Pay Per Click Ads


Published on - This is a brief slide show presentation that shows what exactly pay per click advertising is and how to st up a pay per click campaign.

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Pay Per Click Ads

  1. 1. Frank is a business owner that sells internationalinsurance. Frank has a small book of business hehas developed over the years but is nowlooking to expand.He has a website but there is little traffic coming to it and therefor heis not making many sales online.What can Frank do to expand, drive more traffic to his website,and generate more sales.
  2. 2. Pay Per Click Ads are the ads that show up at the top and to the side of the organic search results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.Google Adwords is the platform forads on Google’s search results, andBing Ads is the platformfor ads on Yahoo and Bing’ssearch results.
  3. 3. PPC Ads – Pay Per Click AdsKeyword Term or Keyword Phrase – The words someoneenters in to Google, Yahoo, or Bing when searching forsomething online.Max Cost Per Click (CPC) – The maximum amount of money someone iswilling to pay for a click on their ad.Conversion Rate – The number of clicks on your ad divided by the numberof sales you make from those clicks.
  4. 4. Businesses using pay per click ads are tellingGoogle, Yahoo, and Bing primarily 2 things.1. Every time someone searches a specific keyword term like “travel insurance” they want their ad to show up.2. They are willing to pay up to “X” amount of money (max cost per click), for example $1.00, every time someone clicks on that ad.When setting up a pay per click campaign you will specify the maximumamount of money you are willing to pay per click (max cost per click),and the maximum amount of money you want to spend per day.
  5. 5. Let’s say you create a pay per click campaign witha budget of $500 and a max cost per click of $1.50.Let’s say that your average cost per click ends up being$1.50. You would get about 335 clicks for your $500.Now let’s say your conversion rate is 15% and youraverage profit per sale is $35.00.This means you will make about 50 sales (335 clicks X 15%)and $1,750 in revenue, $1,250 in profit($50 x 35 sales - $500 initial investment).
  6. 6. You are able to decide how, when, where, and to whom your adsare displayed. This means you can target your ads to your highestconverting demographic.Since your ads are targeted to your desired demographic you knowyour traffic will be of the highest possible quality.This traffic will convert much more than virtually all other typesof advertising.You can increase your brand awareness, limited only by youradvertising budget.
  7. 7. Here are the steps to setting up a Pay Per Click campaign.1. Sign up for a Google Adwords and / or Microsoft Adcenter account.2. Create a campaign and specify your daily budget, as well as, maximum cost per click.3. Choose how you want your ad to look.4. Select the keywords you want your ad to show up for.5. Specify your payment method. International Medical Group Quality affordable travel insurance for the international traveler.
  8. 8. Both Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter provide amazingsupport for setting up advertising campaigns. They want you toadvertise with them.You can reach both the Google Adwords Ad team and theBing Ads Ad Team for support in setting up yourad campaign via phone or email by clicking on the links below.Google Adwords Help Ads Help
  9. 9. Pay Per Click Advertising is a proven way of increasing your salesby maximizing your conversions and minimizing your returnon investment at a fraction of the cost of other marketing methods.