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bizBarcelona 2012 - who is in? NEW!


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15.000 entrepreneurs and investors every June in Barcelona
June 13th and 14th, Fira de Barcelona

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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bizBarcelona 2012 - who is in? NEW!

  1. 1. 2012 globalTalksGlobal Entrepreneurship Competition Venture Investment Marketplace Open Innovation Marketplace
  2. 2. bizBarcelona bizTalks Keynote SpeakersCliff Reeves Christina Brodbeck Manav SubodhGeneral Manager Team founder at YouTube Global ManagerMicrosoft Founder the TheIceBreak Intel
  3. 3. bizBarcelona bizTalksUS Venture Capital JudgesSean Foote Randy Komisar Garrett GruenerFounder Labrador Ventures Partner at KPCB Cofounder Alta Partners Phil Sanderson Judith Iglehart Managing Director at President, International Division IDG Ventures Keiretsu Forum
  4. 4. bizBarcelona bizTalksEMEA Venture Capital JudgesAndrea Bohmert Ignacio Fonts Xavier LazarusPartner Knife Capital CEO Inveready Capital Partner Elaia Partners Stephen Seuntjens Bill Magill Partner Graft Capital Partners Founder VentureScout
  5. 5. bizBarcelona bizTalksVenture Capital JudgesNuria Bosch Joan Roure Merce TellPartner Baring Private Equity President AEBAN Director at HighgrowthLaia Crespo Jordi Viñas Jordi RobertInvestment Manager Ysios General Partner Nauta Capital Partner XGR
  6. 6. bizBarcelona bizTalks Successful Entrepreneurs JudgesVerne Harnish Rebeca Hwang Marcos Cuevas Iker MercaideFounder Gazelles, Cofounder CleanTechOpen, Cofounder Layers, Cofounder PeerTransferEntrepreneurs YouNoodle Acquamedia Winner GEC’10Organization Lluis Font Christopher Pommerening Manel Sarasa Cofounder NTRGlobal, Cofounder AutoScout24, Cofounder OpenBravo, Conor CEO Zyncro Foundum, Active Venture Partners, WineisSocial Partners
  7. 7. bizBarcelona bizTalksOpen Innovation CorporatesJordi Botifoll Pablo Rodriguez Jordi MarinSenior Vice President EMEA Head of Barcelona Center at Director Public AdministrationSouth at Cisco Systems Telefonica Digital at INDRA
  8. 8. bizBarcelona bizTalksOpen Innovation CorporatesStefan Heuser Aaron Crum Jorge LangVP Open Innovation at Principal at Google Strategic Alliance Director atSamsung Intel Cliff Reeves Roy Sandbach General Manager at Research Fellow, The Procter Microsoft & Gamble Company
  9. 9. bizBarcelona GEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition – 4th editionTOP entrepreneurs from 16 cities and 14 countries are competing to be the world champion.The winners of the most famous competitions from the TOP16 entrepreneurship centers present their businessplans to the bizBarcelona 2012 Summit.A jury composed by famous investors, successful entrepreneurs and corporate senior executives will choose thebest three companies. 
Winners will receive cash prizes and the opportunity to showcase the potential of theirproposals to international investors. 1st Prize 15,000€ 2nd Prize 5,000€ 3rd Prize 3,000€ 
 Gent Tallinn Munich London Paris Barcelona San Francisco Tokyo Madrid Lisbon Monterrey Bangalore Singapore Rio de Janeiro Cape Town
  10. 10. bizBarcelona GEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition - CompaniesEcolibrium Energy BangaloreProvides a wireless, very low cost energy monitoring and optimization solution to Commercialand Industrial Customers, which will help them optimize their energy consumption. We Provide aDemand Response Platform to the utility and their consumers which enables the powerdistribution company to reduce their losses by not buying power at spot prices and helps theircustomers, not only reduce their energy bill but earn at the same time. The same could beinvested in expanding the existing distribution network. This also enables a country to servepeople without power.Streamtainment Systems TallinnStreamtainment develops and licenses cloud-based software platform which allows telecom andhospitality providers to offer interactive TV based services like games, web content and videocalling with 90% less expense than competing solutions while enabling more rich userexperience. Streamtainment will launch its own appstore in the end of this year.Elevator pitch 90s: Energy San FranciscoAlphabet Energy is a development stage company commercializing a revolutionary siliconthermoelectric material for use in energy recovery systems. The company was founded threeyears ago, has significant intellectual property and has received Series A financing to continue itsdevelopment. The market that Alphabet Energy is approaching is the potential $100B waste heatrecovery market. They have a fantastic team of scientists, engineers and business people fromUC Berkeley.
  11. 11. bizBarcelona GEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition - CompanieseyeOS BarcelonaeyeOS invented the web desktop 6 years ago and it is today the leading Cloud Desktopworldwide. Headquartered in Barcelona, eyeOS is one of the biggest Open Source projects inEurope with more than 1 million downloads and communities across the globe. IBM has selectedeyeOS as its preferred Open Source Cloud platform in 2010 and signed a global partnership.Gartner named eyeOS Cool Vendor in IT Operations management in 2011. The company hasclosed its first funding round with Spanish VCs and Business Angels in June 2011 and has justlaunched in September 2011 its first commercial license, the eyeOS Professional Edition.Elevator pitch 90s: Technologies Rio de JaneiroHi Technologies is a Brazilian manufacturer of electromedical devices. Our mission is to reinventthe medical technology, being inspired on humanization. We will be the leader of Brazilianmarket in 2016. In 2010, Hi was elected as the best incubated company of Brazil. Our mainproduct is a vital signals monitor called Milli. It is a pulse oximeter able to measure four differentvital signals (most competitors monitor only two). Milli has an outstanding design, a touchscreeninterface, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, webcam and InternetElevator pitch 90s: Town Heroes GentSmall Town Heroes is a start-up with 4 seasoned software and business developers. 1. We makebroadcast production tools We are building broadcast production tools that connect TV studiosto the real-time web. We believe that second screen applications become valuable for all TVviewers when the second screen data is inserted into the television show. Our products close thesecond screen feedback loop. It’s not only about the users who interact; it’s about all viewers. 2.We enable agencies to make integrated, scalable second screen experiences We want to helpagencies to make great second screen applications that add interactivity to television broadcasts.We deliver a scalable platform thats integrated with the TV studio and can be used by millions ofpeople without hick-ups.Elevator pitch 90s:
  12. 12. bizBarcelona GEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition - CompaniesHole19 - Smarter Golf LisbonHole19 is where Golf Performance Optimization meets Social Networking. A complete platformcomprised of an intuitive mobile application, permitting Golfers to record scores & statistics inreal time on the Golf course, complemented by an online analytics platform, where Golfers caneither analyze their game themselves, or alternatively, connect with Golf Instructors andProfessionals to help them improve their game. Furthermore, the platform will include premiumcourse profiles showing 3D-Flyover views of the Golf course, complete course information, user-generated content as well as an online tee-time booking platform, thereby serving to promoteGolf as a vehicle for tourism for an affluent niche target group.Elevator pitch 90s: GmbH MunichmicroDimensions develops integrated software solutions for processing and visualization ofmicroscopic data. The company puts a particular focus on the creation and analysis of accurate3D reconstructions from previously sliced microscopic samples. With our technology severalslices can be reconstructed to a high-resolution 3D volume. This reconstruction uses algorithmicmethods to detect and compensate for deformations in single slices. This guarantees an optimalmatch between the 3D volume and the unsliced tissue sample.Elevator pitch 90s: BarcelonaOfertia is an informational platform that groups offer brochures and publishes them online. Weoffer a fast, convenient and ecological way to search for products and find the relevantbrochures from shops nearby. Ofertia helps you plan your shopping. With Ofertia you will nevermiss a local offer again! For retailers Ofertia is an additional, digital channel to communicateoffers, based on the preferences of the consumer. The Ofertia service is available and on the Ofertia iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android mobile applications.Elevator pitch 90s:
  13. 13. bizBarcelona GEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition - CompaniesEXPERNOVA ParisIn the trend of Open Innovation, is the first webservice dedicated to scientificexperts sourcing and profiling ! provides the largest database of experts inEurope and East Asia. The R&D departments of more than 30 largest French, Swiss, Belgian andLuxembourg companies are already using the service. Expernova is now preparing the launch ofa US pack planned for September 2012. Expernova has developed innovative algorithms forcollecting and analyzing scientific data. This technology can automatically generate skill profilesto bring out the specificities of an expert from another.Snapplify Cape TownGlobal publishers and local niche content producers all over the world are using Snapplify. Theplatform is also endorsed by technology vendors such as Microsoft and Samsung. Our head officein Cape Town, South Africa serves as the regional headquarters and the centre for alldevelopment and operations. Snapplify also has new business and strategic partnershippersonnel based in London. The company is 5 months old, already generating revenue and isprojected to be profitable with the next few months. Snapplify is the largest iOS (Apple) mobileapplication developer in Africa and one of the largest digital publishers of Arabic content in theworld.Elevator pitch 90s: SingaporeAWAK Technologies is a medical device company that developed an Automated WearableArtificial Kidney (AWAK). Our vision is to change the paradigm of renal dialysis; providingfreedom and mobility to patients with significant improvement in quality of life. AWAK is aperitoneal-dialysis machine that dialyzes continuously and functions like a normal kidney.Patients are no longer subjected to extreme toxic and fluid buildup, hence improving theirpsychological and physiological states. Being small, lightweight (1 kg) and battery-operated,AWAK allows dialysis anytime, anywhere.Elevator pitch 90s:
  14. 14. bizBarcelona GEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition - CompaniesMashpan MadridMashpan integrates popular web communication services including emails, social networks andstorage sites into an interactive experience. Results are relevant and integrated themes thatinclude contacts, messages, documents, status updates and links irrespective of the service theycame from. This allows you to discover our information. We are a strong team with severaldevelopers, MBAs and technical experience working at companies like Google and VeriSign. Weare based in Madrid and have had solid traction including signing up 1000 people to try ourservice and testing it with 100 active users. We won IE Business School’s Venturecompetition, we were a finalist at Seedcamp London in January and earned a coveted spot atWayra Academy Barcelona, Telefonica’s incubator.Elevator pitch 90s: TokyoAsukaLab was launched from the University of Tokyo in Japan. Based on the Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Miexed Reality (MR) technology of the university, we aredeveloping Head-Mounted Display (HMD) specific virtual tour guide system. Just looking throughthe special goggle, you can appreciate 360-degree interactive 3D view of ancient landscape onhistorical site via our mobile audiovisual guide. Large screen and head-tracking function of HMDare of great advantages over existing mobile AR app on iPhone or Android. Our market is thetourism industry and customers are mainly local government at present. Though our initialsource of income is customized software development, we are planning to introduce a revenueshare solution to the local tourism market. We believe that our state-of-the-art mobile HMD canreplace traditional audio guide service and that will be the world standard of tourist informationsystem.Elevator pitch 90s:
  15. 15. bizBarcelona GEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition - CompaniesBioSolutions MonterreyBioSolutions is a Mexican company dedicated to the manufacture of bio based plastic resinsmade out from natural vegetable fibers. Their principal raw material are agave bagasse fibersresulting from the process of making Tequila. With this bio based plastic resins sustainable andenvironmentally friendly plastic products can be produced. The technology of BioSolutions relieson the creation of a compound material in form of master batch that combines vegetable fiberswith traditional plastics. This compound can be used in several applications likepackaging, injection parts and bio-plastic bags among others. The use of this natural fibercompound reduces the use of petroleum-based resins (finite scarce resources) because it acts asa substitute to plastic resins. It allows the plastic industry to look for alternatives in the rawmaterials used for the manufacture of their products.AAAS Steering LondonAAAS Steering is a patent-pending steering system, initially for forklifts and other materialshandling vehicles. It can be retrofitted to existing vehicles or be installed at manufacture. Userscan realise significant reductions in tyre wear during turning, whilst improving handling and fuelconsumption. Initial estimates are an extension of tyre life by 40% and reduction in fuel usage(can be electric) of 15%. To date AAAS Steering Ltd has received over £11,000 in funding fromCamden Innovation Central, UCL Advances Bright Ideas and Shell LiveWIRE; which has been usedfor rapid prototyping development and patent costs. A scaled model has been successfullycompleted and fitted to a remote controlled car to show proof of concept. The design iscurrently patent pending. Potential competitors have designs which are complex and featuremore design limitations.Elevator pitch 90s:
  16. 16. bizBarcelona GEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition - FoundersChintan Soni Jaanus Kivistik Matt Scullin Pau Garcia-MilaCoFounder CoFounder CoFounder CoFounderEcolibrium Energy Streamtainment Systems Alphabet Energy eyeOSGovernment of India Tehnopol Berkeley ESADEBangalore Tallinn San Francisco BarcelonaMarcus Figueredo Hendrik Dacquin Anthony Douglas Stephanie StarkeCoFounder CoFounder CoFounder CoFounderHi Technologies Small Town Heroes Hole19 microDimensions GmbHRio Technology Park IBBT ISCTE / AUDAX Technical University of MunichRio de Janeiro Gent Lisbon Munich
  17. 17. bizBarcelona GEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition - FoundersThomas Roggendorf Pascal Magnier Wesley Lynch Neo Kok BengCoFounder CoFounder CoFounder CoFounderOfertia EXPERNOVA Snapplify AWAKIESE INSEAD City Council NUSBarcelona Paris Cape Town SingaporeZubin Chagpar Tetsuya Kakuta Ana Laborde James MartinCoFounder CoFounder Coounder CoFounderMashpan AsukaLab BioSolution AAAS SteeringInstituto Empresa University of Tokyo Tech de Monterrey EGADE Londons Global UniversityMadrid Tokyo Monterrey London
  18. 18. bizBarcelona overview Global Entrepreneurship Competition - NominatorsH. K. Mittal Raivo Tamkivi David Charron Luisa AlemanySecretary Executive Board Member Executive Director Executive DirectorTechnology Development Tallinn Technology Park Entrepreneurship Lab Entrepreneurship CenterGovernment of India Tehnopol Berkeley ESADEBangalore Tallinn San Francisco BarcelonaMauricio Guedes Wim De Waele Virginia Trigo Helmut SchönenbergerCEO CEO Entrepreneurship CEO professor Center for Innovation & Business CreationRio Technology Park IBBT ISCTE / AUDAX Technical University of MunichRio de Janeiro Gent Lisbon Munich
  19. 19. bizBarcelona overview Global Entrepreneurship Competition - NominatorsMathieu Carenzo Lourdes Casanova Thembinkosi Siganda Poh-Kam WongExecutive Director Lecturer Manager Executive DirectorEntrepreneurship Center Strategy Department Business Support Entrepreneurship CenterIESE INSEAD City Council NUSBarcelona Paris Cape Town SingaporeJuan José Güemes Shigeo Kagami Carlos Scheel Itxaso del PalacioChairman General Manager Professor Teaching Fellow inINT. CENTRE FOR Professor EGADE EntrepreneurshipENTREP. MANAGEMENTInstituto Empresa University of Tokyo Tech de Monterrey EGADE University College LondonMadrid Tokyo Monterrey London
  20. 20. bizBarcelona GEC Global Entrepreneurship Competition - History Jerome Engel Josep Miquel Pique • CoFounder and Chairman GEC concept • CoFounder GEC concept • General Partner at Monitor Ventures • Barcelona City Council • Founder of the entrepreneurship program at • President XpCAT UC Berkeley • Former CEO 22@Barcelona • Board of Directors Adaptive PartnersSome examples: GEC’09 best presentation Fundraising $6’1 milionsThe company has enabled over a million users to manage and enjoy their online photos with a powerful set offeatures centered around photo search, discovery, aggregation, and editing GEC’10 winner Fundraising $8’6 milionsTo help facilitate the payment process for the student, as well as the reconciliation process for the schools,peerTransfer has developed a secure and efficient solution for international student paymentsThe winners were: 
 2011 2010 20091st Prize: Imprint Energy, Berkeley PeerTransfer, Boston BMAT, Barcelona 
2nd Prize: Deepscan, Thailand CaptchaAd, Germany Broccoli, Cape Town3rd Prize: Microwave, Japan Gold-i, UK Polyskin, India
  21. 21. bizBarcelona June 13th and 14th 2012Hope to see you there! 15.000 entrepreneurs and investors every June in Barcelona