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Cloud4All Introduction


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While computing devices have highly customisable user interfaces,
common configuration requirements such preferred input device,
language, font, text size or colour have to be repeated on each device
used. Cloud4All is an EU project that is working to create an open
public infrastructure which defines a personal profile to be used to
configure any device. The profile is stored in the cloud and retrieved
by the user whenever they encounter a new device. This will give a
consistent experience on personal and public devices, such as cash and
ticket machines. It has additional benefits for accessibility for
those with some form of impairment such as a disability or difficult
physical location such as bright lighting. The project is working on
defining the profile ontology and format, creating the cloud based
infrastructure and protoyping applications that respond to
profile-based configuration settings. Eventually developer tools will
be created to provide easy access.

OpenDirective are part of the Cloud4all project consortium and their
contribution includes the development of a prototype application. This
application, Maavis, provides ultra simple access to cloud and local
media or communications and is designed for use cases that include
older people and those with dementia or other disabilities. The
application is designed to adapt to specific user and platform
needs. This talk introduce the concepts of cloud4all and the impact it
will have on both cloud connected and offline computing devices.

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Cloud4All Introduction

  1. 1. Cloud4AllUsing the cloud to provide personalised access to computing devices Ross Gardler @rgardler
  2. 2. Cloud platforms Lead toOpen and Universal accessfor people with Disabilities and for All
  3. 3. Consortium
  4. 4. What?• Simplify Accessibility• Increase built-in accessibility• Grow Market for Accessible Technologies and services• Facilitate cross-sector collaboration @rgardler
  5. 5. Why?• Internet will no longer optional – Education, employment, commerce, civics, health• Access does not exist for everyone – Disability, income, ability• Access solutions are: – too complex – hard to find – expensive to buy and provide @rgardler
  6. 6. How?• Current situation – Individual adaptation – Generic accessibility features• With Cloud4All – Automatic-personalisation – Personal profiles for specific accessibility features @rgardler
  7. 7. A Cloud4All Use @rgardler
  8. 8. Cloud4All is a Part of GPIIGlobal Public Inclusive Infrastructure @rgardler
  9. 9. Discovery of tools to help Accessing tools on any deviceDeveloping and marketing new solutions @rgardler
  10. 10. Discovery of toolsUser Awareness Evaluation Wizards Preferences and Performance Profiles GPII MarketplaceRecommender @rgardler
  11. 11. Accessing Tools on Any DeviceRun-Time Fitter Anywhere Delivery Run-Time Tailor Auto Caption and DescriptionAssistance On-Demand @rgardler
  12. 12. Developing and Marketing new SolutionsDevelopment Tools and Environment Parts store Rich Expertise Resource Assistance On Demand Services infrastructureGPII Marketplace @rgardler
  13. 13. Our Contributions• Extending an existing solution – Dementia patients and carers – Potential for Learning Difficulties• Building features into W3C Widget templates – Within Apache Wookie – Any widget therefore Cloud4All “compliant” @rgardler
  14. 14. Status• Started November 2012 – Architecture code in GitHub – Close to first public release• First clients being implemented• W3C Widget templates in Apache Wookie• Windows 8 Client Alpha – Hosts W3C Widgets @rgardler
  15. 15. Getting Involved• Building W3C Widgets? – Use Apache Wookie – –• Building other applications? – Use cases being built now – Standards published in due course @rgardler
  16. 16. Ross Gardler @rgardler