cuisineparticular and unique• The value for money, the quality/price ratioso that the business side could remain relativeand subjective• The regularity of dishes which proves that theowner is aware of the importance of his brandand that he must take care of this
  8. 8. Is the Michelin Guide trustworthy? Michelin Red Guides is nothing but the most competent and authoritative rating of restaurants made annually The book was not the rating that time but the mere list of cafes and restaurants which are located in France The star was put opposite the institution with the perfect kitchen proved by many customers. When considering the matter at a simple view, one star is provided for the very good kitchen, two stars are given for ideal kitchen which is perfect to cause reproaches, and the third star is provided to the kitchen where the chief is the real genius of culinary art.
  9. 9. La Grande Cascade Founded in 1900 for the World Fair on Napoleon’s the 3rd former hunting lodge The chef is Frederic Robert. macaroni stuffed with celery root, foie gras and black truffles, and blue lobster glazed with honey. The desert arises also to the high expectations with dishes like hot and cold Brazilian chocolat or the famous Mango in its all states.
  10. 10. La grande cascade
  11. 11. Taillevent Opened in 1946 by André Vrinat, Taillevent Alain Solivérès a restaurant meant for the well-behaved and well-healed, speaking to each other with a soft voice. In this BCBG (Bon Chic, Bon Genre approximately translatable to Good Tastes, Good Manners) establishment, chef Alain Solivérès proceeds with a stealthy tread. la carte menu or preferably from the dégustation menu--- €190 is good value for such a place and its across-the-board quality (€80 at lunch).
  12. 12. Taillevent
  13. 13. Guy Savoy – 3 stars north of the Arc de Triomphe à la carte can run $200 to $225 a person When you arrive at the restaurant, you will obtain the full service. Guy Savoy distills the essence of each ingredient, matching it with complementary and sometimes surprising tastes and combinations
  14. 14. Guy Savoy – 3 stars
  15. 15. The impact that Michelin classification has on restaurants one positive thing that can be mentioned is that this star ranking forces restaurants to keep their level and to try to get better and better, otherwise they will lose their stars. Another negative impact regards the fact that restaurants can lose credibility because of the guide’s origins, meaning that it appeared in France it can attract new clients or increase the frequency of the old clients of the restaurant Michelin ratings affect most of all the prices that are applied in the starred restaurants.