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How to bring disruptive innovation to college media


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Presented to the ACP/CMA 2013 conference on Thursday, Oct. 24 in New Orleans.

Description: While they were replacing the daily newspaper with two weekly magazines and an upgraded website, the leaders of the Emerald Media Group started lots of other stuff. For example: for offbeat student contributions; a photo booth that now makes money at frat parties; a special projects news team; an in-house ad agency. Why? Because revolution is now the normal state of affairs. Learn why it should be for you, too.

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How to bring disruptive innovation to college media

  1. 1. Emerald Media Disrupt Yourself ACP 10.24.13
  2. 2. #NOLA13disrupt
  3. 3. The overview // Build the case “Our company has, indeed, stumbled onto some of its new products. But never forget, that you can only stumble if you are moving.” — Richard Carlton Former CEO, 3M Corp.
  4. 4. The overview Why we disrupted ourselves What we did What you can do
  5. 5. Why we did it
  6. 6. Why we did it // The reality “The challenge is that the continuing loss of audience and the aging demographics suggest that, in time, something must give. It is possible that newspapers will have to change a great deal more than they have or their financial health will not be sustained.” — State of the News Media Pew Research Center
  7. 7. Why we did it // The reality 2004
  8. 8. Why we did it // The reality The economics of newspapers in 2013 revenue down 55% in 7 years Ad $1 digital gained = $15 print lost Print circulation down 30% since 1984 Newspaper Jobs down 30% since 2000 $22b/year newspaper ad sales. $35b/quarter Apple sales. Instagram sold for $1b / NYT market cap $950m A bookstore owner bought The Washington Post  
  9. 9. Why we did it // The reality
  10. 10. Consider // Digital ad sales Source: Reflections of a Newsosaur
  11. 11. Why we did it // The reality Innovate or die.
  12. 12. What we did
  13. 13. What we did // Ask 2 questions What are the jobs that audiences want done? What kinds of employees and structure does our company need so it can fulfill that job to be done?
  14. 14. What we did // Jobs to be done What problems can we solve within our mission. Train students Serve our community Be profitable
  15. 15. We make college better.
  16. 16. What we did // Staff & structure
  17. 17. What we did // Start new stuff Three case studies Ducks Housing Emerald Photo Booth The Venture Dept.
  18. 18. Job: Make finding a home simple. 20+ landlords. Photos. 3 clicks to finish.
  19. 19. Job: Makes events memorable. We bring the lights and camera. You bring the action.
  20. 20. Job: Connects you with 18 to 24 year olds. Semi-pro video, photo, design & web services.
  21. 21. What can you do
  22. 22. Do it // Ask What problems do people have on campus? What skills & expertise can you leverage to solve them? What staff, structure, support do you need to start?
  23. 23. Do it // Read Nieman Reports: Clayton Christensen Columbia: The Story So Far & Post-Industrial Journalism Pew: State of the News Media & others Ken Doctor: Newsonomics and everything else Ries: Lean Startup
  24. 24. Do it // Monday First to innovate wins
  25. 25. What are your ideas?
  26. 26. @rfrank_oregon #NOLA13disrupt