Taking Your Landing Pages Social


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MindFireInc®, the leading provider of personalized cross-media marketing solutions,hosted a complimentary educational webinar on Friday, March 11 at 11:00 am PST/2:00 pm EST, that showcased the new powerful features introduced in LookWho’sClicking 2.25, including:
- Enabling social media sharing and reporting
- Creating “versioned” landing pages based on each response channel
- Customizing “unsubscribe” pages
Offering “branded” User Dashboards to each client
…and many real-life examples of how print and marketing service providers can make money by offering these highly demanded services.

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Taking Your Landing Pages Social

  1. 1. Thanks for joining us.The webinar will begin shortly. Join the pre-show chatter on Twitter using hashtag: #mindfireinc
  2. 2. March 11th, 2011 LookWho’sClicking 2.25 Release Webinar Taking Your Landing Pages Social Joseph Manos Executive Vice President David Rosendahl Co-founder, EVP Client Services Michael Dunahee Product Manager© 2011 MindFireIncThis document is the property of MindFireInc.
  3. 3. Housekeeping We’re recording! Today’s hashtag: #mindfireinc Ask questions
  4. 4. Housekeeping Submit questions/comments during the session via chat
  5. 5. Introductions David Rosendahl Co-founder EVP Client Services Joe Manos Executive Vice President Michael Dunahee Product Manager
  6. 6. Today’s Tour Social Media: Why Should You Care? New Features for Campaign Flexibility A Look Ahead Q & A (15 minutes)
  7. 7. Today’s Approach Not “technical” Learn about new features … spark ideas! Give you 3+ ideas for Q2
  8. 8. POLL!
  9. 9. Social Media
  10. 10. What TheHeck isSocialMedia
  11. 11. “Social media is the use of web- based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.”“A common thread running through all definitions of social media is a blending of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value. “
  12. 12. Just a fancy way to describe thebazillion conversations occurring online.
  13. 13. WhyShould I Care
  14. 14. 500+ million
  15. 15. By 2012, 88% ofMarketers WillUse Social MediaNot everyindustry hasadopted socialmedia atthe same rate
  16. 16. The more experiencedcompanies get, the morethey realize the need tointegrate social media
  17. 17. Social mediawill rival emailmarketing forbudgetincreases
  18. 18. Across all generations,more people than everare using socialnetworks
  19. 19. Usage frequency is increasing too
  20. 20. Facebook is moreeffective for B2Cand LinkedIn ismore effective forB2B.
  21. 21. Try this: Answers.Yahoo.com
  22. 22. Where do I Start
  23. 23. 130 130 1 130 1301 Direct Mail Touch = 520 impressions
  24. 24. 1. Embed share button(s) within any page2. When respondents press the share button, content is shared to the social network with a link back to the microsite3. “Friends” view the content, and click the link to the microsite4. You have a new contact/lead. The process repeats.5. Identify “influencers”
  25. 25. RealWorldExample
  26. 26. Example: Retailer
  27. 27. Example: Retailer Objectives: Increase store traffic & offer redemption Grow customer/contact base
  28. 28. Tactics1. Create direct mail w/personalized URL, driving respondents to landing page.2. On the landing page: Respondents complete a short survey to receive an offer via email The offer must be taken to a store for redemption Respondents can also share the offer with their friends3. Respondents who shares the offer with friends are automatically entered into a sweepstakes (free stuff for a year, iPad 2, etc.)4. Friends who respond virally start a step 2, and the process repeats.
  29. 29. Metrics to Measure Visit & Response Rate to Direct Mail Social Media: Facebook: Measure how many people each share brings (e.g., 1 share brings 5 additional people) Twitter: Measure how many people each tweet brings (e.g., 1 tweet brings 10 additional people) Determine which social media site drives quality results (consider placing ads on the network) Determine which individuals are biggest “influencers” Measure in-store redemption, by channel Measure increase in contact/database size
  30. 30. How Do I Do It?
  31. 31. Social Media - Configuration Configuration Screen – in Global Properties
  32. 32. Social Media - Configuration Configuration screen – VERY easy!
  33. 33. Social Media - Configuration HTML provided in the Social Media Configuration Guide for different styles of buttons
  34. 34. Social Media - Configuration Facebook Share
  35. 35. Social Media - Configuration LinkedIn Share
  36. 36. Social Media - Configuration Twitter Share
  37. 37. Social Media - Reporting Include Social Media data in Activity Reports
  38. 38. Social Media - Reporting Social Media Reports in the Dashboard 727 vs. 66
  39. 39. How DoI LearnMore
  40. 40. A few tips Read: FastLaunch Resource Center Mashable.com Insidefacebook.com Marketingsherpa.com Create an account at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Friend me!
  41. 41. Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Business.com: $7.5 million Fund.com: $9.9 million CreditCards.com: $2.75 million Tips: Register your company name (and your own!) Register your Client’s!
  42. 42. CampaignFlexibility
  43. 43. Campaign Flexibility Develop expertise to deploy various scenarios Steps: Take advantage of Training, offered 3x p/week Watch training videos, participate in MindShare Execute your Self-Promotional Campaign Leverage Professional Services if needed
  44. 44. The 2.25 Release Features have been designed to give you greater flexibility in your campaigns. Features have been rolled out in several smaller releases More features are being added in the next few weeks.
  45. 45. The 2.25 Release Social Media Sharing Edit Mail File Records in a Live Campaign Add a Custom Logo to your Customers’ Dashboards Version Pages based on the Source Tracking Origin SMS Improvements
  46. 46. Edit Mail File Records Previously, users had to remove mail file(s), make edits and re-upload mail file(s). Users can now edit individual mail file records in a live campaign without affecting statistics. Modify, add or remove any mail file field
  47. 47. Edit Mail File Records In the Mail File section of the campaign
  48. 48. Edit MailFile Records • Search • Browse • Edit • Disable
  49. 49. Add a Custom Logo to the Dashboard Add a custom logo or image to the users’ Dashboards. When adding or editing a user, browse to the logo or image. The same image dimensions are still recommended (200pixels X 60pixels).
  50. 50. Add a Custom Logo to the Dashboard Just browse to the image
  51. 51. Add a Custom Logo to the Dashboard
  52. 52. Version Pages Based on Source Tracking Version Welcome or Thank You pages based on the Source Tracking For example, if you are using Source Tracking in your QR Codes, you can version your Welcome Page to be more mobile-friendly. This feature sets the stage for more mobile marketing features in the next release (Summer ‘11)
  53. 53. Version Pages Based on Source Tracking
  54. 54. SMS Improvements Users will not notice any difference in how the program works, but they will see increased coverage in the US. The platform is now in place to add two-way SMS in the next release. Expected to be released next week.
  55. 55. A Look Ahead
  56. 56. Summer and Fall ’11 Releases Use Control Panel in Firefox and Safari Most features will be geared towards mobile marketing Inbound SMS Mobile Device Detection Versioning the Survey Page
  57. 57. Also in our plans for future releases: Any other great suggestions that you make on the MindShare website. http://mindshare.mindfireinc.com Call me directly (949-265-1255) if you want to discuss upcoming features. Note: This number is not for Technical Support.
  58. 58. HowDo I…?
  59. 59. How do I … Configure the features: Support & Training: 949-474-4418 option 2 Market & sell the features: Carrie Driscoll-Hill: 480-626-4957 Get started: Joe Manos: 916-284-8112
  60. 60. Reach UsDavid Rosendahl David Rosendahl949-474-4418 x208 Co-founderdaver@mindfireinc.com EVP Client Services@daverosendahlJoe Manos Joe Manos916-284-8112 Executive Vice Presidentjmanos@mindfireinc.com@jemanosMichael Dunahee949-265-1255 Michael Dunahee Product Managermdunahee@mindfireinc.com@mdunahee
  61. 61. Submit yourquestions now.
  62. 62. Q&A
  63. 63. Thank you!