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  1. 1. CONTAINS 9 PREVIOUSLY BANNED OR RESTRICTED STORIES. Break Fast Break Fast 100% All Natural 100% All Natural IIntellectual Freedom ntellectual Freedom Provided by Contemporary American Fiction Writer Provided by Contemporary American Fiction Writer CHRIS CRUTCHER FULL OF UNFLINCHING FLAKES, ATHLETIC NUTS AND SWEET CLUSTERS OF TRUTH - QUALITY GUARANTEED The Chris Crutcher POWER ON BREAKFAST GROUP begins Fridays, 2/1/08 7:15 am at the BS Middle School Library Café.
  2. 2. Nutritional Literary Values The Author: *Chris Crutcher Grew up in neighboring Ohio. *His favorite reading habits as a teenager? Reading “Cereal Boxes & Sports Illustrated….” Writing Ideals: *He hopes his books portray “A different perspective on the true nature of courage. * Presents characters you would like to have as friends * He believes Coming of Age Literature should be about telling the truth. Reviews: * “Unflinching look at realities” * “Real Life stories that ring true for readers.” * “Compelling well paced with compassion for people.” * “Combining humor with difficulty.” * ALA named eight of his books best for Young Adults; 2004 Winner Writer Magazine’s Writers Who Make A Difference Award; 1998 NCTE SLATE Intellectual Freedom Award. C N SOR SHIP CAUSES BLINDNESS READ!
  3. 3. WHALE TALK Racist and elitist groups fill the “zero tolerance”, letter jacket world of Tao Jones school. With Tao’s natural physical and mental abilities he could easily connect into a mainstream crowd. But Tao chooses not to. Instead he rebels against a system of exclusion, and discovers that there are winners where we least expect them. Bursting with the flavor of real characters, tricky situations, abundant humor and atypical friendships. THE SLEDDING HILL If you are a winter enthusiast looking for a book about sledding techniques, snowboarding or how to create the perfect ice ball to launch at your neighbors head, this is not the one for you. Sledding Hill is about the sport of control, loss and life all rolled up into a mountain of cool refreshing intellectual impact. It has a cast of both living and dead characters, and the author writes his own banned book experiences into the storyline. Do you know what books are banned at your school? THE CRAZY HORSE ELECTRIC GAME Willie Weaver was strong, fast and confident. An athlete in the top of his league with friends who would “sell their soul to be on his team”, then suddenly things changed. A traumatic boating accident leaves Willie and the people around him changed forever. Willie knows that he will never again be a Golden Boy, at the same time he begins to learn about the astonishing ability of human beings to adapt and survive.
  4. 4. SLEDDING HILL 2005 Discusses death and loss Discusses what makes a good teacher. Meet Brilliant, yet odd Eddie and his best buddy Billy