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Customer auto91day

  1. 1. Only 3 Requirements To Sample Purchases Qualify! Valid Checking Account $1,000.00 90 DAY Valid Driver’s License, State ID or Check #’s Must Be Deposit Check NO CREDIT CHECK Written In Numeric Amount Military ID Order & In Deposit Order Date In Order Including Service Fee EZ PAYMENT PLAN Proof of Employment 1st check # 3210 10/25/2009 $200.00 2nd check # 3211 11/2/2009 $200.00 3rd check # 3212 11/9/2009 $200.00 4th check # 3213 11/16/2009 $200.00 Auto Repair 555.555.5555 5th check # 3214 11/23/2009 $200.00 1234 Main Street $2,000.00 Denver, CO. Customer Bene ts! Check #’s Must Be Deposit Check Written In Numeric Amount Date In NO CREDIT CHECKS! Order & In Deposit Including Order Order Service Fee Your check writing history gets you approved. 1st check # 3210 10/25/2009 $800.00 2nd check # 3211 11/2/2009 $1,200.00 EASY ON YOUR BUDGET! Create the best payment plan to t your budget. NO HASSLES! Payments are automatically deducted Electronic Payment Systems, LLC from your checking account. 6472 South Quebec Street Englewood, CO 80111 WHY WAIT! Toll Free: 800.863.5995 Receive the products and services you Fax: 877.355.3771 need today, but pay for them over a 90 day period.
  2. 2. What Is e EPS90 All It Takes Is An Easy 4 Step Payment Plan! No Credit Check EZ Payment Plan? 1. 2.The EPS 90 day no credit check program allowsthe customer to make a purchase today, ando ers that customer the opportunity to pay forthe products or services over a 90 day period.The program is based on turning paper checksinto guaranteed electronic debits from the The customer signs the EPS 90 no The customer presents thecustomer’s checking account. credit check agreement for the checks payable to the merchant requested products or services. for the products or services.This check conversion and guarantee programgives the customer the ability to receive thegoods or services they need immediately, whenqualifying for credit or paying up front may notbe an option. The exible payment plan allows 3. 4.the customer to make the purchase today, andpay for it over a maximum of a 90 day period. The merchant scans the checks The checks will be debited from and enters the customer’s the customer’s account on the payment schedule. speci ed date.ElectCheck was established in 1993 and for over16 years has o ered numerous innovativepayment solutions to business owners andconsumers alike. Thousands of reputable andquality minded business owners throughout A Fast & Easy Way Tothe United States o er ElectCheck programsincluding the EPS 90 day no credit check Get e Products &in-house payment plan. Services You Need Now.