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GEC companies 2012


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Global Entrepreneurship Competition Finalists 2012

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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GEC companies 2012

  1. 1.                                 Business  Summary                       Sixteen most promising startups 2012                                                    
  2. 2. ForewordSixteenth companies from more than a hundred, have been selected as the Global Entrepreneurship Competition Finalists 2012. Theycome from three main categories: Information Technologies and New Media, Energy and Environment, and Life Sciences and Health.Candidate companies are nominated by the Global Nominating Committee, composed by representatives from distinguished educationalinstitutions and government agencies in Asia, Europe, Latin American, and USA who selected outstanding new ventures in their regionsas nominees for the competition.The Global Judges Committee is a diverse group of prominent venture capitalists, successful entrepreneurs, international corporateexecutives, and government leaders who will be in Barcelona and will evaluate the finalists companies and choose the top three prizewinners.Finalists are chosen on the basis of the following criteria:1. Innovation: The company must be truly innovative. A new version or repackaging of an already well-accepted technological solutiondoes not qualify as an innovation. The innovation and commercialization should be recent. The company should invest significantly inR&D.2. Potential impact: The company must have the potential to have a substantial long-term impact on business and/or society.3. Growth and sustainability: The company should demonstrate the potential to be a long-term market leader and should have well-formulated plans for future development and growth. Finalist 2012 James Martin CoFounder AAAS Steering Limited London Matthew Scullin CoFounder Alphabet Energy San Francisco Tetsuya Kakuta CoFounder AsukaLab Inc. Tokyo Neo Kok Beng CoFounder AWAK Technologies Singapore Ana la Borde CoFounder BioSolution Monterrey Anuj Patel CoFounder Ecolibrium Energy Bangalore Pascal Magnier CoFounder EXPERNOVA Paris Pau Garcia-Milà CoFounder EyeOS Barcelona Marcus Figueredo CoFounder Hi Technologies Rio de Janeiro Anthony Douglas CoFounder Hole19 - Smarter Golf Lisbon Zubin Chagpar CoFounder Mashpan Madrid Stephanie Starke CoFounder microDimensions GmbH Munich Jaume Betrian CoFounder Ofertia Barcelona Hendri Dacquin CoFounder SMALL TOWN HEROES Ghent Wesley Lynch CoFounder SNAPPLIFY Cape Town Jaanus Kivistik CoFounder Streamtainment Systems Tallinn  
  3. 3. Committee Global Judges Committee Global Nominating CommitteeAaron Crum Principal Google Carlos Scheel EGADE MonterreyAndrea Bohmert Partner KnifeCapital Chris Vermeulen City of Cape Town Cape TownBill Magill Founder Venture Scout Harkesh Mittal Government of India BangaloreChris Pommerening CoFounder Active Capital Partners Helmut Schoenenberger Technical University of Munich MunichChristina Brodbeck Team founder member YouTube Itxaso del Palacio London College University LondonCliff Reeves General Manager MICROSOFT Jerry Engel Berkeley San FranciscoGarrett Gruener CoFounder Alta Partners Juan José Güemes IE MadridIgnacio Fonts CEO Inveready First Capital I Lourdes Casanova INSEAD ParisIker Marcaide CoFounder PeerTransfer Luisa Alemany ESADE BarcelonaJoan Roure President AEBAN Mathieu Carenzo IESE BarcelonaJordi Robert Partner XGR Mauricio Guedes Rio Tech Park Rio de JaneiroJordi Viñas General Partner Nauta Capital Poh-Kam Wong National University of Singapore SingaporeJudith Iglehart VicePresident Keiretsu Forum Raivo Tamkivi TEHNOPOL TallinLaia Crespo Investment Manager Ysios Capital Shigeo Kagami University of Tokyo TokyoLuis Font CEO Zyncro Thembinkosi Siganda City of Cape Town Cape TownManav Subodh Global Manager INTEL Virginia Trigo AUDAX / ISCTE LisbonManel Sarasa CoFounder OpenBravo, WineisSocial Wim De Waele IBBT GentMarcos Cuevas CoFounder LayersMercè Tell Director BcnHighGrowthNuria Bosch Partner Baring Private Equity PartnersPhil Sanderson Managing Director IDG VENTURESRandy Komisar Partner Kleiner Perkins Caufield & ByersRebeca Hwang CoFounder YouNoodle, CleanTechOpenRoy Sandbach Research Fellow Procter and GambleSean Foote Founder LabradorStefan Heuser VicePresident SamsungSteve Seuntjens Partner Graft Capital PartnersVerne Harnish CoFounder GazellesXavier Lazarus Partner Elaia partners Team Aleix Planas Director bizBarcelona Barcelona Carmen Adán Project Manager XpCAT Barcelona Daniel Borrero Global Director Keiretsu London Ignasi Ferré CEO Barter Barcelona Janira Tor Project Manager GEC Barcelona Jerome Engel Chairman GEC San Francisco Joan Bellavista CEO XpCAT Barcelona Josep M. Pique Commissioner GEC Barcelona Ricard Garriga Business all-around YouNoodle San Francisco Shirley Fischer Project Manager GEC San Francisco Aleix Plan as Jerom e E ngel Josep M. Piqué Director bizBarcelona Chairman GEC Commissioner GEC Fira a de Barcelona General Partner at Monitor Ventures President XpCAT Founder of the entrepreneurship program Barcelona City Council At UC Berkeley  
  4. 4. AAAS  Steering       Description     AAAS  Steering  improves  upon  centuries-­‐old  methods  of  steering.     Tyre   wear   is   drastically   reduced   alongside   improvements  in   handling   and   fuel   consumption.   We   initially   aim  to   be   the  steering  system  of  choice  in  materials  handling  vehicles.   James  Martin   Itxaso  del  Palacio   Website     -­‐   CoFounder     Teaching  Fellow  in   Category   Automobile  engineering   AAAS   Entrepreneurship   email                                     Founded   2011     University  College  London     University  College  London   Video     Elevator  pitch  video  (Click)   London   Founder   London   Nominator           Business  Summary   AAAS   Steering   is   a   patent-­‐pending   steering   system,   initially   for   forklifts   and   other   materials   handling   vehicles.   It   can   be     retrofitted   to   existing   vehicles   or   be   installed   at   manufacture.   Users   can   realize   significant   reductions   in   tyre   wear   during     turning,   whilst  improving   handling  and  fuel   consumption.   Initial   estimates   are   an   extension   of   tyre  life  by  40%   and   reduction   in     fuel  usage  (can  be  electric)  of  15%.         To   date  AAAS  Steering   Ltd  has   received   over  £11,000  in  funding  from   Camden  Innovation   Central,  UCL   Advances  Bright  Ideas     and   Shell   LiveWIRE;   which   has   been   used   for   rapid   prototyping   development   and   patent   costs.   A   scaled   model   has   been     successfully  completed  and  fitted  to  a  remote  controlled  car  to  show  proof  of  concept.  The  design  is  currently  patent  pending.       Potential   competitors   have   designs,   which   are   complex,   and   feature   more   design   limitations.   AAAS   Steering   products   can     therefore  be  brought  to  market  at  a  lower  cost,  with  a  more  flexible  design.         The   founders   James   Martin   and   Peter   Johnson   are   both   Engineering   PhD   students   at   UCL.   James   has   also   worked   at   a     Business  Summary   in   London.   Between   them   they   have   the   necessary   technical   and   management   expertise   to   bring   Management   Consultancy     commercialize  the  AAAS  Steering  system.                  
  5. 5. Alphabet  Energy     Business  Summary     Alphabet   Energy,   Inc.   is   commercializing   a   breakthrough,   inexpensive   waste   heat   recovery   technology   initially   developed  at  the  Lawrence  Berkeley  National  Laboratory.   Alphabet   Energy   is   a   development   stage   company   commercializing   a   revolutionary   silicon   thermoelectric   material   for   use  in  energy   recovery  systems.    The  company   was  founded  three   years   ago,   has  significant   intellectual  property   and  h as  received  Series  A  financing  to  continue  its  development.         The   market   that   Alphabet   Energy  is  approaching   is  the  potential  $100B   waste   heat  recovery  market.    They   have   a   fantastic  team  of  scientists,  engineers  and  b usiness  people  from  UC  Berkeley.       Matt  Scullin   David  Charron   Website   CoFounder     Executive  Director   Category   CleanTech   Alphabet  Energy   Entrepreneurship  Lab   email                                  matt@       Founded   2009     Berkeley   Berkeley   Video     -­‐   San  Francisco   Founder   San  Francisco   Nominator           What  problem  are  you  solving?     Waste  energy  recovery  from  heat  sources  with  high  ROI.           Alphabet  can  do  this  cheaply  and  solve  energy  problems  for  manufacturing,  power  generation  and  transportation.             Product  /  Service  /  Solution     The  first  modular  waste  heat  recovery  product  from  breakthrough  silicon  thermo-­‐electrics  that  is  provides  high  ROI.               Target  market  and  Sales  /  Marketing  strategy     Heavy  manufacturing  facilities,  engines  and  gas  turbine  facilities.           Who  are  your  primary  competitors?     Organic  rankine  cycle  producers  such  as  Ormat  and  Calnetix.         Competitive  advantage     Business  Summary   Proprietary  silicon  technology  as  a  thermoelectric.    This  technology  is  much  easier  to  install  and  operated.             Revenue  model   Sell  thermoelectric  modules  to  end-­‐users  or  engine  OEMs.                  
  6. 6. AsukaLab       Description   See   beyond   past   and   future   with   magical   goggle.   AsukaLab   was   launched   from   the   University   of   Tokyo   in   Japan.   Based   on   the   Virtual   Reality   (VR),   Augmented   Reality   (AR)   and   Miexed   Reality   (MR)   technology   of   the   university,   we   are   developing   Head-­‐Mounted   Display   (HMD)   specific   virtual   tour   guide   system.   Just   looking   through   the   special   goggle,   you   can   appreciate   360-­‐degree   interactive   3D   view   of   ancient   landscape   on   historical   site   via   our   mobile   audiovisual   guide.  Large   screen  and   head-­‐tracking   function   of   HMD   are   of   great  advantages   over   existing   mobile   AR   app   on   iPhone   or   Android.   Our   market   is   the   tourism   industry   and   customers   are   mainly   local   government   at   present.  Though   our  initial  source  of   income  is  customized   software  development,   we   are   planning  to  introduce   a   revenue   share   solution   to   the   local   tourism  market.  We   believe   that  our  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art   mobile   HMD  can   replace   traditional  audio  guide  service  and  that  will  be  the  world  standard  of  tourist  information  system.   Tetsuya  Kakuta   Shigeo  Kagami   Website   CoFounder     General  Manager   Category   Software   AsukaLab   Professor   email                Founded   2009     University  of  Tokyo   University  of  Tokyo   Video     Elevator  pitch  video  (Click)   Tokyo   Founder   Tokyo   Nominator           What  problem  are  you  solving?     When  you   visit   Kyoto   or  Nara  area  in   Japan,   you   will  find  there   are   only   stone   bases   on   the   field   in   some   historical   site.   The     ancient  city  of  Heiankyo,  Heijokyo  and  Asukakyo  were  lost  by  historical  battle  or  natural  disaster  such  as  an  earthquake,  fire  and     tsunami.   Most  of   Japanese   ruins  are  similar   because  our  traditional  buildings  are   made  by   flammable  wood.   On   the   other  hand,     local   government,   hotels,   restaurants,   railways,   airlines   and   other   tourist   business   companies   always   looking   for   a   strong     attraction  for  visitors.   Reconstructing   ancient  buildings  with   our  VR/AR/MR  technology  on  site,  they  can   leverage  the  potential     ability  of   this   site   to   pull   in   more  sightseer.   Seniors   and   children   are  often   digitally   divided   from   latest  smartphone-­‐based   guide     system.   But   using   our   HMD,   they   can   easily   contact   with   ancient   people   on   site.   And   there   is   another   strong   demand   for     effective   presentation   system   for   ICOMOS   committee   in   those   who   are   intended   to   be   added   to   a   list   of   UNESCO   World   Heritage.   Our  virtual  solution   can  meet  their   needs  because   this  technology   can  satisfy  both   request  of   keeping   authenticity  of     original  remains  and  entertainment  for  tourists.         Product  /  Service  /  Solution     Our  business  is  to  deliver  VR/AR/MR  solutions  to  public  agencies.  Specifically  we  provide  a  HMD-­‐based  m obile  guide  for  tourists.     Business  eneration   device   draws   a   clear   line   separation  itself   from   existing   mobile   AR  services.  Tourists   would   not   be   satisfied   This   next-­‐g Summary     with   AR   apps,   which   use   small   display   of   iPhone   or   Android.   Now   they   can   experience   more   large   screen   and   3D   images   on     HMD.   Moreover   the   head-­‐tracking   sensor   on   the   goggle  makes   it  possible   to   interact   virtual   world   intuitively.   Do   nothing   other   than   looking   around   through   the   special   glasses;   you   can   explore   virtually   reconstructed   ancient   landscapes   on   the   historical     site.   This   is   a   great   advantage   for   seniors   and   children   who   are   not   used   to   latest   smartphones.   Recently   we   succeeded   in     developing   the   world’s  first   iPodTouch-­‐based   processing   unit  for   HMD.   This  will  enable   us  to  promote  that  as   a  replacement   of     existing   audio   guide   device.   Now   we   are   ready   to   provide   a   total   solution   package   of   virtual   presentation   system  for   customers     including  mobile  hardware,  original  software  and  rich  CG  contents.      
  7. 7. AWAK       Description     Automated  Wearable  Artificial  Kidney,  creating  a  new  paradigm  in  renal  dialysis.   AWAK   Technologies  is  a  medical  device  company  that  developed   an  Automated  Wearable  Artificial  Kidney  (AWAK).   Our   vision   is   to   change   the   paradigm   of   renal   dialysis;   providing   freedom   and   mobility   to   patients   with   significant   improvement   in  quality   of   life.   AWAK   is   a   peritoneal-­‐dialysis   machine   that   dialyzes   continuously   and   functions  like   a   normal   kidney.   Patients   are   no   longer   subjected   to   extreme   toxic   and   fluid   buildup,   hence   improving   their   psychological   and   physiological   states.   Being   small,   lightweight   (1   kg)   and   battery-­‐operated,   AWAK   allows   dialysis   anytime,  anywhere.   Neo  Kok  Beng   Poh-­‐Kam  Wong   Website   CoFounder     Executive  Director   Category   Other   AWAK   Entrepreneurship  Center   email       Founded   2007     NUS   NUS   Video     Elevator  pitch  video  (Click)   Singapore   Founder   Singapore   Nominator           Business  Summary   AWAK  Technologies  has   exclusive   licenses   with   University   California  Los   Angeles  for   the  wearable   peritoneal  dialysis   machine     and  an  exclusive  collaboration  with  Temasek  Polytechnic  on  the  sorbent   technology  and  engineering  design.   The   AWAK  concept     was   invented   Dr.   Martin   Roberts   and   Dr.  David   Lee,  professors  at   the   University  of   California,  Los   Angeles  (UCLA).  The   Company     patent   strategy  covers  both   technology  and  market,  and  extending  from  design  to   processing.  More  than  3  patents  filing  has     been   persecuted  in   10  countries  on  the  design,  engineering  functions  and  the  chemical   productions.  Another  2   more   patents     filings  are  being  prepared.           AWAK   Technologies   had   garnered   international   awards   and   recognition   from   Boston   foundation:     International   Technology   Innovation   2009,  Wall   Street  Journal:   Asia   Innovation   Award  Finalist   2011  and   US   Veterans  Affairs  Innovation  Initiative   (VAi2)     2011.  AWAK  is   ready  for  clinical  trials  in   Singapore,   Germany  and  US   to   meet   the   stringent  US-­‐FDA  and  Europe-­‐CE  regulatory     standards.  The  clinical  trials  will  run  from  2012  to  2014.  Product  commercialization  is  planned  for  2015.             Business  Summary                  
  8. 8. BioSolutions       Description     BioSolutions  is  a   Mexican   company   dedicated  to   the   manufacture   of   b io  based   plastic   resins  made   out   from   natural   vegetable  fibers.   Ana  Laborde   Carlos  Scheel   Website   Coounder     Professor   Category   BioTech   BioSolution   EGADE   email            Founded   2010     Tech  de  Monterrey  EGADE   Tech  de  Monterrey  EGADE   Video     -­‐   Monterrey   Founder   Monterrey   Nominator           Business  Summary   BioSolutions  is  a  Mexican  company  dedicated  to  the  manufacture  of  bio  based  plastic  resins  made  out  from  natural  vegetable     fibers.  Their  principal  raw  material  are  agave  bagasse  fibers  resulting  from  the  process  of  making  Tequila.  With  this  bio  based     plastic  resins  sustainable  and  environmentally  friendly  plastic  products  can  be  produced.         The   technology   of   BioSolutions   relies   on   the   creation   of   a   compound   m aterial   in   form   of   master   batch   that   combines   vegetable     fibers   with  traditional   plastics.   This   compound  can  be  used   in  several  applications   like  packaging,  injection   parts   and   bio-­‐plastic     bags   among   others.   The   use   of   this   natural   fiber   compound   reduces   the   use   of   petroleum-­‐based   resins   (finite  scarce  resources)     because  it  acts  as  a  substitute   to   plastic  resins.  It  allows  the  plastic  industry  to  look  for  alternatives  in  the  raw  materials  used  for   the  manufacture  of  their  products.     The  technology  has  been  tested  and  approved  at  laboratory  level.  It  is  currently  being  scale  up  to  prove  it  at  the  pilot  plant  level.     The  Patent   of  this   technology  has   been  filed  in  Mexico   under   the  number:  MX/a/2010/006431  it  is   in   the   process   of  revision     from   the   Mexican   Institute   of   Intellectual   Property   (IMPI).   Also   it   has   been   filed   via   PCT   and   has   been   published   under     W02011/155814.     Business  Summary       There   is   a   growing   tendency   in   the   plastic   industry   to   look   for   ways   to   produce   environmentally   friendly   plastic   products   and   to     reduce  the  dependence  they  have  to  petroleum  based  plastics.  A lso  their  consumers  are  asking  them  for  these  products.       BioSolutions  commercialization  strategy  is  to  start  sales  in  the  segment  of  plastic  bags  manufacturers  in  México.                
  9. 9. Ecolibrium  Energy       Business  Summary     We  believe  in  every  watt  saved  is  a  watt  generated.   Ecolibrium  Energy  provides  a  wireless,  very  low  cost  energy  monitoring  and  optimization  solution  to  Commercial  and   Industrial  Customers,  which  will  help  them  optimize  their  energy  consumption.       We  Provide  a  Demand  Response  Platform  to  the  utility   and  their  consumers  which  enables  the  power  distribution   company   to   reduce   their   losses   by   not   buying   power   at   spot   prices   and   helps  their   customers,   not   only  reduce   their   energy  bill  but  earn  at  the  same  time.  The  same  could  be  invested  in  expanding  the  existing  distribution  network.   This  also  enables  a  country  to  serve  people  without  power.   Chintan  Soni   H.  K.  Mittal   Website   CoFounder     Secretary   Category   CleanTech   Ecolibrium  Energy   Technology  Development   email       Founded   2010     Government  of  India   Government  of  India   Video     -­‐   Bangalore   Founder   Bangalore   Nominator           What  problem  are  you  solving?     We  are  solving  3  problems     1.  Power  optimization  by  bringing  energy  efficiency  where  more  than  half  of   the  power   is  consumed.  Thus  removing   "Energy     Blindness"     2.  Providing  a  platform  for  the  utility  company  to  avoid  generating  losses  by  buying  expensive  power     3.  1/3rd  of  India  does  not  have  power,  by  optimizing  losses  and  removing  pilferage  the  same  can  be  provided  to  where  it’s  more     needed.                   Product  /  Service  /  Solution   We  have  2  Products     1.  Smart  Sense     A   Very  Low   cost   energy   management  solution,  which  can  provide   an  ROI  of  6-­‐8   Months.   This   is  a   wireless  solution,  which  gives     the   customer   the   flexibility   and   a   real   time   view   of   their   energy   consumption.   As   a   part   or   the   service   we   also   provide     suggestions  and  improvements  in  the  consumption  pattern           Business  Summary   2.  Smart  Save     This   is   a   Demand   Response   Platform,   which   enable   the   utility   company   to   curtail   the   consumption   at   their   customers’   premises     when   it   has   to   buy   expensive   power.   This   Platform   also   provides   the   ability   for   the   Commercial   &   Industrial   Customers   to   participate  in  such  program.                
  10. 10. EXPERNOVA       Description   is   the   expert   Profiler   on   the   Web!   This   web   service   is   dedicated   to   scientific   experts   sourcing   and   profiling.  already  provides  access  to  more  than  one  million  scientific  experts!   In   the   trend   of   Open   Innovation,   is   the   first   web   service  dedicated   to  scientific   experts   sourcing   and   profiling!  provides  the  largest  database  of  experts  in  Europe  and  East  Asia.     The  R&D   d epartments  of  more  than   30   largest   French,   Swiss,  Belgian   and  Luxembourg  companies  are   already  using   the  service.  Expernova  is  now  preparing  the  launch  of  a  US  pack  planned  for  September  2012.   Expernova   has   developed   innovative   algorithms   for   collecting   and   analyzing   scientific   data.   This   technology   can   automatically  generate  skill  profiles  to  bring  out  the  specificities  of  an  expert  from  another.   Pascal  Magnier   Lourdes  Casanova   Website   CoFounder     Lecturer   Category   Search   EXPERNOVA   Strategy  Department   email           Founded   2008     INSEAD   INSEAD   Video     -­‐   Paris   Founder   Paris   Nominator           What  problem  are  you  solving?   «…the  word  is  becoming  too  fast,  too  complex  and  too  networked  for  any  company  to  have  all  the  answers  inside.»         Yochai  Benkler.  Yale  University         Open  Innovation  is  a  strong  trend  in  R&D  management.         Access  external  expertise  is  becoming  necessary  but  expert  sourcing  is  more  and  more  expensive  because  of  :     -­‐  the  increasing  volume  of  scientific  data  (articles,  patents,  conferences,  reports,...)     -­‐  the  increasing  complexity  of  innovation  projects,  crossing  various  and  very  specific  scientific  fields   -­‐  the  changing  organization  of  innovation  process           Product  /  Service  /  Solution  is  a  search  engine  of  experts!     Concretely,   after  entering  the  keywords  corresponding  to  the  skills,  provides  a  list  of  experts,  academic  labs  and     Business  companies.  For  each  one,  a  detailed  profile  helps  to  understand  the  works  and  the  scientific  positioning.   innovative   Summary   provides   a   European   Pack   (with   more   than   1.000.000   experts)   and   an   Asian   pack   (with   more   than   300.000     experts).     Expernova  will  launch  in  September  2012  the  US/Canada  Pack  with  more  than  one  million  scientific  experts  profiles.     Each  m onth,  automatically  updates  all  the  experts  and  labs  profiles!                
  11. 11. eyeOS     Business  Summary     eyeOS.  Solutions  for  a  new  world.   eyeOS  invented  the  web  desktop  6  years  ago  and  it  is  today  the  leading  Cloud  Desktop  worldwide.  Headquartered  in   Barcelona,   eyeOS   is   one   of   the   biggest   Open   Source   projects   in   Europe   with   more   than   1   million   downloads   and   communities   across   the   globe.   IBM   has   selected   eyeOS   as   its   preferred   Open   Source   Cloud   platform   in   2010   and   signed  a  global  partnership.   Gartner  named  eyeOS  Cool  Vendor  in  IT  Operations  management  in  2011.  The  company   has   closed   its   first   funding   round   with   Spanish   VCs   and   Business   Angels   in   June   2011   and   has   just   launched   in   September  2011  its  first  commercial  license,  the  eyeOS  Professional  Edition.   Pau  Garcia-­‐Mila   Luisa  Alemany   Website   CoFounder     Executive  Director   Category   Software   eyeOS   Entrepreneurship  Center   email       Founded   2005     ESADE   ESADE   Video     Elevator  pitch  video  (Click)   Barcelona   Founder   Barcelona   Nominator           What  problem  are  you  solving?     Data  storage,  mobility,  collaboration,  data  security.         Product  /  Service  /  Solution     eyeOS  cloud  desktop  presents,   organizes  and  manages  the  users’   data,  files   and   apps.   eyeOS  Professional   Edition  is  the  shortest     way   to   virtualize  your   company’s  user  workspace,   while   keeping  data  under   total  control  in   the   eyeOS  private  cloud.   It   ensures     high   user  satisfaction   since   users  can   access   their   workspace   from  any   device   while  all  their   data  and   files   are   synchronized   and     backed  up  in  a  single  place  in  the  company.  The  company  saves  dramatically  on  servers  and  software  licenses  vs.  a  traditional     desktop  virtualization  solution.  For  the  mobile  workforce  with  data  and  files  access  needs,  eyeOS  Mobility  Solution  is  the  perfect   alternative  to  create  a  private  cloud  that  syncs  calendars,  contact  lists,  emails  and  files  while  the  users  continue  to  work  with  the     native  apps  of  each  of  their  devices.         Target  market  and  Sales  /  Marketing  strategy     Companies.  Licensing  through  partnerships.     Business  Summary       Who  are  your  primary  competitors?     Google  apps,  dropbox,  Microsoft  Sharepoint,  you  send  it...       Competitive  advantage     Private  Cloud,  Desktop  Interface         Revenue  model     Licensing,  support  and  maintenance,  consulting.     Video  Elevator  Pitch    
  12. 12. Hi  Technologies       Description     Hi   Technologies   is   a   Brazilian   manufacturer   of   electro   medical   devices.   Our   mission   is   to   reinvent   the   medical   technology,  being  inspired  on  humanization.  In  2010,  Hi  was  elected  as  the  best  incubated  company  of  Brazil.  Visit   Marcus  Figueredo   Mauricio  Guedes   Website   CoFounder     CEO   Category   Other   Hi  Technologies     email         Founded   2007     Rio  Technology  Park   Rio  Technology  Park   Video     Elevator  pitch  video  (Click)   Rio  de  Janeiro   Founder   Rio  de  Janeiro   Nominator           Business  Summary   Hi   Technologies  is   a  Brazilian   m anufacturer  of   electromedical   devices.  Our   m ission  is   to  reinvent   the   m edical   technology,   being     inspired   on   humanization.   We   will   be   the   leader   of   Brazilian   market   in   2016.   In   2010,   Hi   was   elected   as   the   best   incubated     company  of  Brazil.     Our  main  product  is  a  vital  signals  monitor  called  Milli.  It  is  a  pulse  oximeter  able  to  measure  four  different  vital  signals  (most     competitors   monitor   only   two).   Milli   has   an   outstanding   design,   a   touchscreen   interface,   Wi-­‐Fi,   Bluetooth,   USB,   webcam   and     Internet.  It  can  be  utilized  as  a  desktop  monitor  in  hospitals  or  as  a  hand  held  device  in  ambulances  or  home  care.     Normally,  the  manufacturers  produce  different  models  of  pulse  oximeters,  for  each  situation.  Hi  produces  only  one  model  for     every  situation.   Our  clients   can   download   or   purchase   new   applications  from   our   “Hi  Market”,   using   Internet.  Thus,   Milli  can   be   customized  to  hospitals,  ambulances,  home  care  services,  physicians,  dentists,  and  so.     The  product   has   received  Anvisas  clearance  (the  Brazilian  version  of   FDA)  in  May   31st,  2011.  Since  that,  we   already  sold  more     than   500   Millis,   in   10   different   Brazilian   states   and   3   different   countries.   Our   clients   are   governments,   big   hospitals,   private     clinics,  emergency  companies,  home  care  services,  individual  physicians  and  dentists.     In   May,   we   will   present   two   new   medical   devices,   with   the   same   technological   level.   Until   2016,   we   may   have   15   different     Business  Summary   products.                      
  13. 13. Hole19  –  Smarter  Golf       Description     Hole19  is  the  Complete  Performance  Optimization  Platform  for  Golfers!     Connecting  Golfers  with  Golf  instructors  and  Golf  Courses.   Anthony  Douglas   Virginia  Trigo   Website   CoFounder     Entrepreneurship   Category   Mobile/Wireless   Hole19     professor   email             Founded   2012     ISCTE  /  A UDAX   ISCTE  /  A UDAX   Video     Elevator  pitch  video  (Click)   Lisbon   Founder   Lisbon   Nominator           Business  Summary   Hole19  is  where  Golf  Performance  Optimization  meets  Social  Networking.       A  complete  platform  comprised  of  an  intuitive  mobile  application,  permitting  Golfers  to  record  scores  &  statistics  in  real  time  on     the   Golf   course,   complemented   by   an   online   analytics   platform,   where   Golfers   can   either   analyze   their   game   themselves,   or     alternatively,  connect  with  Golf  Instructors  and  Professionals  to  help  them  improve  their  game.           Furthermore,  the  platform  will  include  premium  course   profiles  showing  3D-­‐Flyover  views  of  the  Golf  course,  complete  course     information,   user-­‐generated   content   as   well   as   an   online   tee-­‐time   booking   platform,   thereby   serving   to   promote   Golf   as   a     vehicle  for  tourism  for  an  affluent  niche  target  group.         Hole19   is   doing   what   no   one   else   has   done,   namely,   become   the   “one-­‐stop-­‐shop”   that   connects   Golfers,   Golf   Pros   and   Golf     courses  in  one  platform  on           What  problem  are  you  solving?       Business  several   customer   problems   that   will   be   solved   using   our   service,   the   most   prominent   problem   being   the   fact   that   There   are   Summary     currently  the  recollection  of  statistical  data  can  be  a  hassle.         Through   Hole19’s   intuitive  mobile   app,   Golfers  will   be   able   to  track   the  key  statistics   and   scores   very   easily.   We  will   simplify   the     process  of  score  keeping  and  statistical  tracking  through  the  smartphones  GPS  features  and  touch-­‐screen  capabilities.                
  14. 14. Invoost       Description   invoost   creates   the   first   social   virtual   stock   trading   game   where   users   feel   the   emotional   rush   associated   with   investing  real  money.   Johan  Wilsson       Juan  José  Güemes   Website   CoFounder     Chairman   Category                        Games  Video  Entertainment     Invoost   INT.  CENTRE  FOR     email                               ENTREPR.  MANAGEMENT   Founded   2012     Instituto  Empresa   Instituto  Empresa   Video     Elevator  pitch  video  (Click)   Madrid   Founder   Madrid   Nominator           Business  Summary   invoost  is  the  first  social  stock  trading  game  where  uses  trade  virtual  money  and  win  real  money.  This  is  accomplished  through  a     platform  that  combines  the  social  elements  from  Zynga  Poker,  the  prizes  of  Party  Poker,  and  the  skill  required  to  invest  in  the     stock  market.     Social  gaming  is  a  growing  industry  that  thrives  on  the  competition  between  users.       We  are  going  to  reach   our  customers  by  white   labeling  our  product  and   creating  partnerships  with   large  financial  newspapers,     where   our   target   users   get   their   information.   We   now   have   a   letter   of  intent   with   Expansion   (spain’s   largest   portal)   and   portals     in  UK  and  Scandinavia.         Our  business  model  is  very  scalable  as  our  costs  are  relatively  fixed  and  we  can  to  expand  to  multiple  countries.     Our  founding  team  is  comprised  of  a  successful  serial  entrepreneur  in  the  online  gaming  industry,  a   management  consultant,     and  myself  with  a  deep  technical  background.         What  problem  are  you  solving?       Business  Summary   59%   of   social   gamers   identify   competition   as   their   primary   reason   for   playing.   39%   also   identify   with   the   opportunity   to   win     prizes.   People   love   competition   but   lack   a   realistic   platform   where   they   can   trade   against   their   friends   and   others   while     improving   their  investing  skills.   Existing   virtual   stock  exchanges,  where   investors   trade  with   virtual   dollars,   fail   to   capture   the   emotional   rush   associated   with   trading   since   there   is   nothing   at   stake;   might   as   well   use   monopoly   money!   Furthermore,     investors   have   been   growing   tired   of   the   volatility   of   the   financial   markets   where   it   is   estimated   that   only   one   in   10   retail     investors  beat  the  market  return  and  one  in  4  have  stopped  investing  after  the  financial  crisis.              
  15. 15. microDimensions  GmbH       Description     microDimensions   develops   and   distributes   integrated   software   solutions   for   processing   and   visualization   of   microscopic   data.  The  company   focuses   on   the   creation   and   analysis   of   accurate   3D   reconstructions   from   previously   sliced  microscopic  samples.   Stephanie  Starke   Helmut  Schönenberger   Website     micro-­‐   CoFounder     CEO   Category   Other   microDimensions  GmbH   Center  for  Innovation  &     email            stephanie.starke@micro-­‐     Business  Creation   Founded   2012     Technical  University  of  Munich   Technical  University  of  Munich   Video     Elevator  pitch  video  (Click)   Munich   Founder   Munich   Nominator           Business  Summary   microDimensions  develops  integrated  software  solutions  for  processing  and  visualization  of  microscopic  data.  The  company  puts     a   particular   focus   on   the   creation   and   analysis   of  accurate   3D   reconstructions   from   previously  sliced   m icroscopic   samples.   With     our   technology   several   slices   can   be   reconstructed   to   a   high-­‐resolution   3D   volume.   This   reconstruction   uses   algorithmic     methods  to   detect  and  compensate  for   deformations   in   single   slices.   This  guarantees  an  optimal   match  between  the  3D  volume     and  the  unsliced  tissue  sample.     mD   generates   revenue   from   two   business   segments.   The   first   is   one   the   commercialization   of   the   software   licenses   per     customer   (€   15.000   per   license)   and   maintenance   contracts.   mD   distributes   the   software   licenses   in   cooperation   with   its     strategic  partner   3DHistech   kft.(manufacturer   of   virtual  slide   scanners)   and   offers  corresponding   yearly   maintenance   contracts.   Maintenance   in   the   first   year   after   license   purchase   is   free   of   charge,   afterwards   a   yearly   maintenance   contract   can   be     purchased   for   20%   of   the   initial   Product   price.   Maintenance   includes   bugfixes,   speed   improvements   and   the   extension   of     existing   features.   Maintenance   does   not   include   the   integration   of   new   features.   The   second   business   segment   is   services     offered  by  mD:     1.  Reconstruction  Service:  Preparation  of  reconstructed  3D  volumes  of  already  digitized  slides  (€  2.500)       Business  Summary   Reconstruction  Service:  Scanning  of  glass  slides  plus  preparation  of  reconstructed  3D  volumes  (€  3.375)   2.  Full  Digitalization  and                        
  16. 16. Ofertia       Business  Summary     Ofertia  is  informational  platform  that  aggregates  local  product   offers  and  publishes   them  online.  With  Ofertia   you   will  never  miss  a  local  offer  again!   Ofertia   is   an   informational   platform   that   groups   offer   brochures   and   publishes   them   online.   We   offer   a   fast,   convenient   and   ecological   way   to   search   for   products   and   find   the   relevant   brochures   from   shops   nearby.   Ofertia   helps  you  plan  your  shopping.  With  Ofertia  you  will  never  miss  a  local  offer  again!   For   retailers   Ofertia   is   an   additional,   digital   channel   to   communicate   offers,   based   on   the   preferences   of   the   consumer.   The   Ofertia   service   is   available   on   and   on   the   Ofertia   iPhone,   iPad,   iPod   touch   and   Android  mobile  applications.   Thomas  Roggendorf   Mathieu  Carenzo   Website   CoFounder     Executive  Director   Category   Advertising   Ofertia   Entrepreneurship  Center   email           Founded   2012     IESE   IESE   Video     Elevator  pitch  video  (Click)   Barcelona   Founder   Barcelona   Nominator           What  problem  are  you  solving?     Having   worked   for   several   years   in   the   fast   moving   consumer   goods   industry,   we   have   observed   that   most   of   the   current     product  offers  are  communicated  in  the  form  of  printed  brochures  and  catalogues.  Large  retailers,  in  particular  in  the  areas  of     grocery,  electronics,  home  appliances,  sports  or  toys,  spend  approx.  €1bn  per  year  on  this  communication  tool.  It  is  a  massive     “push”  with  expensive  door-­‐to-­‐door  mailings  and  newspaper  inserts.  The  redemption  is  low  at  3-­‐5%.       The   traditional   method   is   little   effective,   highly   inefficient   and   generated   store   traffic   is   not   measurable.   We   believe   we   can     complement  the  traditional  model  with  an  innovative  and  more  effective  concept…         Product  /  Service  /  Solution   Ofertia   is   an   informational   platform   that   groups   offer   brochures   and   publishes   them   online.   We   offer   a   fast,   convenient   and     ecological  way  to  search  for  products  and  find  the  relevant  brochures  from  shops  nearby.  With  the  Ofertia  profile  you  can  create     a   shopping   list,   which   automatically   updates   every  week   with   new  offers.   It   is  easy  to  follow   favorite  brands;   products   or   shops     and  you  will  be  informed  every  time  a  new  offer  is  published.       For  retailers  Ofertia  is  an  additional,  digital  channel  to  communicate  offers,  based  on  the  preferences  of  the  consumer.     Business  Summary                    
  17. 17. Small  Town  Heroes       Business  Summary   We  connect  TV  studios  to  the  real-­‐time  web   1.   We  make  broadcast   production  tools.   We   are  building  broadcast   production  tools  that   connect  TV  studios  to  the   real-­‐time   web.   We   believe   that   second   screen   applications   become   valuable   for   all   TV   viewers   when   the   second   screen  data  is  inserted  into  the  television  show.  Our  products  close  the  second  screen  feedback  loop.  It’s  not  only   about  the  users  who  interact;  it’s  about  all  viewers.     2.  We  enable  agencies  to  make  integrated,  scalable  second  screen  experiences   We  want  to  help  agencies  to  make  great  second  screen  applications  that  add  interactivity  to  television  broadcasts.   We  deliver  a   scalable  platform  thats  integrated   with  the  TV  studio  and  can  be  used  by  millions  of   people  without   hick-­‐ups.     Hendrik  Dacquin   Wim  De  Waele   Website   CoFounder     CEO   Category   Other   Small  Town  Heroes     email                       Founded   2012     IBBT   IBBT   Video     Elevator  pitch  video  (Click)   Gent   Founder   Gent   Nominator           What  problem  are  you  solving?     Users  want  rich,  interactive  TV  that  is  not  crippled  by   the  remote  control.  Broadcasters  need  tools  that  connect  their  back-­‐office     to   the   Internet   and   more   precise   viewer   data.   Advertisers   want   targeted   ads   +   better   conversion   rates   (product   placement   -­‐     one-­‐click-­‐buy).         Product  /  Service  /  Solution     Our  goal  is  to  develop  the  framework  and  let  it  evolve  into  two  products.       1.  Studio  connector     Our   flagship   product   that   visualizes   real-­‐time   data   in   the   TV   broadcast,   it   controls   multiple   screens   (tablets,   video-­‐walls,   monitors)  in  the  TV  studio  and  puts  Internet  data  in  overlay  of  the  TV  signal  using  alpha  channel  blending.  We  are  looking  to     hook  second  screens  with  physical  objects  in  TV  studios.  E.g.  The  Voice  can  have  a  fifth  jury  chair  that  is  controlled  by  the  second     screen  users  (if  enough  users  vote  "yes"  the  chair  turns).     2.  Buzzer,  a  second  screen  event  engine  for  broadcasters.       Buzzer   is   a   real-­‐time   second   screen   director   tool   to   push   information   (questions,   polls,   surveys,   visualizations,   games...)     Business  Summary   of  viewers  in  real-­‐time.   simultaneously  to  m illions                      
  18. 18. Snapplify       Description     Snapplify  is  a  scalable  platform  that  enables  publishers  to  distribute  and  sell  content  on  mobile  devices.   The  founders  have  produced  technology  and  services  within  the  publishing  industry  for  10  years.  The  Snapplify  team   has  developed  publishing  and  media  solutions  that  h ave  been  acquired  by  Kaplan,  a  division  of   The  Washington  Post   Company  and  TNS  Global.   The   team’s   experience   and   close   working   relationship   with   the   market   has   enabled   us   to   identify   a   need.   Not   all   content  producers  are  able  to  distribute  and  sell  their  content.  This  is  the  problem  are  solving.             Wesley  Lynch   Thembinkosi  Siganda     Website   CoFounder     Manager   Category   eCommerce   Snapplify   Business  Support   email       Founded   2012     City  Council   City  Council   Video     Elevator  pitch  video  (Click)   Cape  Town   Founder   Cape  Town   Nominator         Business  Summary     Snapplify   was   launched   in   Oct   2011   at   the   Frankfurt   Book   Fair   and   secured   immediate   adoption.   Global   publishers   and   local     niche  content   producers   all   over  the   world   are   using   Snapplify.  The   platform   is   also  endorsed   by  technology   vendors  such   as     Microsoft  and  Samsung.         Our   head   office   in   Cape   Town,   South   Africa   serves   as   the   regional   headquarters   and   the   center   for   all   development   and   operations.  Snapplify  also  has  new  business  and  strategic  partnership  personnel  based  in  London.  The  company  is  5  months  old,     already   generating   revenue   and   is   projected   to   be   profitable   with   the   next   few   months.   Snapplify   is   the   largest   iOS   (Apple)     mobile  application  developer  in  Africa  and  one  of  the  largest  digital  publishers  of  Arabic  content  in  the  world.         The   team’s   passionate   vision   drives   us   to   extend   the   Snapplify   offering   into   other   platforms   and   devices.   As   a   team   we   are     committed  to  aggressively  acquire  market  share  and  continuous  innovation.           Business  Summary                  
  19. 19. Streamtainment  Systems     Business  Summary     Streamtainment  develops  and  sells  TV  app  platform  that  enables  low-­‐powered  devices  to  run  rich  and  engaging  apps   like  games,  web  content  and  video  calling.   Streamtainment   develops   and   licenses   cloud-­‐based   software   platform   which   allows   telecom   and   hospitality   providers   to   offer   interactive   TV   based   services   like   games,   web   content   and   video   calling   with   90%   less   expense   than   competing   solutions   while  enabling  more  rich  user  experience.  Streamtainment  will  launch  its  own  appstore  in   the  end  of  this  year.   Jaanus  Kivistik   Raivo  Tamkivi   Website   CoFounder     Executive  Board  Member     Category   Software   Streamtainment  Systems   Tallinn  Technology  Park   email                     Founded   2011     Tehnopol   Tehnopol   Video     Elevator  pitch  video  (Click)   Tallinn   Founder   Tallinn   Nominator           What  problem  are  you  solving?     Demand   for  interactive  TV  apps   and   services   are  increasing  but  its   not  feasible   to  include   the  necessary   computing   power  in     every   device.   Doing   so   would   make   the   devices   prohibitively   expensive.   Additionally   all   device-­‐based   development     environments  are  non-­‐standardized  and  fragmented.         Product  /  Service  /  Solution     Streamtainment   platform   is   a   cloud-­‐based   platform   for   delivering   interactive   TV   apps   using   existing   STB   or   TV   devices.     Streamtainment  platform  run  standard   Linux  or  Web-­‐based  apps   inside  virtual   containers   and   streams  them   to  client   devices     using  patent-­‐pending  transport  technology  running  on  IP  connectivity.  Platform  is  able  to  connect  device-­‐attached  peripherals   to  cloud  backend  making  it  possible  to  offer  services  like  video  calling.         Target  market  and  Sales  /  Marketing  strategy     Target  markets  are  hospitality  and  telecom  providers.  B2B  sales  both  direct  and  partners.         Business  Summary  competitors?   Who  are  your  primary     Smart-­‐TV  m anufacturers  (LG,  Sony,  Samsung  etc)  -­‐  Cloud  gaming  providers  -­‐  IPTV  game/middleware  providers  (Accedo)       Competitive  advantage     Low  requirements  (=cheap  )  end-­‐user  equipment,  standardized  development  environment  (=  easy  to  develop  apps),  on-­‐demand     computational  resource,  integrated  billing.     Revenue  model     Platform  licensing  for  telecom  and  hospitality  service  providers,  revenues  hare  from  our  appstore.          
  20. 20.                                                                           Global  Sponsor