Facebook Updates & Parasite SEO Strategy - The Legit Way


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Facebook Updates & Parasite SEO Strategy - The Legit Way

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Facebook Updates & Parasite SEO Strategy - The Legit Way

  1. 1. Facebook Updates, Time-Tested SEO Strategy & Bad SEO Case Study February 18, 2014
  2. 2. Agenda Introductions Case Study Latest News Roundtable Discussion Tips & Tricks Topics of Interest
  3. 3. Agenda Introductions – What You Currently Do? – Experience with Internet Marketing – Current Issues/Questions Latest News Roundtable Discussion – Current Issues – Open Table Topics of Interested Random “Stuff”
  4. 4. Background Areas of Expertise – eCommerce / Lead Generation – Social Media Marketing – Search Engine Optimization • (Traditional / Mobile App) – Media Buys / Advertising (CPM,CPC) – Conversion Optimization – Data Analysis & Analytics
  5. 5. Background 12 Years Internet Marketing Experience – Started with Email Marketing – Built a Boston based Internet Consulting Agency • From $180k to $2 Million in 2 Years • Managed $35 Million in Client Revenues – 6 Years Ran Own Internet Business • Operate Several Ecommerce & Content Websites • Small Consulting Practice for Select Clients – VP eCommerce - Inc. 5000 & MN Fast 50 • 2013 60% Growth Year Over Year I started this group to share and learn with others
  6. 6. Background Michelle Schmidt • Internet Marketing Since 1999 • Currently Operates IceLinkDesign.net
  7. 7. Introduction 30 Seconds - Introduction –What You Currently Do? –Experience with Internet Marketing –Current Issues/Questions
  8. 8. Latest News Google EU Anti-Trust –3 Year Antitrust Investigation –Google / FTC Settlement 2013 • Burying / Scraping Competitor • Avoid Paying $5 Billion –EU Far More Extensive Concessions
  9. 9. Latest News Before
  10. 10. Latest News Settlement
  11. 11. Latest News Recent Updates • Banned Unapproved Dating Ads • Going after bigger advertisers like google did? • Obviously improves usability • Some people noticed increased budget caps to compensate for lost advertisers • What does this portend? • Tweaked their News Feed & Reach Algorithm • Have been several
  12. 12. Latest News News Feed Update • Quality Content – More Substance / Less Junk • What is quality? Stuff about your friends, friends’ friends and friends’ fan likes… You would think… • FB News Feed Mgr said It’s about Trusted Source
  13. 13. Latest News News Feed Update Friends vs Pages Through testing, we have found that when people see more text status updates on Facebook they write more status updates themselves. In fact, in our initial test when we showed more status updates from friends it led to on average 9 million more status updates written each day. Because of this, we showed people more text status updates in their News Feed. Over time, we noticed that this effect wasn't true for text status updates from Pages. As a result, the latest update to News Feed ranking treats text status updates from Pages as a different category to text status updates from friends. We are learning that posts from Pages behave differently to posts from friends and we are working to improve our ranking algorithms so that we do a better job of differentiating between the two types. Page admins can expect a decrease in the distribution of their text status updates, but they may see some increases in engagement and distribution for other story types.
  14. 14. Latest News Tip • Use Link Share – The get more engagement per FB
  15. 15. Case Study / Learning SEO Parasite Page Strategy • I’m updating on new/existing • Not new, still works • Leverage authority of other sites to boost own Secondary benefit: Traffic
  16. 16. Case Study / Learning Money Site Controllable Layer / Redirect Parasite Network
  17. 17. Case Study / Learning Benefits • Natural Not Forces • Some Control • Free – Usually Negatives • Don’t Own • If Get Slapped, Hard to Change (example: Press Release)
  18. 18. Case Study / Learning Examples YouTube Dailymotion.com videos PRweb.com press releases SBWire.com press releases PRlog.org press releases Buzzfeed.com articles Rebelmouse.com pages Amazon S3 hosted pages Google Sites pages Reddit subreddit Yahoo Answers pages Facebook pages Twitter pages Tumbler.com pages Weebly.com pages Slideshare.net presentation pages Google Play app pages Forum thread pages Pinterest boards Storify.com pages Zimbio.com pages Docstoc.com PDF pages Amazon product pages (e.g. Kindle books) Blogger Blogspot pages Source: http://seotraffichacks.com/update-experiments-paleomusic-february-5-2014/
  19. 19. Case Study / Learning Halifax Case Study: Negative or Bad SEO • Largest Banks in UK • Lost 20% of Traffic Overnight • Series of SEO No Nos Source:LinkResearchTools
  20. 20. Case Study / Learning Halifax Case Study: Negative or Bad SEO • Seo Widgets • Link Networks • Advertorials • Keyword Stuffed Infographics • Interlinking: Partner Sites
  21. 21. Closing Questions?