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SES Toronto 2012 Presentation on KPIs that matter for businesses. Presented by Brent Chaters author of Mastering Search Analytics

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  • Use paid data to estimate and derive value as well.Paid data provides a couple interesting things. It tells you what the market feels a word is worth, higher costs for words tend to indicate more competition or greater value to attaining those customers. There’s a reason credit card type words are so expensive. A CPA may be $250 or more, but Credit Cards provide a long lifetime value.
  • There are a number of ways to measure your worth.Through immediate sales.Through generated leadsThrough a proxy value, which can be attained from surveys and 3rd party data, to estimate impact to offline or other sales.
  • Share of voice is a great metric, if used correctly. I like it for organic search, but not paid. It tells me if we are making headway against competitors as well which competitors are acting aggressively.Also understanding your keyword universe, what is the diversity like for the keywords driving traffic to your site? And think about segmenting this from branded and non-branded.Follow you 10 most important keywords. Measure how they perform, and what they are actually doing for you.More importantly track 5 critical pages to you, these should be your rainmakers, how are you improving them?
  • Remember IAC? Yeah, think about tracking that if you can, look at keyword overlap, how many organic words also show up in your paid search report? Those are the onese to measure IAC against.Know which keywords have the greatest variance and longtail opportunity, you can get this information from Google adwords, by looking at exact and phrase match data.Figure out which pages are driving high volume of SEO traffic that you may not be looking at, are they converting well? If no look at what keywords are driving people to those pages and optimize the user experience against their intent.
  • Lastly think about how your search campaigns can work together and save costs or spend more efficiently on paid search.Google released this study, it’s fascinating in that it looks at cannibalization, it shows that the old stand by of 1+1=3 is not always true. More importantly what this doesn’t cover is what the traffic actually does on your website. Does organic traffic convert better or paid for a particular page, think about how you can test for.
  • Search analytics for Executives

    1. 1. Key Metrics For SEOImpact Your BusinessBrent ChatersSr. Managerbrent77@gmail.comTwitter: @BrentChaters Toronto | June 11–13
    2. 2. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sesto Two words “TPS Reports”@BrentChaters
    3. 3. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoOk Really …• ROI / Revenue Impact• Business Case / Business Objectives• Market Share / Share of Voice @BrentChaters
    4. 4. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sesto JUSTIFY WHAT YOU DO EVERY DAY!@BrentChaters
    5. 5. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoWhy Don’t Most SEO’s Speak LikeThis?Very simply It’s hard …44% of companies have difficulty measuring ROI for SEO and53% of SEOs are challenged by getting budget allocations, making business cases or obtaining executive buy-in 1Source: Econsultancy Digital Marketers Untied: State of Search Marketing Report 2011 in Association with SEMPO @BrentChaters
    6. 6. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoWhy Don’t Most SEO’s Speak LikeThis?Hold on is it hard? Or do we have the wrong objectives? of Respondents from42% companies said their main objective is to “drive traffic to web site”29% said “generate leads” Ok… I bet I know who has challenges measuring ROI. The Good news is that really 54%26% said “sell products, services or content directly online” these people have a sound of business objective that makes sense. 1Source: Econsultancy Digital Marketers Untied: State of Search Marketing Report 2011 in Association with SEMPO @BrentChaters
    7. 7. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sesto GIVE YOUR SEO PROGRAM A PURPOSE … DON’T GET INTO THE WEEDS@BrentChaters
    8. 8. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoDefine Business Objectives• Generate Leads• Sell something• Identify high valued action (White paper downloads, product configurators, dealer locators)• Oh wait your revenue model is ad based? Drive repeatable and engaging traffic. Then Measure it! @BrentChaters
    9. 9. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoHow to Track ROI ROI = ((revenue - cost) / cost) x 100 Or keep it simpler • Report on # of Widgets sold MoM and YoY • Report on # of Leads generate MoM and YoY • Report on # of Ads server from SEO leads MoM and YoY Prove your worth! @BrentChaters
    10. 10. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoHow to Track Share of Voice /Market Share Share of Voice = (# of words Ranking on / Total words) x 100 • Build your list of words that you both rank and do not rank on. • Capture which words you rank on • Capture which words each competitor ranks on • Expressed as a percentage (eg 45% SOV) • You will need a 3rd party tool for this. – Authority Labs, AdGooRoo, SEOmoz, etx. @BrentChaters
    11. 11. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoWhere to Get Inspiration From Simple, ask for examples of reports from other organizations. Look at how and what they report on and figure out what you can map against that. @BrentChaters
    12. 12. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sesto SOME EXAMPLES…@BrentChaters
    13. 13. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoIdentifying Valuation Based on PPC Data The Cost to Buy this Traffic Butterfly effect value @BrentChaters
    14. 14. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoTop Line KPIs and ROI – Prove Your Worth! INDEX SEO Revenue Generated SEO Traffic To SEO Share of Keyword SEO Branded Site Traffic Sales Voice World Conversion Vs. Non- Conversion Rate Volume Size Rate Branded Rate Ratio $ % % % # % % ROI KPI Month Year Over Over Current Month Year Month Change Change Sales Generated SEO PPC Leads Generated SEO PPC Search Conversion Rate SEO PPC Estimated Offline Proxy Impact SEO PPC @BrentChaters
    15. 15. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sesto Awareness and Value – Measure The Big Picture! AwarenessKPI Year Over Month Over Current Month Year Change Month ChangeKeyword Universe Size (# of Keywordsdriving traffic) SEO PPCSearch Traffic Total SEO PPCShare of Voice (measured in %) SEO PPCBranded Vs. Non-Branded Ratio SEO PPCKeyword Domination Index (keywordswith more than one page listed) SEO PPCTop 5 Critical page For Optimization Total Traffic Change SEO Traffic Change SEO Leads Change YoY YoY YoY MoM MoM MoM @BrentChaters
    16. 16. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoOpportunity and Projections – The Take ActionData! OpportunityKPI Month Year Over Over Current Month Year Month Change ChangeKeyword Overlapkeywords with highest Longtail Total Canadian Total total Exact Long Tail Total SEOOpportunity Searches (exact) Canadian Stemming match implied value implied Searches opportuniti implied per month value per (Long tail) es Index value per month monthKeyword #1Keywords with Highest Growth Search GoogleOpportunity Volume Google Google Google Rank Rank Search Volume Phrase Rank Target Rank influence influence of Exact Match Match targetKeyword #1Pages With SEO Opportunity (high Traffic To Total SEO Traffic Change Change ChangeTraffic to Low Search Ratio) Search Ratio Traffic YoY YoY YoY MoM MoM MoMTop Page For Conversion SEO Traffic to Total SEO TrafficOptimization (High Search Traffic Low Conversion Change Traffic Change ChangeConversion Rate) Ratio YoY YoY YoY MoM MoM MoM @BrentChaters
    17. 17. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sestoMeasuring Traffic Cannibalization TH - TL IAC = PH - PL IAC = Incremental Ad Clicks (expresses the incremental uplift in a percentage) TH = Total Clicks High Spend Level TL = Total Clicks Low Spend Level PH = Paid Clicks High Spend Level PL = Paid Clicks Low Spend LevelHelp PPC spend more efficiently. Think of Search not a SILO. @BrentChaters
    18. 18. Toronto | June 11–13, 2012 | #sesto Take Action Now!• Know what your business does, and how you can affect it.• Identify how you will measure this• Listen to how your boss talks (unless he’s another search guy, then don’t…) @BrentChaters
    19. 19. Thank youBrent Chaters Save 40% off print book & 50% off ebookSr. Manager Mastering Search Analytics with code AUTHDTwitter: @BrentChaters Toronto | June 11–13