Fan li special report


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A Special Report for the Entrepreneurship class of Prof. Jorge Saguinsin

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Fan li special report

  1. 1. FAN LI Special Report Rhea G. Jardin September 10, 2012 rheajardin.blogspot. www. com
  2. 2. Who is Fan Li?- Fan Li, also known as Tao Zhugong (Lord Taozhu), lived during the Spring and Autumn period from the Chu state- An official of King Goujian of Yue state; Goujian was defeated by King Fuchai of Wu state in a battle for imperial dominance and became a slave- With the help of Fan Li, King Goujian was able to retrieve the Yue state- He retired as advisor of King Goujian and lived at the eastern shores of Qi where he changed his name to Chiyi Zipi and went into farming and salt trade; he then became a rich and famous businessman- He later settled down to Tao where he called himself Tao Zhugong where he engaged in trading of food based commodities and his Chinese medicine shop, Kang Bao Medical Hall- His principles focuses mainly on understanding the properties of nature and personalities of people and applying that to the changing economic environment- In a few years, he became a millionaire and was well-known throughout the country. He was regarded as “God of Wealth” www. rheajardin.blogspot. com
  3. 3. Concepts on MoneyFan Li’s unusual view about money:- One who understand money would be willing to abandon it if it became a burden- It is only a means to an end and should not be taken seriously- It must be handled and acquired according to principles rheajardin.blogspot. www. com
  4. 4. 12 Golden Rules for Business SuccessAbility to be:1. a good judge of character - know who can be trusted and losses are avoided2. customer-oriented - customer satisfaction both retains and attracts clients3. single-minded - stay focus on your business line and avoid arbitrary switches www. rheajardin.blogspot. com
  5. 5. Con’t: 12 Golden Rules for Business SuccessAbility to be:4. captivating in your sales promotion - be organized with your presentation5. quick to respond - be adaptable and organized enough to respond quickly6. vigilant in credit control - do not allow non-payment www.rheajardin.blogspot. com
  6. 6. Con’t: 12 Golden Rules for Business SuccessAbility to be:7. selective to recruit only the best - ability to use and deploy people8. bold in marketing your product - ability to articulate and market9. smart in product acquisition - use your best judgment in acquiring stocks www. rheajardin.blogspot. com
  7. 7. Con’t: 12 Golden Rules for Business SuccessAbility to be:10. adept in analyzing marketing opportunities - know what is selling according to areas and trends11. a corporate model - have definite rules and standards12. farsighted in developing a total business plan - know market trends and cycles www. rheajardin.blogspot. com
  8. 8. 12 Golden Safeguards for Business Success1. Don’t be penny-pinching - never confuse efficiency with inhumanity2. Don’t be wishy-washy - be confident in pursuing opportunities3. Don’t be ostentatious - spend wisely, do not overspend to make impressions www. rheajardin.blogspot. com
  9. 9. Con’t: 12 Golden Safeguards for Business Success4. Don’t be dishonest - truth is the only basis for business5. Don’t be slow in debts collection - liquidity is affected with poor collection6. Don’t slash prices arbitrarily - this will trigger in price war which everyone will lose www. rheajardin.blogspot. com
  10. 10. Con’t: 12 Golden Safeguards for Business Success7. Don’t give in to herd instinct - make sure the opportunities are real8. Don’t work against the business cycle - if prices fall, it will surely rise again and vice versa9. Don’t be a stick-in-the mud - examine new things effectively www. rheajardin.blogspot. com
  11. 11. Con’t: 12 Golden Safeguards for Business Success10. Don’t overbuy on credit - credit is not license to spend wildly11. Don’t under save - keep reserve funds strong - when business is slow, one with money can expand12. Don’t blindly endorse a product - know your vendors and make sure they follow standard operating procedure www. rheajardin.blogspot. com
  12. 12. SourcesGolden Rule for Business Success, _Success.html?id=KDs__FNR99QC&redir_esc=y www.rheajardin.blogspot. com
  13. 13. FAN LI Special Report Rhea G. Jardin September 10, 2012 rheajardin.blogspot. www. com