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The Main Event


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A closer look at how to use social media for event planning and engagement. #EESM4 #NewhouseSM4

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The Main Event

  1. 1. #EESM4#EESM4 TheMainEvent Using Social Media to Promote Events #EESM4 Leanne DeRosa, Rayna Gamble, Sam Melnick, Melissa Menefee #NewhouseSM4
  2. 2. #EESM4#EESM4 Meet our team Sam Melnick @SWMelnick Melissa Menefee @MelissaMenefee Leanne DeRosa @LDeRosa7 Rayna Gamble @Rayna_Gamble
  3. 3. #EESM4#EESM4 Engage with us: -Follow our hashtag #EESM4 -Live tweet -Scan our QR code for info -Check in on Foursquare -Take pictures and post them to SM
  4. 4. #EESM4#EESM4 Scan for a bonus! Check out this cool infographic about event engagement!
  5. 5. #EESM4#EESM4 Our Agenda 1. Why use social media? 2. Some examples 3. What’s been said 4. Before your event 5. During your event 6. After you event
  6. 6. #EESM4#EESM4 Why use social media? • Connect with large audiences • People who can’t attend can still engage • Monitor event’s success before, during & after • Extend the lifetime of your event online • Live responses furthers engagement
  7. 7. #EESM4#EESM4 Meet A Pro! Esteban Contreras • @socialnerdia • Director of Strategy • Author, Social State: Thoughts, Stats and Stories about the State of Social Media in 2013Photo from Sprinklr
  8. 8. #EESM4#EESM4 For the enterprise... • Cloud software o Social Customer Experience • Social listening tool • Command Center o Visual data & curate content “The best social relationship platform for the enterprise”- Contreras Sprinklr
  9. 9. #EESM4#EESM4 There’s an App for that…. QuickMobile “A mobile engagement platform for today's workspace”
  10. 10. #EESM4#EESM4 Quickmobile’s CEO Patrick Payne @Quickmobile_CEO “It all started when I decided to create an iPhone app for a film festival in 2008. The original idea came from my experience at film festivals...I was frustrated with large bulky printed film guides and no access to the film trailers before the showing.”--Patrick Payne
  11. 11. #EESM4#EESM4 Event Apps Help By…. -Lists attendees before event starts -In-app messaging function -Pre-arrange meetings -Post and “after event” invitation -In-app social media feeds
  12. 12. #EESM4#EESM4 What’s Been Said #EESM4 General Lit. Review
  13. 13. #EESM4#EESM4 General tips via Digital Marketing Dept. Tell Your Story “To really engage your audience, you need to tell a story. Take a look at your organization, your mission, your event with fresh eyes and find the stories that are most interesting. Tell those stories on social media, your website, in your newsletter.” Think Visually With all the clutter on Social Media, it’s important to create content that catches peoples’ eyes. Incorporate visual media as much as you can!
  14. 14. #EESM4#EESM4 Questions to consider Via “Business 2 Community” Whom are you talking with? Knowing your audience is always important on social media, but especially when trying to engage with people about your event. Do you stir “Passion Factor” among your audience? “Disney isn’t about movies, it’s about magic. Apple isn’t about technology, it’s about innovation. What are you about?”
  15. 15. #EESM4#EESM4 It’s the small things via TINT Create a Hashtag. (and use it!) Get started early. Reach out to others! Actively encourage engagement. Create challenges. Use your networks. Follow back!
  16. 16. #EESM4#EESM4 The Process #EESM4 Your Event and Social Media
  17. 17. #EESM4#EESM4 Professional Input @MooreOrange Pete Moore SU Athletic Comm, Director @Just_Kate Kate Brodock Social Commerce, Director
  18. 18. #EESM4#EESM4 Before the Event Step One: ORGANIZATION • Set up your networks • Send out a “blast” about your event • Collect RSVPs • Involve attendees in organization • Adjust your strategy based on early results • Collaborate with other organizers
  19. 19. #EESM4#EESM4 Before the Event Step Two: PROMOTION • Stay diligent and consistent • Create original content o infographics o videos • Integrate SM and registration • Create incentives for sharing • Again, track your reach and adjust accordingly.
  20. 20. #EESM4#EESM4 Before the Event EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, AND PLAN FOR IT (via Esteban Contreras) • Be proactive and know your crisis plan! • Who needs to be involved & what should they say? • “make sure that there is a clear reason for any action...” • Practice your crisis plan before the event! • The unexpected can happen to anyone, what defines you is the response.
  21. 21. #EESM4#EESM4 During the Event ENCOURAGE ENGAGEMENT • Now you’ve got people to attend, great! But social media engagement has just begun. • Display twitter feeds with hashtags. • Live stream the event. • Create specific opportunities/questions to engage on SM. • Encourage attendees to check in at various locations. • Offer incentives/prizes for most engaged guests. • If needed, provide “customer support” for issues in progress.
  22. 22. #EESM4
  23. 23. #EESM4#EESM4 After the Event EXTEND THE LIFETIME VALUE • Your event was a success and is over, but your SM presence still exists. Use it! • Share event highlights. • Post presentations, summarize on blog posts. • Share pictures from the event. • Don’t stop engaging! • Monitor buzz and collect feedback, your future events will be better for it. • Use this event to promote others.
  24. 24. #EESM4#EESM4 CASE STUDY #1 University Union @UUInsider Mitchell Mason Director of Public Relations
  25. 25. #EESM4#EESM4 Before the Event
  26. 26. #EESM4#EESM4 During the Event
  27. 27. #EESM4#EESM4 After the Event
  28. 28. #EESM4#EESM4 Other ways to engage
  29. 29. #EESM4#EESM4 UU’s Facebook
  30. 30. #EESM4#EESM4 UU’s Instagram
  31. 31. #EESM4#EESM4 UU’s Website
  32. 32. #EESM4#EESM4 UU’s Blog
  33. 33. #EESM4#EESM4 What Mitch had to say: -Try to engage on SM 24/7 -Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Website, & Blog “I think we operate the best on Twitter it allows us to get quick messages across to students about our programming. Also we have a pretty unique witty voice on twitter that I think helps us promote the UU brand.”-- Mitchell Mason
  34. 34. #EESM4#EESM4 How SM helps -Where do we get tickets/are they still available? -Artist suggestions -#ASKUU -Analytics
  35. 35. #EESM4#EESM4 What would you do without SM?! “To be honest, it's the biggest factor in how we promote our events….It has been such a great tool to throw our info into the pool of content on social media.”--Mitchell Mason
  36. 36. #EESM4#EESM4 International CES Consumer Electronics Show ○ A global stage for next generation innovations ○ 3,200 exhibitors ○ Industry thought leaders
  37. 37. #EESM4#EESM4 Going Forward • Getting creative and experimental ex: AT&T and Team Epic york/story/27154/#.U0Ge2vldWSo • Adapting to emerging social media networks/apps ex: Chirp • Creating your own app ex: Quickmobile
  38. 38. #EESM4 THANKS and remember to stay engaged!