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Spoorthi's second edition focusses on Women. The features are almost entirely on women, and for every woman it's a

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Spoorthi march 2013 - women

  1. 1. MARCH 2013 CONTENTS FEATURES 03 Cover Story Despite the System: India’s Sporting Heroines by As a whole this edition of ‘Spoorthi’ had beenRaghav Gautam marvelous, a pleasant treat for readers. The content though serious has been dealt with in 05 Topping the troop depth. From the cover story till the conclusion, Missionary of education Sister Cyril by Mandavi all piece of work have been in place and eachSurya Ghose of these complements the other. The topics are diverse. The emotions of love and hope and strength have been delicately balanced 06 Invincibles and shown throughout ‘Spoorthi’. Mahadevi Varma: Writer, Educationalist, Jayeeta GhoseReformist and a Visionary by Raghav Gautam 07 Achievers Kiran Bedi: Woman of Steel by Aman AroraGuys Just an Awesome Initiative, Am sureit would inspire many people like me...Positive energy is all we need for our everyday’s work.am sure u guys and Spoorthiwill go places!!! Maha Rajah LIFESTYLE 09 People next door 1 Of Swati, and Strength by Tanushree Raha Sarkar 11 People next door 2 Wish, Desire, Life by Neeraj Upadhyay 12 Fullfilling art Mother India Film Review by Tanushree Raha Sarkar CREATIVE - OPEN FOR READERS READERS 13 Heaty tales 16 Guest Section Professor’s Smile by Raghav Gautam We-Men by Tauseef Ahmed 14 Ageless verses 18 The burning question Sonnet 1 by Aman Arora Are rapes a mere extension of eve teasing and molestation? People’s Opinion. 15 Smile please Empower Yourself (Sketch) by Sakshi Goynar 1 Spoorthi Magazine www. spoorthimag.com
  2. 2. LETTER FROMTHE EDITORInvalid, impossible, was all I could think when the theme was being discussed, and women came up as an idea. Almost half the popu-lation of the world can’t come under theme. Yet, the idea intrigued me. Except for news about the activities of the state CMs and afew sportswomen, much of what is reporte d in the media concerns violence against women, mainly rape.A months old baby raped by a relative, a little girl raped by a servant, a young girl raped in a bus, schoolgirls harassed by teachers, amiddle-aged woman raped by her husband’s friend, an old lady raped. The day after International Women’s Day, I was shocked to seeas many as five different incidents of rape in the news, with some pending cases. Amazing women’s day we celebrated.Being a trophy wife or a dancing and smiling doll in films, vamp or saree-clad housewives in serials, the reason why a hero becomesa hero after avenging the rape of heroine in countless films, the image of women is not improved by the entertainment industry orthe media.There’s much going against them and with this issue we not only wish to create awareness on what women are capable of, but also toask ourselves through some heart-warming but true stories what is our responsibility in ensuring equal rights for women. Women arebeautiful, with beautiful hearts and souls. As a society we must try to make our women happy by recognizing their contributions, byeducating them, by supporting their endeavours, by loving and respecting them.To women, I’d say just read on, be proud that we’ve had women who’ve struggled a lot in the past to make some achievements. It’s aconstant struggle, and you need to say ‘I Object’ to everything unjust to improve not just yourself but other women, young girls, andalso the men in your lives.Hope the right message reaches.Spoorthi Team magazine Spoorthi Editing Team • Fazeela Mollick and Raghav Gautam Mandavi Surya Ghose: Missionary of editor@spoorthimag.com education Sister Cyril mandavisurya@gmail.com Content and Concept Team • Aman Arora and Neeraj Upadhyay Tanushree Raha Sarkar: Of Swati, and editor@spoorthimag.com Strength and Mother India Movie Review Sakshi Goynar: Empower Yourself tanushree.raha05@gmail.com sakshigoynar@gmail.com http://sakshigoynar.blogspot.in/ Cover Photographer: Aman Agrawal amanasha123@gmail.com Tauseef Ahmed: We-men https://www.facebook.com/Amanaphotography?ref=ts&fref=ts tauseef_sasknp@yahoo.com COVER STORY: Despite the System: India’s Heroines Spoorthi Magazine www. spoorthimag.com 2
  3. 3. COVER STORYDESPITE THE SYSTEMS:INDIA’S HEROINES “ We have to give impor tance at grass-root level. We should have 10 year planning to win big tournaments, and at grass-root level according to their age we should give all the facilities – accommodation, food, training, equipment everything – then we will be able to win Olympic medals in all events, not just athletics. We should have good system, especially at grass-root level.” PT Usha In India, cricket is a religion and In the land of PT Usha, no Olympic medal- In this country it’s not hard to see why cricketers are revered as Gods. list before the 21st century was a woman. women aren’t involved in sports as much There are, sadly, no Goddesses. India in itself is a nation which thinks any as men. Yet, we do have stories of some Hockey players too, had a stat- sport other than cricket is not worth the beautiful ladies, beautiful souls, soulsure, which has slowly diminished but at risk. Add to that, the plight of women. that are not bounded by limits. They’veleast positive attempts are being made And while it is fortunate that women been aided in some ways and have hadat revival. Unfortunately, we ignore the are not prevented from getting quality support but not by the system. This is48.45% of our population , the women. education these days, in the villages the baffling.A blockbuster film , titled Chak De!India, numbers are not good. The Payolli Express, Queen of Indian Trackabout female hockey players with Shah We put studies before sports, boys before and Field, P T Usha now runs the UshaRukh Khan as the lead, received good girls. I was fortunate to see cricket being School of Athletics in Kerala. Although sheresponse. Ironically, none of the female played in Nepal, which is considered a was prone to illness in early childhood, atstars from the cas, are remembered Shah rarity, but not that fortunate to see girls 12, PT Usha was among 40 girls selectedRukh Khan is known today from the cast, playing as professionals in the capital to train as an athlete by the Kerala Stateand the title song, very-catchy, Chak De! city of India, or in any other place for Government. Success is never an acci-India is predominantly used as the men’s that matter. In school, they were allowed dent, she says, though 1/100th secondCricket Team anthem. (at least so I’ve to play after boys. And some sports were of the difference between her and anobserved). only for boys. Olympic medal could’ve made anyone 3 Spoorthi Magazine www.spoorthimag.com
  4. 4. think otherwise. She is a four-time Goldmedallist at the Asian Games claiming the People now want to know more about ourtitle of Asia’s Sprint Queen. state, which is a good sign.” ~Mary KomAfter her, it took a long time to really get areasonable chance at a medal, and it An athlete who had the support of her parents was Saina Nehwal. Her fatherm Harvircame finally with the weightlifter,Karnam Singh used to take his daughter at 4 in the morning in a two-wheeler 25 km away fromMalleswari in 2000, where her bronze was her home to be coached in badminton by Nani Prasad. And because she used to fallIndia’s only achievement at the Sydney asleep, mother Usha Nehwal used to accompany her too. Her potential was recognizedOlympics . Karnam, meaning fame, dignity at the age of eight by her coach and parents, themselves former Haryana Badmintonand pride, lived up to her name from the players. Her message, if she can do it, everyone can do it. Obviously it took an effortvery beginning, when at the age of 13 from her parents, who took loans and also withdrew savings and PFs. They sacrificed ashe began a medal winning spree, setting lot so that their daughter could excel at her sport. Support also came from P Gopichand,new records at various places. She regrets an eminent player himself who has an academy and coached her during later years. Mrmissing on Gold in Sydney. She mentions a Gopichand’s academy provided a space for girls to train.couple of things, one: a miscalculation Individual woman athletes have still found a way, have clungon the part of the coaching team to whatever support they’ve had and shown some excellentwhen they told her to go for 137.5 results. But team sports have suffered. The Indian Women’skg while she could’ve got gold cricket team, for example, was taken under the admin-with 132.5, and second most istration of BCCI in 2006 because ICC wanted women’simportant, which she keeps and cricket to be taken more seriously. 2006 was also the lastimparts as a lesson: a momen- time they played Test cricket. In a 14 year career, Mithalitary lapse at an important time Raj has managed to play only 8 Tests, and 145 ODIs.could be costly. She’s proud, but Between this World Cup and the last one, the team hassad. This medal came after she’d been played only 26 ODIs. Before this World Cup, they’d almostmarried, rejecting the myth of always finished in top 4. Are BCCI concerned? Is women’shousewives not being able to participate cricket profitable enough? Who will support our womenin sports. and encourage our cricketers?Another woman who’s married and has a While taking into account someone’s contribution we do include one important factor.twins but won an Olympic bronze medal That factor is their legacy. While writing this, I was wondering what to write, anythingis Mary Kom on whom a film is being made she does makes news. But Sania Mirza isn’t about herself, she’s a legacy like the otherwith Priyanka Chopra in the lead role. athletes covered in this feature. This young lady is only the third Indian to win a GrandAlthough Mary Kom rose to stardom with Slam, after Mahesh Bhupathy and Leander Paes and the first Indian woman to haveher Olympic medal, the fact remains even $1 million in career earnings. Sania Mirza is an inspiration for young girls wishing towithout an Olympic medal, she was a win- make tennis their career. Her life is full of controversies not unlike some male cricketersner. The only competition where she didn’t butthey say when people are talking about you, you’re doing something right. In themanage a medal, she eventually quali- years to come, the success of some Indian tennis players won’t be theirs alone. Saniafied to the Olympics through that perfor- will be a part of it.mance. The amazing thing is that her father About the female hockey team, the less said, the better. Finally, male hockey is attempt-got to know that she was a boxer only ing to grow and move forward thanks to Hockey Premiere League and the support ofthrough newspaper photographs, when she sportsmen like Virender Sehwag and Rajyavardhan Singh Rathor and with corporateacquired a certain level of fame, after win- backing from Hero. But this is not the case with women’s hockey.ning Manipur State Women’s Championship It’s not only a question of sports. It’s a reflection of our society, and when we start man-in 2000. Boxing isn’t considered a ‘decent’ aging our systems better, changing our mindset and mentality, then everything willsport for women. A picture of humility, she eventually improve, and probably no girl will have to hide from her family that she’s aapologized to the Indian public for not get- professional sportwoman.ting a Gold medal at the London Olympics. Author: Raghav GautamFrankly, people who didn’t think that it wasdecent for her to box do not deserve suchan apology. Spoorthi Magazine www.spoorthimag.com 4
  5. 5. TOPPING THE TROOPSMISSIONARYOF EDUCATIONSISTER CYRILI t might seem incorrect but it couldn’t be more than correct, when I say of of an almost 77 year old Sister Cyril Mooney that this lady is ahead of her time, When ten-twelve year olds ask the employers for taking the An education model, that government ministers for decades child out, even the heartless can’t refuse, there’s that innocentcouldn’t muster, has been created and operates successfully for steel. In worst cases they are even rescued. And Sister Cyril sayseveryone to see. This legendary woman transformed Loreto Day nobody, not the parents, nor the employers, have ever come backSchool in Kolkata, a school which the elite attended, to an edu- to challenge them.cation model that is probably very unique, unbelievable and yet The best part is that the rich are getting an education far greaterpractical. than that contained in books and perhaps more than the poorMahatma Gandhi was only one man, she’d say. She did every- will receive. The poor will always thank their benefactors, theirthing to break the clutches of the vicious circle of the privileged student-teachers, for everything they did because ultimately itclasses getting educated, and the poor continuing to suffer. She was through these children that Sister Cyril’s creatve programmearrived here in India at the age of 20, and after doing her M.Sc. came to life. Also, true education lies beyond problems andand teaching at Loreto College, she was appointed the principal solutions, it lies in reality, and what the elite learns is far moreof Loreto Day School, Sealdah and that’s when magic began to than what the poor will. The poor already know how hard lifehappen. is but they lack the classroom education. The rich have theHalf of the population of this once elite English medium school classroom education but their lives are ones of ease and com-now constitutes the poor. All Class V and above students also act fort. More than anything this programme makes children betteras teachers for the Rainbow program and Rural Child-to-Child human beings, more humble, more thankful. She only has theEducation Program (RC2CEP). Two hundred fifty ‘Rainbows’ or ideas, Sister Cyril says.previously street-dwellers and a hundred more special cases While receiving an Honorary Doctorate at the University of‘Rainbows’ are given food and shelter along with necessary Manitoba, her strong personality, when opened up, spoke ofpreliminary education by class V and above warmth, in more ways than one. She’s this solid personality, whostudents to help them join has the courage and conviction to carry out her ideas of warmth,the mainstream as quickly at least everywhere she could. Mahatma Gandhi is only one man,as possible. This is theRainbow program. “Sister Cyril: I am simply a puller it’s a sad statement. Same goes with Sister Cyril.In RC2CEP, the senior of strings, a puppeteer. I simply Author: Mandavi Surya Ghosestudents travel every have ideas. And I encourage peo-Thursday to villages and ple to go ahead and do somethingprovide a more interper- about it.”sonal education to govern-ment school students where 5 Spoorthi Magazine www. spoorthimag.com
  6. 6. INVINCIBLESMAHADEVIVARMAI Principal and then later Vice-Chancellor of Allahabad (Prayag) t is hard to write about a woman born among us, married Mahila Vidyapeeth proved her love. To fight for her education, at the age of 7 and who could’ve ended up exactly like and then become principal of an educational institution seems our grandmothers, telling stories, taking care of children, amazing and awe-inspiring. This in pre-independence times, she which is a big role in itself, but she chose to change being born in 1907, makes it all the more a sparkling achieve-society in whatever way she could. Mahadevi Varma ran away ment.from her in-laws home where she couldn’t study because her From her prose we can get an even greater sense of Mahadevi’sfather-in-law disapproved. She came back to her father’s home thoughts. She’s been immensely touched by devotion, the devo-and did her Masters in Sanskrit. Mahadevi refused to follow the tion of girls and women, who, despite their plight, keep servingcustoms of society. At that age, in that era, she took a bold and their menfolk without question. The story of Gheesa, who sayscourageous step for education that women, even now, must still her mother is the most beautiful woman despite her being ordi-contemplate taking. nary, conveys to readers that Mahadevi sees the depth of a per-Today one of the problems in India is the increase in crimes son and goes beyond the superficial. In one story, after reflectingagainst women. New Delhi is known as the Rape Capital. on the case of various domesticated animals and her own life,Mahadevi was asked whether it was due to women becoming she forms the opinion that taking care of children is what makesmore educated, because such wasn’t the case in the past. She the world run and mothers are the guardians appointed to makevery smartly answered that education gives awareness, and when sure the world ran fine! The same story, Binda, reveals other evilsawareness grows there will be struggle. As long of society against women.as men give freedom and rights to women as “WE WOMEN Her interest in animals is also profound. When shecharity and on their own terms, it all goes fine. HAVE TO SNATCH describes how a deer’s child is nurtured, the reader isThe problems will occur when women demand INDEPENDENCE. taken into the world of the fawn and its mother. Intheir equal rights. NO ONE WILL GIVE another story she tells the tale of Gullu, a squirrel,Sadly, that’s the case. Women are demanding IT ON ASKING.” about to be eaten by crows but is rescued and takentheir rights and the devils are being unleashed MAHADEVI VARMA care of and when she writes of its playfulness and itson them, such as more divorces because men don’t busy days the reader can imagine having fun with Gullu.want to have a share in the homemaking if women The tale of a domesticated cow and the heartlessness of adecide to work out of the home. milk-vendor may move anyone to tears.Ms Varma talks about balance and in a speech in the Legislative Probably what shaped Mahadevi Varma was her innocence, herAssembly of Uttar Pradesh she mentions the importance of writ- purity of thought. It was an innocence born out of being in con-ers and artists as custodians of language and culture. She says tact with nature and animals, girls and women. When she turnedthat growth is all encompassing, and one part of the body can’t a revolutionary and visionary, using her limited means, she usedbe ignored while the other is given more importance. This is not that innocence, which was evident in her first fight for education,a surprise considering that her life has been spent fighting for in running away from her husband and in-laws for the sake ofthe rights of women and animals and also supporting freedom education.movements through her writing. To reinforce her point, the role Any girl from our country who feels she doesn’t have equalof writers in freedom movements can’t be ignored,therefore to means, doesn’t have equal rights, and therefore will be reducedcreate that balance there must be a place for art and culture. to a life of suffering, whatever she does, must read about andShe had a pure love affair with education. Just as lovers run away be inspired by this woman whose journey appears simple andfrom home for each other, she left her in-laws at the age of eight perhaps unbelievable except you know that it’s true!for education. She was madly in love and her role as the first Author: Raghav Gautam Spoorthi Magazine www. spoorthimag.com 6
  7. 7. ACHIEVERS Policing has the power to correct, the power to do and the power to get things done.KIRAN BEDITHE WOMAN OF STEEL “Women must refuse to continue to be victims.”T he ageless, unwrinkled face of Kiran Bedi would shut down the businesses of face cream sellers. Her unshaken powerful voice is an assertion to the male- dominated world.A few months ago, I attended ‘Aap ki Adalat’ (a light-hearted inter-view show on Indian TV) and for the first time witnessed Kiran July 16, 1972 was the historic day when this great lady becameBedi’s aura from a distance of five meters. Her first address to the first woman to join the Indian Police Service. To work in athe audience (which was off camera) was ‘Please clap your hands male oriented profession and to leave a deep legacy are twoif you appreciate anything. Do not whistle. Being a lady, I have remarkable achievements. It took the daring, the strength, theheard many such whistles in my life.” Over the next hour, we saw determined headstrong self of Mrs Bedi to accomplish what sheher and Rajat Sharma, cutting each other with a smile. Her wits did. It was not easy. She had tough assignments. She was referredand oratory skills were on display. as ‘that girl’ even after becoming an officer. One day an incidentBorn in Amritsar, Punjab, in a family of four daughters Bedi was occurred. There was a riot and she had the task of rescuing somebright academically and good at sports. Yes, only few people family members trapped in a room in their house. She drenchedknow that she played tennis, pairing up with her younger sister herself with water using a hand pump, went into the house,or that she worked as a lecturer of political science in 1970-72. broke down the door and got one person out. Her team followedBut she was destined to do something even better and bigger. her steps. ‘That girl’ became a ‘Madam’ after this. She held a vari- ety of posts in her long and outstanding career. A Traffic posting 7 Spoorthi Magazine www. spoorthimag.com
  8. 8. in Delhi, Inspector General in Mizoram, Advisor to the Lieutenant ki kachehri’ (2009-2010) dealt with resolving civil disputesGovernor of Chandigarh, Director General of Narcotics Control in a dignified manner. Her involvement with ‘India AgainstBureau to a United Nations delegation and by her retirement in Corruption’ and Lokpal movement is well known.2007 she was Director General of India’s Bureau of Police Research Kiran Bedi for all her work is now an institution and in the pastand Development. two decades, this remarkable woman has become an inspirationOne of the highlights includes her work as inspector General of to many women struggling to find their voice and make theirTihar Jail, bringing reforms that earned her the Ramon Magsaysay mark in their chosen professions and vocations.Award. In her words “As Inspector-General of the largest prison inany liberal democracy-Tihar prison, I supervised 11,000 people. Author: Aman AroraNormally, prisons are used as dumping grounds for human beings.We turned it around in two years, into a reformatory actually.”Dr Kiran Bedi did her research on drug abuse and domesticviolence. Perhaps this became a foundation for her two NGOs:the Indian Vision Foundation for prison reformation, drug abuseprevention and child welfare, increased literacy and the empower-ment of women and the Navjyoti India Foundation for welfareand preventative policing. In popular culture, her TV show ‘Aap What advise would you give to women that encounter harassment in the workplace or sex- ual harassment? For women staff, I believe the most important thing is to empower themselves, not just as a woman but also as an individual. We need to understand fear, how to confront it and overcome it. You must ask yourself: if I don’t accept this treatment, what can happen to me? The thought of “I would get exposed, lose my job”, may be valid, but women cannot stop there. Women must refuse to continue to be victims. Keep the initiative with you and strategize, col- lect evidence, so that evidence speaks for itself, seek counselling, take guidance and prepare yourself to win your self-esteem. Let me stress how important it is, to seek counselling, so you are not taking everything upon yourself. Spoorthi Magazine www. spoorthimag.com 8
  9. 9. PEOPLE NEXT DOOR-IOF SWATI ANDSTRENGTHO One famous writer used to say, let’s start from the but he ignored it for a while. Nevertheless, seeds of doubt were start. Keep the story simple. The beginning in the sown and in his mind he questioned her fidelity. beginning, the middle in the middle, and the climax One day, when Ratan returned home a crumpled bed sheet at the climax. For this story, and countless others, caused him to beat his wife in an insane manner. Since then,the beginning is undefined. We don’t know when we started Swati, who was taught to obey her husband like a slave, wastreating girl children as burdens, and women as mere objects. confined in her house. Even the windows were locked becauseEven if parents love a girl beyond any limits, they can’t keep her her husband didn’t trust her. As a wife, she had to submit to herwith them and protect her all her life. And an even bigger prob- husband’s wishes.lem for these parents is being poor. Later on, Swati became pregnant. She hoped the news wouldSwati is one such girl. Intelligent, lovely, petite with long, flow- soften Ratan’s heart. It didn’t. Due to the doctor’s error duringing hair and an engaging smile. A true beauty and a girl who the birth process the forceps nipped a nerve of their beautifullived on her own terms. Having attained her first degree throughmuch effort and sacrifice, Swati was not satisfied and enrolledin a one-year B Ed course. But then came marriage and moresacrifice. Although she was her parents’ favourite child, comingfrom a lower-middle class family, and being second of four sib-lings, as conditions dictated, her parents didn’t have much of anoption but to arrange a marriage for their daughter. Swati gaveup writing the final exam for her B Ed course as it clashed withher wedding. Her desire to attain her B Ed fell by the wayside.Marriage to Ratan, the man her parents selected for her, nowbecame the focus of her lifeEvery Indian girl is taught to keep her husband happy, no-matterwhat. Even within the restrictions of arranged marriage everygirl dreams of finding the perfect man in her husband for whomdoing anything won’t seem bad.The early days of marriage proved to her that it was all worththe sacrifice. They used to roam like love birds, live well, and hadloads of time for each other. However, Swati was more sociablethan Ratan. She received compliments and invitations to occa-sions and events more than her husband did. This irked Ratan, 9 Spoorthi Magazine www. spoorthimag.com
  10. 10. baby boy. The child would be not be ableto talk, eat, and walk without help all hislife. Human errors happen, but in Swati’scase, it brought more stress and anxietyto her already troubled married life. Ratanrefused to acknowledge the boy as his sonand irrationally blamed Swati’s parents forthe mishap.Three years went by with continuedphysical and verbal abuse. And in thattime Swati became pregnant again. Shewanted to abort the foetus. her motherconvinced her that the baby will take careof its elder brother and hence must besaved. There was still hope that she’ll ableto win back her husband, through her newbaby. Though signs of him changing werefew. She nearly had a miscarriage because of her husband’s monstrous acts. This baby, healthy and beautiful arrived. She was the apple of her father’s eyes, a man who cared about no one else. Swati’s pleadings for peace went unheeded and were drowned under her screams from the beatings she received. Five years later, one fine day, they all went to Swati’s mother’s home, where Ratan told her to stay until he decided she should return to their home. While Swati, an Indian wife, was dreaming of reconciliation and of a better tomorrow, Ratan had plans for divorce and all he wanted was Nanu, his daughter. But Swati didn’t want Ratan to have Nanu. She fought six long years for her daughter’s custody and finally won. In spite of all her problems Swati looked after her daughter “MARRIAGES IN INDIA WOULD in the best possible way, ensuring she had a good education. Nanu grew into a beauti- ful young woman of fine character. WORK MUCH BETTER IF BOYS Ratan remarried soon enough. Swati didn’t want to. Instead she worked hard to repay ARE TAUGHT TO BE GOOD loans owed by her brother, who committed suicide after some losses and inability to HUSBANDS HALF AS MUCH AS pay loans. She joined the family business and also took care of her father who had GIRLS ARE TAUGHT TO BE GOOD cancer and eventually died of the disease. WIVES” When Ratan was ill and wanted to meet Nanu, instead of stopping her, Swati tried to ~ AmanArora convince her to visit her father. Nanu wouldn’t listen to her mother’s entreaties. Her mother was a successful businessperson, someone she admired and loved and yet she disobeyed her. Ratan died without Nanu ever meeting her father again. Today Nanu’s a married woman and hopefully she is happy in her relationship. We all must learn from this woman, Swati, who despite her suffering continued to struggle for a better life for herself and her children. These qualities of strength, cour- age and determination have been examples to her daughter from birth. And although the attitude and condition of women has not changed much, the wish and the hope is that Nanu’s husband treats her with the love, respect and kindness that Swati never received from Ratan. Author: Tanushree Raha Sarkar Spoorthi Magazine www. spoorthimag.com 10
  11. 11. PEOPLE NEXT DOOR IIWISH,DESIRE, LIFE Parent’s Wish, Husband’s Affair, and Her Life What is the value of a woman’s life? Let’s examine this questionM y friend got married in accordance with her parents wish. Like all other girls she knew she’d have to Eventually, living alone in hostels, aided by some good adjust; she’ll have to treat her husband as everything people, she got a job. In spite of not completely ignoring her in life. She’d come to terms with the marriage, slowly parents’ wish and staying ‘separated’ rather than ‘divorced’and steadily. she’s already shown enough fighting spirit and survival instincts. She defied the customs that state that without aHowever, it was going to be difficult. You can’t clap with man, a woman is nothing. Women have immense power. Theyone hand without slapping yourself or someone else. Her only need to say ‘I object’, and start carving their own lifehusband wasn’t interested in her. He was having an affair paths, until men start behaving like men and treat women aswith his own sister-in-law. While many girls are taught to do equals and partners.everything for their husband, suffer anything, even if they are Author: Neeraj Upadhyayhaving affairs or are going to prostitutes, especially in thislandlord and the king culture, my friend wasn’t prepared todo that. She wanted out of such a marriage.The worst thing that happened was that her parentstold her not to file for a divorce. Again she obeyed them.Nevertheless, she separated from her husband and beganliving in a hostel. She even struggled in her search for a job “If you act like abecause her parents thought her marriage was more impor-tant than completing her education. victim, you will beOn her résumé her status reads “separated” and in one of her treated as one”interviews all the questions focused on this issue ultimately Paulo Coehloleading to rejection. I honestly feel the worst part was heremotional state while undergoing that interrogation. Ibelieve it was good she didn’t get that job, the people werea couple of classes higher than a first class. 11 Spoorthi Magazine www. spoorthimag.com
  12. 12. FULLFILLING ARTMOTHER INDIAFILM REVIEWThe movie stars Nargis, Raaj Kumar,Sunil Dutt and Rajendra Kumar.M ehboob Khan’s Mother India holds a special place among the all time great and mem- orable Indian films. It wasalso nominated for an Academy Award in1958 for Best Foreign Film, the first suchnomination for a Bollywood film.Mother India tells the tale of a woman,Radha, who survives hardship and povertyand remains true to her ideals, her selfrespect and honour. Her story begins withher marriage to Shamu, a marriage thatwas funded by a moneylender. To repaythe loan Shamu began working to bringtheir land into greater use but a bouldersmashes his arm thus making him help-less. He abandons his family after endur-ing humiliation from his fellow villagers,never to be seen again. Radha,left withtwo sons, Ramu and Birju, is determinedto raise her children properly. She workshard on MOTHER INDIA WAS NOMINATED FORher farm who through her ized that one’s dignity, self respect and AN ACADEMY AWARD IN THE BESTand reso- FOREIGN-LANGUAGE FILM CATEGORY. IT sense of right honour is priceless and should never bel u t e l y WAS INDIA’S FIRST OSCAR NOMINATION. action and dig- sacrificed.resists the nity could not Regardless of any cultural, traditional,moneylender’s marriage proposal. Her allow harm to come to an innocent girl. social, or ethnic background, Mother Indiayounger son Birju whom his mother loves sagittis laoreet mattis at, pellentesque stands as one of the greatest films everdearly becomes a bandit and seeks ven- The opening and closing scenes of the made.geance on the man who brought poverty movie show Radha in her latter years Author: Tanushree Raha Sarkarto his family, the moneylender, Sukhilala. given the honour of opening a waterBirju kills Sukhilala and kidnaps his canal to her village.daughter but is killed by his mother, Radha I like the ending in which Radha real- 12 Spoorthi Magazine www. spoorthimag.com
  13. 13. HEARTY TALESPROFESOR’SSMILEA professor, appointed only last year, spoiled his reputation. He gave a hint of a smile. Professor Shashank Sharma smiled on his way from the Confidential office to the main academic office ofthe CCS University, MeerutFor the next ten minutes or so everybody from the nearby collegeand hostel who knew Professor Shashank Sharma was shocked.They wanted to know how it could be possible. For a year, he hadnot showed a glimpse of curve down his lips at all. It was as if asmile eluded him. A strict lecturer he was, a tough disciplinarian, daily bringing him the food.and a strong teacher. Everyone had a hypothesis to explain this Some of the people preparing a Christmas tree had a differentrare phenomenon of nature. view. They thought he was mocking their Westernization asOne of the girls in the campus, who had just bent to pick up her usual. He had always blamed youths for becoming Westernized.pen, took it as he appreciated what he saw. She felt embarrassed. He blamed them for almost everything.Some of the others who saw that happen, both the events simul- Everybody had some theory or other until they actually saw thetaneously, thought he was making a pass at her. reason for the smile. It was his daughter who, with her husband,A boy, who was standing outside a classroom as punishment had come to celebrate Christmas with her father. He was notfrom Professor Sharma, thought he was smiling at him, a smile home so she came to the campus and met him as he was headingthat was devilish to the core. He had lately been thinking the to the Teachers’ Rooms. And Professor Sharma smiled!Professor hated him. Add to that his low practical scores and the Author: Raghav GautamProfessor’s frequent letters to his home. He did not know theProfessor treated everyone in the same manner. For the moment,he thought the devilish smile was because of him.And a clerk, who got really pissed off at the sight of the Professor,also imagined the smile was directed at him. The Professornever gave any tips and he had reduced the possibilities of “To be able to laugh and to beunfair means of income for the clerk to zero. Why? Because he merciful are the only things thatchecked whether everything was being done honestly or not. It make man better than the beast”was one of his duties to oversee the clerical work. The college Ruskin Bondhad become very fair when the Professor joined its faculty. Ashe could no longer afford eating at the nearby dhaba, the clerkthought Professor Sharma was smiling at his plight - his wife 13 Spoorthi Magazine www. spoorthimag.com
  14. 14. AGELESS VERSES SONNET 1 The gleam on her face was so divine and rare. I tried to escape, could not help but stare. Assured of her substance, yet cautious, Of presenting her best to her audience. “Beauty comes as much The thrill in her eyes and a subtle smile, from the mind as from Token of her patent youth, charm and guile. I am quite sure of her commanding bows. the eye” From every one and at every place she goes. Grey Livingston But the naughty angel teased her admirers Disregarding their furnace of fires. She pays no heed to their love and affection. Too boastful of her beauty and attraction. While most lose their gleam when life offers grey, I pray yellow for you, [for] this blush must stay. Author: Aman Arora Spoorthi Magazine www. spoorthimag.com 14
  15. 15. SMILE PLEASEEMPOWER YOURSELF ARTIST: SAKSHI GOYNAR15 Spoorthi Magazine www. spoorthimag.com
  16. 16. GUEST SECTIONWE-MEN W hat is it that makes us a ‘Human Being’? In an informal way, one can say that we are born as one, thus we are called ‘Human Beings’. On the contrary the basic ethics of behaving like a human being is what defines us as being one but we are far away from that in the 21st century. An important aspect of that behavior is how we treat our opposite gender. The recent inci- dents against our female counterparts clearly tell where our cultural mindset has gone. The demeaning behavior of the male counterparts towards the opposite gender is a serious matter of concern, especially for the young generation. Our culture is unique. It is a culture where people, despite complex and slowly evolving social systems, always strive to reach a higher level of kindness and gentleness in times of adversity and social pain. There is no denying the fact that there have occurred serious lapses in our culture at dif- ferent times, in different periods of our history. Not a day passes by when you don’t hear or read about a rape case or Eve-teasing or some negative incident against a female.Is the youth of today so misguided that he doesn’t know or realize as to what is right or wrong? We are from a country where we have female god- desses, people worship them and on the other hand the same gender is treated so badly. It’s high time to take a step and put forward some quantitative measures before our very own mothers and sisters find it even difficult to breathe freely.
  17. 17. As such they already have so much to bear, from being the waythey are treated socially, to getting married, bringing up a family,managing a household and coping with all the negatives thatthe male counterparts so very often burdens them with. All ourarchaic thoughts have to be buried and we have to look througha new pair of glasses for the betterment of our own selves; forthe survival of a male is so much dependent on a female in theform of mothers, wives, sisters and so on. What they teach issomething that cannot be learned from any other source.The biggest irony with India is that the same people who orga-nize candle marches protesting any incident against females willdo the same demeaning things against their female counterpartsin some way or the other.In the present scenario, the culture has been suffused withunwanted stuff so attractively presented to the youth that ignor-ing it would not be possible for them, especially in large urbanareas and not so much in remote habitations. In remote habita-tions, the demise in the culture may be attributed to lack ofeducation where as in urban areas it is the socio-economic andpolitical factors, including influences of other countries.Any short-term remedy to improve the mindset of the youthmay be ineffective because of the kind of democratic systemthat exists in our country. We have to therefore rely on longterm remedies. The most important remedy would be education,both formal and informal. Talking of formal education, the studyof history, culture etc. can play a crucial role and bring in richdividends. Sport is an activity that seems to be missing fromthe agenda of our youth. With so many options available due tomodernization, the younger generation seems to have forgottenthat if one is involved in sports and other physical activities, the change in his thought process about the way the females shouldmind would be much more stable and balanced. be valued in our society. If we all just practise simple things likeSimultaneously with formal education, informal education is how to mind our gazes when a female passes by or how not toalso important. It is informal in the sense that it’s received from pass a lewd comment on seeing a female alone this will be muchparents, families, elders and the society in general. It is through more effective than those expressive comments on face bookthese nurturers that good values and the basic rituals of our opposing an incident. culture can be imparted The journey will not be easy with so much of dirt already settled to, and hopefully in, thanks to the West and the internet, but an honest effort to imbibed by ensure that the right character is instilled from the childhood the children days will at least give us some hope in the long run. “BEING A WOMAN IS A and young Author: Tauseef Ahmed TERRIBLY DIFFICULT TASK, adults SINCE IT CONSISTS PRIN- u n d e r CIPALLY IN DEALING WITH t h e i r MEN” care. JOSEPH CONRAD We don’t have to go ahead andmake big plans tochange the society. Everyindividual should try to bring about the Spoorthi Magazine www. spoorthimag.com 17
  18. 18. BURNING QUESTION ARE RAPES A MERE EXTENSION OF EVE TEASING AND MOLESTATION? PEOPLE’S OPINION $49 Saahil Menghani In a way, yes. It’s the mindset that makes men tease a girl. A Raghav Gautam more horrifying face of that mindset results in a rape. Both Ultimately it comes to one word, respect. men-the ones who eve tease and the ones who rap- think Do we respect women? Cliche but what that they are superior to women and women are made for if your family’s women go through same? their fun/satisfaction and that they could get away with Stop saying its cliche, start thinking, start anything. respecting. Purandhi Mittal Rape is not mere extension of eve teasing and molestation. It is something which doesn’t only disparage dignity of a girl but also left her traumatized & terrified for her whole life. Eve teasing and molestation have become the part of daily routine of every girl’s life. Had no sooner adequate steps shall be taken, God forbid that day doesn’t seem so far when rape happens to be a Tanushree Sarkar Raha daily affair for a girl. It doesn’t matter whether it is expansion of molestation Rape is a physical harassment of a girl or not, what matters is that it will not be tolerable at any cost. and eve teasing is a verbal harassment. Vaibhav Bahl No, eeve teasing is usually done to impress Aman Arora peers, whereas rapists are frustrated people The fact is that all three are exten- and rape is one thing where they think they sion of one mindset that women are can show their dominance and vent their ire. a lesser gender and do not deserve a respect as their counterparts. This mindset must change. Purnank Kaul Yes rapes are extension of eve teasing and molestation and i will not use the word ‘mere’. Eve teasing, road side romeos etc are now such casual terms that we don’t realize the extent of its seriousness. When a girl/ lady avoid the ‘casual ‘acts of these hooligans, it only motivate them to go one step father. One should protest at the first whistle and comment passed by roadside romeos only then there will be one less rapist. Kaushik Paul Udita Singh Yes completely. rapes are the result of our culture Can say that from a bird’s eye perspective. But which made our moms largely housewives. Rapes are IMO, the real crime is hatched in the mind. the result of having an ever unsafe society for girls. Irrespective of the action taken by the crimi- Rapes are the result of we indians thinking highly of nal. Hence, to curb crime, one should curb the our culture and not approving of the western culture thoughts that provoke such actions. in a way. We are so content that we don’t even discuss the loopholes of our culture Fazeela Mollick “Mere”? There’s nothing “mere” about rape! Sexual harassment or eve teasing can lead to rape if the man (or men) involved sees an opportunity.
  19. 19. Gadzet ARENA www.gadzetarena.comUniversal Magazine www.Magazine.com
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