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Earth Ship Interior


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Earth Ship Interior

  1. 1. Earth Ship Interior Dream House Part II By Chris Heffernan
  2. 2. Exterior
  3. 3. Interior Garden The outer hallway of the home is lined with angled windows for allowing the proper amount of sunlight in for growing vegetables.
  4. 4. Kitchen & Living Room The kitchen and living room will be combined in the largest room of the home. The large windows will allow for growing vegetation. The finish of the cabinets and rock flooring keeps the natural tone.
  5. 5. View of Living Room This is the view of the living area connected to the kitchen. I will have a flat screen television mounted to the wall that will take up much less space than a entertainment center. Painted on the walls of the living room will be a mural of bears and wildlife like modern cave art.
  6. 6. Bathroom The bathroom will have plenty of natural light which will reflect beautifully off the glass tiles. Figure 1 shows how I plan on creating the barrier and shower wall and figure 2 displays the color of rock and style of tiling that I will implement in my design. Fig. 1 Fig. 2
  7. 7. Bedroom The bedroom will be the most simple room of the house. It will be partitioned off with curtains instead of having doors. For the headboard I will have a tree painted on the wall symbolizing the rejuvenation of sleep.
  8. 8. Studio I love writing and recording music so I will build a recording studio in the remaining room of my house. I will divide the rooms into two sections for a control room and live room. Live Room Control Room