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Perfect your pitch


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Questions to answer while building out your startup pitch deck.

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Perfect your pitch

  1. 1. Perfect your Pitch Rasmus Goksor
  2. 2. Making a Pitch deck? There is a lot of advice out there for your fundraising pitch deck. In general, it boils down to three questions to answer with your deck: 1. What are you going to do? 2. How are you doing it? 3. Why will you be successful? …but the deck also needs to tell a story. Here are some questions to ask yourself when crafting a compelling slide deck.
  3. 3. Welcome Slide ● Do you have a high concept pitch? (5 word description or “x for y”) ● Does it include who you are meeting with? ● Is the date listed for future reference?
  4. 4. Encountering the Problem ● What is the problem you are trying to solve? ● How did you encounter the problem? ● What is your creditability to solve this problem?
  5. 5. The Problem ● Why does this problem exist? ● Who is experiencing the problem? ● How are they dealing with the problem today?
  6. 6. Your Solution ● What's your user solution to the problem? ● Why is it possible now? ● What makes this a good idea today?
  7. 7. Product Rollout ● How are you bringing (or going to bring) your solution to users? ● At what stage is your product now? ● What is your vision for the product?
  8. 8. Traction To-Date ● How is that going for you? ● What is your traction? (i.e. sign-ups to beta waiting list, users on 3 times a week, or evidence of increasing product value over time (cohort analysis)) ● Do you have any user testimonials?
  9. 9. Competitive Landscape ● Who is your competition? ● How are they solving the problem? ● Why are you different?
  10. 10. Market Opportunity ● Why is this a $1 billion plus market opportunity? ● How much are people willing to pay for your product? ● How many people will pay for your product?
  11. 11. Business Model ● How are you going to make money? ● Are you entering a crowded market? (either by selling a cheap product with the bare minimum to solve the problem or creating an exclusive premium product that has unique features or data) ● Are you re-segmenting a market with a novel product? (i.e. iPhone)
  12. 12. Business Roadmap ● What will you do the next 12-24 months? ● What adoption do you expect from your targeted users? ● Do you expect a network effect or viral response?
  13. 13. Financial Projections ● What is your projected burn for 3 years? ● What is your projected hiring for 3 years? ● What is your projected revenue for 3 years?
  14. 14. Fundraising ● How much money do you need? ● What are you going to deliver in value for that money? (not equipment purchases, salary, or hires -- but product/market fit, early revenue, or 1,000 weekly users) ● How long will it take to get there?
  15. 15. The Team ● Who is going to help you make this happen? ● How will they contribute to solving the problem? ● What is their experience in these roles?
  16. 16. End Slide ● What is your company’s name? ● What is your high concept pitch? ● What is your contact information?
  17. 17. Rasmus Goksor ● Co-Founder & COO of Bison, a venture-backed startup that is transforming the private equity market and is based in the heart of Boston's fintech scene. ● Chairman of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of New England. ● Previous experience as a corporate and securities attorney at Gunderson Dettmer LLP.