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Healing the Heart - Week 5


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Slides for the course "Healing the Heart and Freedom from Addictions". Offered by Blazing Fire Church as part of the World Changers Equipping School

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Healing the Heart - Week 5

  1. 1. Healing the Heart Week 5 “Putting It All Together” Pastor Susan Fochler
  2. 2. Putting it all Together!
  3. 3. Heart Sync We do this through a process of reconciliation of the basic core parts of a person’s identity: Functional/Logical; Self-protective and and Emotional/Vulnerable Identities, as well as Original Self.
  4. 4. Key Points •Jesus is the Counselor •Go after the root issues: Deep calls unto deep •Engage with heart, not just mind •Honor and Encourage; never push. Leave them feeling loved and valued.
  5. 5. Remember: The goal is to get them connected at the core level with Jesus. They were alone when whatever wound is there occurred, we help them recognize where He was, what the truth really is, and give them permission to feel feelings with Him in such a way trauma is released and a new understanding is received of how much He really does love them. We want to try and go deep into the heart
  6. 6. We help them Recognize their Choice, but without any pressure to make something happen. We’re asking them to dismantle an important, even if dysfunctional Belief system. It needs to be done lovingly and patiently. Giving Freedom to Discover choices they never knew they had
  7. 7. We Empathize, Synchronize and Validate who they are. No agenda to “Make” something happen. Facilitate feeling the Kindness of God. They were alone when they were wounded, we will be with them to bring about healing. Discover the Internal Conflicts that keep us stuck for a Good Reason: Conflicts with Self as well as Jesus
  8. 8. Stay connected with Jesus while ministering, and make sure you’re not carrying something from the day that you might project onto the other person. Cleanse the room, and yourself after ministry. As with any Ministry:
  9. 9. Helping Connect Spiritually: allows greater freedom for Holy Spirit to flow and inspire Blessing the Spirit Immanuel Process Inspired Imagery: Use Open ended questions and Inspired imagination to increase their awareness of God’s presence
  10. 10. Blessing Your Spirit: •Call the Spirit to Attention; come to the forefront •Ask the soul to rest, step aside •Speak the truth of scripture, encourage, strengthen, build up •We DO NOT tell the spirit what to do; we tell the spirit the possibilities
  11. 11. The Immanuel Process: First, ask Holy Spirit to remind them of a time when they connected to God. Have them talk about it for a while. Encourage them to verbalize gratitude for the goodness of God, Who He has been for them, how He has revealed Himself and shown His faithfulness.
  12. 12. Inspired Imagery: Connect with Jesus by walking with Him, “seeing” themselves with Him. Psalm 23 is a great example: Resting in a green pasture, the still waters. Encourage them to get more in tune with their senses; smelling, listening, looking, tasting. Then encourage them to connect with Jesus; ask Him open-ended questions. How do they feel about being with Him. How close can they get to Him. What’s in the way? Why?
  13. 13. Function ID Emotion ID Guardian “Original Self”
  14. 14. Our Goal is to communicate value and honor to each “part” of that person, including dysfunctional qualities. Recognize the dysfunction (anger, hatred, denial, confusion, etc.) is there for a reason. We Reconcile these different “parts” through Synchronization
  15. 15. First Step: As the minister, ask permission to connect to the presenting part. Give language to their purpose, their “job”. 2nd: Synchronize: empathize and help that “part” know they are valued, have purpose, are needed. Very often they need to know they aren’t “bad”. Even anger is there for a reason. We Reconcile these different “parts” through Synchronization
  16. 16. Third: Seek to find out how the “part” feels about Jesus and how they feel about the rest of the person. Open up a dialogue, utilizing open-ended questions and “Listening Prayer”. We Reconcile these different “parts” through Synchronization
  17. 17. As the person feels God’s love, awareness of the different “jobs” the heart has done become more apparent. Like Anger, Numbing, Pain, Perfectionism, Addiction. None of these parts are “bad”, they just didn’t know they had options. We need every part of our heart. Dialog Within: “I promise to work with you and no longer blame you or ignore you.” Internal Reconciliation: Recognizing the Conflict Within
  18. 18. 18 Presenting Jesus ! We have them ask Jesus to show them where He was in that situation. ! Using Listening Prayer, help them ask open- ended questions to uncover the lies/vows, and discover the truth. ! Sometimes requires creativity to to discover where He was. He has never left us, but we assumed He did because something bad happened. 80
  19. 19. Releasing Trauma Is 53:4 Surely He has borne our griefs And carried our sorrows...
  20. 20. Releasing to Jesus • We can simply connect with our heart and look to Jesus – say something like: • “Jesus I release the pain, trauma, grief, (or even fear) that I’ve been carrying – to You.” And then just let it flow out of you to Jesus. This sometimes can take a while. • When it feels that it is no longer flowing – Thank Jesus for taking this for you – and ask Holy Spirit to fill you with His life, light, peace, and joy.
  21. 21. IMMANUEL PROCESS/BLESSING THE SPIRIT: CONNECT WITH JESUS WITH GRATITUDE HEARTSYNC* Heart Sync Model: Functional, Protector, Emotional Identities: Discovering and Dismantling Interior Walls, self-rejection Presenting Jesus: Discovering the Painful Memory Synchronize: Prophetic Empathy with a specific part: Remove Walls and/or Listening Prayer: Open Ended Questions: Find Truth and/or Heavenly Appeal Prayer: Remove Cosmic/demonic Interference Encountering Jesus: Where are You, how do You see me... What would it look like if... Release Trauma as needed Encounter Jesus’s Presence, Rest and Truth *Father Andrew Miller