20 yearmarketingplan


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V57 Marketing Management
Prof. Bong de Ungria

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20 yearmarketingplan

  1. 1. TRUSTWORTHINESS20 Year High Performance, Highly Personal Marketing Plan Rhea G. Jardin June 21, 2012 V57 MARKMA Prof. Bong de Ungria www.slideshare.net/rgjardin 1
  2. 2. High Performance, HighlyPersonal Road to the FinalsA. Daily Rounds  Vision/ Mission  Roles  TrustworthinessB. End in Mind www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  3. 3. I align daily…VISION / MISSION My purpose in life is to act accordingly to my values and maintain the TRUST that I gained from my family, friends, colleagues and associates. With the help of God and the talents and skills that He gave me, I bowed to be responsible in all the decisions that I will make to preserve the credibility, respect and trust that were bestowed upon me. www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  4. 4. Winning means doing 6 roles welldaily  Believer and follower of Christ  Loving and sweet wife  Doting Mother  Supportive daughter, sister and buddy  Considering to be a Math Professor  Trustworthy Finance Manager www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  5. 5. Believer and follower of Christ “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for suchMy Discipleship Group sacrifices are (DGroup) family w/ pleasing to God” - GALA kids Hebrews13:16 www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  6. 6. A Loving and Sweet Wife… www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  7. 7. A Doting Mother . . . . . . . August, Alyssa, Karl & Lucas www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  8. 8. A supportive daughter, sisterand buddy….. www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  9. 9. Considering to be a Math Professor……As a graduate of Bacheloror Science in Mathematicsand hopefully earning aMasters Degree, I considerteaching to be an option inthe future in case of fallbacks. www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  10. 10. Trustworthy Finance Manager Working with the company for 11 years www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  11. 11. This is My Brand Today Rhea Gayoso Jardin, Finance – Angping Securities yah!!! (special agent)Rhe (ray) - yA (yah) Gay - Oso Jardin Ping (garden) Finance tAng - t (pong) Securities www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  12. 12. The Speed of Trustby Dr. Stephen M. R. CoveyFive waves of trust1. Self trust2. Relationship trust3. Organizational trust4. Market Trust5. Societal Trust “Speed happens when people….. truly trust each other” - Edward Marshall www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  13. 13. 1st wave: Self TrustThe Principles of Credibility Core 1: Integrity – Are you congruent? - I act according to my values and to what I believe in Core 2: Intent – What’s your agenda? - To maintain the trust of the people around me Core 3: Capabilities – Are you relevant? - I strive to be excellent in every thing that I do Core 4: Results – What’s your track record? - 11 years with current employer, working for a total of 17 years in the stockbrokerage industry www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  14. 14. 2nd wave: Relationship TrustThe Principles of Behavior Behavior 1: Talk straight Behavior 2: Demonstrate respect Behavior 3: Create transparency Behavior 4: Right wrongs Behavior 5: Show loyalty Behavior 6: Deliver results Behavior 7: Get better Behavior 8: Confront reality Behavior 9: Clarify expectations Behavior 10: Practice accountability Behavior 11: Listen first Behavior 12: Keep commitments Behavior 13: Extend trust www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  15. 15. 3rd, 4th & 5th wave:Organizational, Market and SocietalTrust Organizational Trust The Principle of Alignment - I see to it that I maintain the trust of my colleagues, as well as our clients, suppliers and affiliates Market Trust The Principle of Reputation - I’m carefully making decisions to maintain the integrity and reputation of the company I’m working with Societal Trust The Principle of Contribution - Share with the community thru charitable works www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  16. 16. The 20 year journey is wortheveryday of it…Here and Now End in Mind37 yrs old A healthy 57 yrs oldLoving Wife Enjoying every moment with husbandEnergetic Mom Playful grandmotherPrivate Employee Teaching or Managing own businessManager Professor or Businesswoman Debt freePhp100,000 loan Living each day to theLiving day to day fullest as if it is the last www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  17. 17. Monitoring to make sure… Continuous learning Date and time check Trainings and seminars Healthy and balance diet Diary www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  18. 18. The daily road to the finalsAs a person who is trusted with so many things inlife, I succeed if I maintain the trust that wasgiven to me by my family, my colleagues, and thepeople around me.The ability to build trust with family, friends andcolleagues is essential to business, as well aspersonal, success. As what is always said: trust isnot freely given, it is earned. www.slideshare.net/rgjardin
  19. 19. TRUSTWORTHINESS20 Year High Performance, Highly Personal Marketing Plan Rhea G. Jardin June 21, 2012 V57 MARKMA Prof. Bong de Ungria www.slideshare.net/rgjardin 19