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Virtual Museum Power Point


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Virtual Museum Power Point

  1. 1. The Ceramics Virtual Museum or Your Job as a Museum Curator Guidelines and Deadlines
  2. 2. What is a museum curator? <ul><li>In contemporary art , the curator is the person who organizes an exhibition. Thus, to curate means to arrange a collection to achieve a desired effect. Our desired effect is to explore and share the world of ceramic production outside of our classroom! </li></ul>
  3. 3. Being a curator can be fun !!
  4. 4. Project Requirements <ul><li>Each of you will be selecting three pieces for exhibition in our virtual museum. Each piece you select must go into a different room in the museum. </li></ul>
  5. 5. YOUR THREE CERAMIC EXIBITIONS NEEDS TO INCLUDE: 1. Name/Title of the piece Title: Creamer & Sugar Set
  6. 6. YOUR THREE CERAMIC EXIBITIONS NEEDS TO INCLUDE: 2. Artist’s name (if possible) The work you find may be attributed to a group of people such a specific group of Artists working in one geographical area, time, or style. Artist: Marvin Francis Martinez
  7. 7. YOUR THREE CERAMIC EXIBITIONS NEEDS TO INCLUDE: 3. Date of production Date: 725-750 A.D.
  8. 8. YOUR THREE CERAMIC EXIBITIONS NEEDS TO INCLUDE: 4. Country of Origin Country: Dresden, Germany
  9. 9. YOUR THREE CERAMIC EXIBITIONS NEEDS TO INCLUDE: 5. An image of the Ceramic piece and the source of the image. Include the web-address, title and date of book or publication where the image was found. Source: 18533/Toilets/One_Piece_Toilet/showimg.html
  10. 10. YOUR THREE CERAMIC EXIBITIONS NEEDS TO INCLUDE: 6. A brief description of the piece and its intended use or purpose. Include a personal statement about why you, as the curator, thought that this piece was worthy of exhibition. What was it about the piece you thought was well done? The glazing? The decorations? The patterns and textures? The wheel thrown skill demonstrated? The form? The imaginative use of clay? What, in your judgment, makes this piece of clay an excellent work of ceramic art and worthy of inclusion in the virtual ceramic museum?
  11. 11. YOUR THREE CERAMIC EXIBITIONS NEEDS TO INCLUDE: 7. Curator name: Your name and block letter Curator: Robert Gomez, Block A
  12. 12. Virtual Ceramics Museum Rooms Contemporary Ceramics Prehistoric Ceramics European Ceramics African Ceramics Asian Ceramics Americas (South and North) Industrial Ceramics Student Work
  13. 13. Virtual Ceramics Museum Rooms Each curator may place no more than one piece in each room. No Duplicate pieces may be included. Check to see if the piece you have selected has been displayed already.
  14. 14. All images and text added to the Virtual Ceramics Museum should be content appropriate and not contain obscene images or words.
  15. 15. WHERE DO I FIND INFORMATION AND IMAGES FOR MY EXHIBITION? Find work to include in the exhibition in any of these places. Books Magazines Museum Web Sites Gallery Websites EDLINE Note: Images from books and magazines must be photographed or scanned. Please visit the ceramics Edline page to find many ceramics links with images and text.
  16. 16. Sample Exhibition - Contemporary Room Title: General Nuke Artist: Robert Arneson Date:1984 Country: American Source: modern/modern2.html Robert Arneson created humorous and Sometimes scary work that had a strong message. Here he seems to poke fun at military power and aggression. The use of a knife shape for the nose and the distorted mouth make the character funny and scary. I really like this artwork. Curator: Robert Gomez Block A
  17. 17. Deadline for the Museum Project Each student should have three displays in The the Virtual Gallery by March 21st. This is a homework assignment and is worth 10% of your 3Q grade.
  18. 18. Have fun collecting and sharing ceramic Artwork from different places around the World.