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What is FEA: Defining Finite Element Analysis


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In this presentation, we explain the basics of FEA, which stands for finite element analysis, a type of engineering method in product development.

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What is FEA: Defining Finite Element Analysis

  1. 1. What is FEA? RAPID GLOBAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, INC. what you should know about FEA from:
  2. 2. what does FEA stand for? for starters…
  4. 4. A commonly used method for multiphysics problems; defined as a numerical method that provides solutions to problems the would otherwise be difficult to obtain. what is FEA? finite element analysis: (noun)
  5. 5. what is FEA? FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS A E F Essentially, FEA is a faster way to get results to problems that are harder to solve.
  6. 6. seeks to answer the question: FEA
  7. 7. what are the value of the displacements, stresses, and strains at each material point? if we apply a force on a solid,
  8. 8. where is the object most liable to break or strain in some way? for the non-scientists:
  9. 9. STRUCTURE ANALYSIS SOLID MECHANIC ANALYSIS DYNAMICS THERMAL ANALYSIS ELECTRICAL ANALYSIS BIOMATERIALS what is FEA? determining stress intensity factors of a load on a given object by:
  10. 10. calculate FEA? how do you
  11. 11. how do you calculate FEA? Displacement formulation is used to calculate component displacements, strains, and stresses under internal and external loads upon an object. FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS A E F
  12. 12. how do you calculate FEA? These components can be analyzed by either linear or nonlinear stress analysis. Choosing linear or nonlinear depends on how far you’d like to push the design. FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS A E F
  13. 13. FEA calculations can be done in FEA software.
  14. 14. how do you calculate FEA? Analysts use products like SIMULIA to calculate FEA. FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS A E F
  15. 15. how do you calculate FEA? A component is designed in a CAD software like CATIA and imported into SIMULIA to be analyzed.
  16. 16. product development & FEA FEA is an important part of the product development process. Saves engineers time and effort. No need for physical prototype testing. Tweak designs based on calculations. Mathematically calculate the problem areas of an object.
  17. 17. Need to know more about FEA? RGBSI can help.