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  1. 1. What Have We Accomplished In 2010? ? Design & Presentation by Patricia Havrin 5/1/2010
  2. 2. We have responded successfully to community needs. P. Havrin, 5/1/10
  3. 3. •Continuous efforts to link the library mission to community needs. •Integration of new goals and expected timelines •Monitoring of efforts for value added services. P . Havrin, 5/1/10
  4. 4. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT 40% •Career Advise/Job Search Workshops •AARP Tax Aid increase •Writing/Journaling Workshops across the •Investing/Money Management •Chess Club board to •Homework Help access to •Gaming •Playgroups interesting, •Hands On Science timely and •Junior Friends of the Library •Range of basic to Intermediate Instructional relevant Technology Tutorials programs •Garden Club Demos •Summer Reading Programs Jumpstart that provided •Travel Presentations exposure to •Support Town Character Counts Program •Holiday Library Light Up Party both local •Seasonal activities such as Banned Books and global Awareness Week, Love Your Library Week, Annual Book Sale perspectives. •Summer Reading Program Jumpstart •Various Friends Activities P. Havrin, 5/1/10
  5. 5. PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT Promoted synergistic program development with community action groups including: •Schools, Daycares, Homeschoolers •Non-profit organizations •Small business resource center Future Opportunities: Perspectives Programs - Develop a monthly series of dialogs on public issues with expert speakers on native cultures, civic engagement, music, ecology, etc. Form a partnership with local nonprofit literacy group to provide free classes and tutoring for ESL and GED prep. Obtain funders, volunteer tutors, program participants, business and school referrals P. Havrin, 5/1/10
  6. 6. COLLECTIONS DEVELOPMENT A significant •Includes expansion of CDs, DVDs, Audios, Books, part of the Magazines and electronic resources. library’s •Increased availability to literacy materials that circulation is correspond with program presentations. in the area of •Increased Spanish collection by 25% Titles for birth recreational through adult, fiction and non fiction and electronic resources. materials. Increased by •Developed through Booklist, Kirkus, NY Times & ALA Recommended Reads. Maintained non biased well 25-30% balanced collection development. recreational library Near Future Opportunities: materials in Students technically interested in filmmaking, create all relevant a DVD about Hispanic or Italian cultural traditions to media. include in library collection. P. Havrin, 5/1/10
  7. 7. TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Current Knowledge: In 2010 our nation struggled with a recession. Patrons rely on library technology to: •Find work “Technology •Apply to college should be a •Find out about and secure government benefits living •Learn about medical treatments •Obtain Free Entertainment document, •Connect/network within the community starting with what we know Responsive Action: •Development of Webpage that includes and growing as information in Spanish; Library Event our knowledge Calendars; How to Donate Page; Helpful links to and library’s community organizations; Pathfinder Creation; Book Discussion Blog, Setting up a book is due needs evolve.” text/email alert; Five minute learn the web modules; *Near Future Opportunity: Create a Library video tour to welcome people to the library 24 hours a day seven days a week. *Evaluate patron knowledge for development of further “How to Instructional Workshops” P. Havrin, 5/1/10
  8. 8. STAFF & FACILITY MANAGEMENT STAFF 2009 2010 +Continued weekly staff meetings; Comparison 2009 to 2010 is larger pictures sharing of patron feedback; of facility to be upcoming activities; responsibility inserted here review, monthly calendar; changes FRIENDS & in policies; FACILITY TRUSTEES OF Personal development activities; LIBRARY +Revise Policies & Guidelines for Library +Developed Staff Recognition & Use, including: behavior in library, use of +Establish Friends of the Awards computer equipment, guidelines for Library Database electronic networks, children within library; +Agreement on volunteer activities to assist employees: +Continued evaluation of: +Grow recognition and working at desk, routine shelving potential multi-use of library space interior appreciation activities tasks, special projects, story times and exterior Displays (attractive, well placed?) Service desk functional, easy access, etc. P. Havrin, 5/1/10
  9. 9. MARKETING & ADVOCACY Ubcrease OBJECTIVE: INCREASE FUNDING & COMMUNITY AWARENESS Avoid going in circles A. Funding - Increase funding and awareness to decrease library tax resistance. 1. Grants: Established master time line and plan; Researched source criteria and probable collaborations; Advertised for volunteer grant assistance; Submitted mmm applications. 2. Friends of Library: Database established with mass mailings and annual donation request 3. Webpage: Donation Page Included P. Havrin, 5/1/10
  10. 10. MARKETING & ADVOCACY B: COMMUNITY AWARENESS ISSUE: Many times patrons don’t know what exist within the Avoid exclusion library, for example online information resources, subscription databases provided free of charge by state library. ACTION: •Used ALA Marketing Tools “@ Your Library” •Began library presence in new locations •Continuous update of Community Bulletin Boards, Children/Teen Interest Board, etc. •Sought Spanish Speaking Community Volunteer Liaison mmm •Survey patrons every two years •Be a presence in local NSLS organization. Contribute blogs/input/article submission to ALA, PLA and NSLS for resource sharing, as well as good news announcements. •Created quarterly seasonally appropriate newsletter to communicate on how we are working together to meet the diverse information needs of all citizens P. Havrin, 5/1/10
  11. 11. MARKETING & ADVOCACY A library’s success can be traced to the support of the Insert entire community. Selfless pictures of members contributions made by volunteers, friends, local organizations, staff, patrons and town government are the driving force of the small Your Community Library library. Where reading is just the beginning. P. Havrin, 5/1/10
  12. 12. Break Time Activity Roller Coasters Free Internet Resource: P. Havrin, 5/1/10