Joe Stumpf\'s By Referral Only- Membership Brochure


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Joe Stumpf\'s By Referral Only- Membership

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Joe Stumpf\'s By Referral Only- Membership Brochure

  1. 1. Joining BY REFERRAL ONLY was the best decision I’ve ever made. Last year I made$400,000 working no more than 4 hours a day, and this year’s numbers are on par. WithBRO I’ve reached my goals in months – not years.I’m in the top production percentile, debt free, financially independent, and have a greatlife with lots of time to share with my family. My wife has always been my #1advocate. At first, she just wasn’t a believer in BRO. Now she’s a tremendous fan. Ishake my head every day and I honestly feel anyone can reproduce my business successusing the BRO strategies.Thanks Joe and thanks BY REFERRAL ONLY Community! Mark Fidget Richmond, British Columbia, Canada I wanted my life back from the rat race, so my BY REFERRAL ONLY Business Advisor showed me the systems to implement right away. The results speak for themselves. I went from working six or seven days a week to four or five days a week. My $35,000 advertising budget is now under $10,000. My systems are giving me a referral business of better than 90 percent. Now I have time for my wife Erin, my family, and me. Thank you for making my job fun again. What an amazing ride! Keith M. Chabot Hobe Sound, Florida We’d been in the real estate business for 25 years and thought having no life was just the way business was done. We joined the BY REFERRAL ONLY Community in 1998. Today our business is 90 percent referral, and we take 125 days of vacation a year. Real estate is our career, not our life! Jan and Gary Cotten Peoria, ArizonaSchedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit
  2. 2. My first year with BY REFERRAL ONLY I doubled my transactions. Now I’m getting full commission on every transaction, and in the San Francisco Bay Area, that’s quite a nice commission! My revenue has tripled without spending one penny on advertising. All my clients are referred to me, and they’re all people I like working with and who want me to help them. Mei Mei Fremont, California I don’t have to advertise in the newspaper. I don’t need to advertise in the real estate magazines. I’d rather send Evidence of Success™ postcards because BY REFERRAL ONLY writes them for me. They’re inexpensive, and they work. The referrals from just one of those postcards brought me $42,800 in commissions. Doug Winder South Jordan, Utah Today I have a life. I’m doing the same number of transactions as I was a year ago, but I’m working less, no Sundays and only the occasional Saturday. I have plenty of time to read, go walking and running and hiking and bike riding, and I’ve even done some volunteer work. Thanks to BY REFERRAL ONLY, I’m making my dreams come true – like going skydiving for the first time! Crystal Brummer Wayzata, Minnesota When I came to BY REFERRAL ONLY after 38 years in law enforcement, I wanted to find a way to connect with people I knew to let them know about my new career. My Business Advisor said I needed to send the Reconnect letter, so I downloaded it from The Solution Center and sent it to 135 people. It cost me $60, and from that one letter I did three transactions for $22,000 gross commissions, a $378-to-$1 return. Milt Galbraith Orange, CaliforniaTo Meet More Of Our Members, Go To Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit 1
  3. 3. Dear Real Estate and Lending Professional, You have a sea of choices when seeking out training in this profession. Maybe you’re new to the business and looking to build a strong foundation for your career, and you want to get your business up to speed quickly. I may be able to help you. Maybe you’ve been in this business for years and need some new ideas to put some spark back in your business. Maybe you’re looking for a way to get predictability in your business so you don’t have to worry where your next commission check is coming from. I may be able to help you, too. Whatever your dreams, goals, or desires, I may be able help you. Becoming a member of the By Referral Only Community is the same as entering into a new relationship. Like all successful relationships there must be mutual commitment to make it work. For our relationship to work for you – it’s got to be a perfect match. This is a key element. Your philosophy and my philosophy must be completely aligned for this to work for the both of us. That’s as important for me as it is for you. It’s a requirement for us to work together. Yes, I did sell real estate for awhile so I do know what it takes to run a business. Hey, I was rookie of the year my first year. But I found that the business was not in me. I was just in the business. I’ve been training real estate and mortgage professionals for more than 20 years, because long ago I discovered I had a gift for helping to mentor the agents in my office and as a result of my training – get more business for them. In fact, most of the top agents who are now coaching other agents have been trained and coached by me. Today I dedicate all my time to creating new systems and tools for professionals who are a part of the By Referral Only Community, so they can get more contracts and more closings. My focus is on you. By Referral Only is not just a “coaching program” or specialized systems and web site-based tools…it’s a living, breathing family. It’s a community of professionals sharing with you the most intimate details of what’s working in their businesses right now. It’s direct access to real people on my Business Advisory Team, who you can ask for help on any subject at anytime. As a member of the community you’ll never be alone in your business again. I encourage you to take a look inside the community. See if we’re a good fit for you. See if we match your style and the way you want to conduct your business. See if we match your philosophy and mindset. We want you to put us on your team if you see us as a fit. If not – that’s okay, too. All the best to you, your family, and your business, Joe Stumpf P.S. By Referral Only is a philosophy backed up by systems, structures and support to help you become the best version of yourself. By Referral Only is a great way to build a successful business and a satisfying life. We are here to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.2 Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit
  4. 4. Become a Trusted, Respected ConsultantBuild a thriving business with the BY REFERRAL ONLY COMMUNITY and you won’t need to reinvent the wheel.You’ll have total access to experienced industry experts plus a wide variety of business-building strategiesand time-tested marketing tools for you and your unique business. It’s your Total Solution for your business.With the BY REFERRAL ONLY COMMUNITY on your team, you can achieve all your financial and personal goals.You can take several weeks off every year and take your dream vacation. You can pursue your favoritehobbies. And you can spend more time with your friends and family. You’ll have a system for your business.You’ll learn how to transform the way your clients view you. You’ll no longer be seen as a salesperson.Instead, you’ll be seen as a trusted advisor, and you’ll enjoy working with clients interested in long-termbusiness relationships. You’ll be their consultant for life. Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit 3
  5. 5. Stay As a BY REFERRAL ONLY member you’ll start every day with a comprehensive view of what’s going on with your business, your clients, and the community. ConnectedAnd Informed When you visit your Dashboard each day you’ll have direct access to all the newAbout What’s lead-generating programs and real-time communications from your Business New And Advisor at a glance, so you’ll know exactly what needs to get done and how you Working can get it done quickly.NOW To Get And with the support of the community, your Business Advisor and Joe, you’ll haveYou Bankable the answers to all your questions right there for you, so you stay connected and on Results track to meet your goals. Plus you’ll have 24-hour instant access to all the field-tested, turnkey programs, tools, and Magic Words that will generate your next commission check – and all the systems to always know exactly where your next two will be coming from.4 Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit
  6. 6. As a member you get unlimited access to all the field-tested referral- and lead- All The Tools,generating programs, all the tools to support the programs, and all the systemsto make your life easier. So you can start working fewer hours and making Systems Andmore money. Programs To Get YouIt’s everything you need to get more quality leads, turn those leads into Results Rightappointments, those appointments into signed contracts, those contracts into Nowclosings, and those closings into even more referrals for you.Here are just a few of the tools and programs you get as a member: The 30-Day Lead Blitz – A low-tech and easy-to-operate system for generating a predictable stream of Five-Star Prospects right now. The Finding Buyers Program – A program to attract ready-to-act buyers who want to purchase a home right now. Perfect for generating commissions in a hurry. The Art Of Finding, Getting And Selling Listings – Your proven system for dominating the listing inventory in any market and double- ending more of your deals. Your Own Web Sites – With myWebLeads™ you get 21 lead- generating Web sites with opt-in forms and pre-written email auto- responders, all preloaded to compel prospects to call you. The 30/30 Program – A new program that will bring you 30 new transactions each year from 30 touchpoints sent to your Top 150. Your Own Database – The myClients Referral Management System™ is where you can mail, email, track to-dos, manage your lists, and know which relationships are creating referrals for you. Syncs with popular mobile devices. Your Own Toll-Free Number And Voicemail System – With myPhoneLeads you get 300 pre-paid minutes and 200 extensions, with recorded messages to attract new clients quickly and automatically. Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit 5
  7. 7. Turnkey As a member you’ll have 24-hour instant access to field-tested, turnkey programs that will generate a commission check for you in a hurry. Programs If you’re used to doing any type of cold calling or working expireds and FSBOs...these Getting programs will literally change your life. Imagine…people calling YOU instead of you Bankable calling them. Results Generate A Steady Stream Of Five-Star Leads In 30 Right Now Days (Or Less) When you need a low-cost, low-tech, and easy-to-operate way to generate a predictable stream of Five-Star Prospects right now, the 30-Day Lead Blitz is for you. Your 30-Day Lead Blitz integrates the “big four” lead generators, plus your myPhoneLeads toll-free voicemail system and your very own myWebLeads lead- generating Web page, to get your phone ringing with prospects who want to find out more about how you can help them buy or sell a home. Generate Quality Buyer Leads In A Hurry We have created this all-new program to attract ready-to-act clients who want to purchase a home right now. And for those who aren’t quite ready – but will be later – a system to automatically keep in touch with these Five-Star Prospects until they’re ready to buy, so they’ll call you when they’re ready. It’s the exact program other community members are using to generate 3 to 5 transactions a month like clockwork. And it’s perfect for generating commissions in a hurry – and on a small budget. Top Producer In My Company In December I implemented the 30-Day Lead Blitz Program, which led to nine transactions and $61,340 in commissions in January. I was top producer of the month in my company. And in February it brought me four more closings, for another $35,490 in gross commissions. Jeanne Weinacht Vacaville, California6 Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit
  8. 8. Totally Dominate Any Market You Choose Step-By-Step Imagine getting all the listings you wanted, in any area you Instructions wanted – even if another agent has been farming the area for years. Now you can pick and choose the best areas to target Make It Easy and eliminate your competition for good. To Jump-Start Your BusinessThe Art Of Finding, Getting And Selling Listings is your proven system for getting listingleads, turning those leads into appointments, converting those appointments intolistings, and getting those listings sold – quickly. You’ll be able to dominate the listinginventory in any market and double-end more of your deals so that you don’t have towait for some other agent to sell it for you. Get 30 Transactions Each Year From Your Top 150 As a member you get The 30/30 Program – a system for regular, consistent and meaningful communications with people in your Top 150, so that over the course of a year, your Top 150 will give you referrals that bring you 30 transactions.Imagine having a proven system that would bring you 30 transactions every year,consistently and predictably. How much more money would 30 commission checksgive you? $100,000? $150,000? $200,000? $19,530 Commission Check From Our First Mailing In January we mailed 1890 postcards and got 37 people to call us. From that we set 3 appointments and converted all of them into listings. Within 12 days from the time we got the first listing, we sold the home and received a commission check for $19,530. Cherri Trebbien & Diana DuPre Santa Cruz, California Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit 7
  9. 9. myPhoneLeadsYour membership in BY REFERRAL ONLY includes an automatic prospecting system that generatesnew clients for you – 24 hours a day.With myPhoneLeads you’ll receive • Your own toll-free telephone number • 300 toll-free minutes pre-paid (5 hours) per month • Call forwarding when you are available to take calls “live” • 200 extensions to test and track the return on investment of multiple ads and lead generators • Ads and lead generators to get consumers calling your free recorded message • Precise scripts to record that cause listeners to reach the conclusion that you’re a knowledgeable consultant – instead of a salesperson • Phone and Web access to caller information and voicemail messages • Immediate email and/or phone notification when a caller leaves you a message • Detailed call activity reports for each extension An Automatic ProspectingSystem That Works 24Hours A Day8 Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit
  10. 10. myWebLeads Online Prospecting System A Steady Stream OfAs a member you get the myWebLeads system, where you can create 21 of your New Clientsown lead-generating Web sites that use our proven formula to capture emailaddresses of people who are ready to buy, sell or borrow. And the system Wheneverautomatically sends prewritten email responses to your prospects, so you can You Needconvert all of these leads into appointments. ThemWith myWebLeads you’ll receive • 21 customizable lead-generating web sites • Pre-written email auto-responders all preloaded to compel prospects to call you • Your own unique Internet address (URL) • An easy-to-use wizard for creating, customizing and publishing your web sites quickly and easily • A library of pre-written special free reports to use as your own • Targeted, expertly written email replies to specific prospect inquiries • Web site setup assistance from our Help Desk technicians • Visitor contact information automatically added to your myClients database • Detailed reports on website hits and visitor behavior to help you optimize your web sites and get more leads Expertly written emails automatically sent for you Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit 9
  11. 11. Never Lose A Staying on top of your client relationships is a complex task.Valuable Client Our preloaded client touchpoint plans make it easy to remember to do the right Again thing in the right order during and after each transaction. Client touchpoint plans show you exactly what to do and when to do it to generate a steady stream of referrals. Use preloaded touchpoint plans or create and customize your own – the choice is yours BY REFERRAL ONLY has given me the coaching and tools to double my profitability per loan and lead a very balanced life. When I joined I sent out my first two Client Newsletters, which yielded seven loans. Then I sent my first Evidence of Success postcard, which brought in five loans. Over the next year my Evidence of Success and Client Newsletters brought me 31 loans and have been steady lead generators ever since. Ham Thorne Beaverton, Oregon10 Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit
  12. 12. Your Referral Tree easily tracks referral relationships so you can follow up with Identify Who timely and appropriate recognition and continue to nurture your most valuable relationships. Your Business Advisors will work with you to generate many Brings You The more transactions from your sphere of influence. Most Referrals – With One Click Focus your time and resources on Identify the generating people who more referrals bring you the most referralbusiness from your most valuable relationships Track referrals several levels deep Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit 11
  13. 13. Getting As a member you’ll get a complete system to automate your client touchpoints and save you time, so you focus on closing deals and delivering a world-class experienceThings Done to your clients. In Minutes, Not Hours In the myClients Referral Management System, you’ll have a one-stop “client touch” page where you can create to-do lists for unique contact groups; create and print custom letters, address labels and envelopes; print your pre-written Client Newsletters, Evidence of Success postcards, and Letters From The Heart™; and send email blasts to your contact groups. All your critical contact touchpoints and communications are in one place, making it easy for you to get things done quickly, so you can spend more time doing the things you really love to do.12 Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit
  14. 14. The best way to stay top-of-mind with your sphere of influence and past clients is Alwaysthrough consistent communications. As a member you’ll never have to worry about“What do I send this month?” Each and every month our team of professionals Know Whatprepares a new Evidence of Success postcard, Letter From The Heart and Client To SendNewsletter for you. And When To Send It Evidence of Success • Shows you are in the business of solving problems for your clients • Powerful tool to stay connected • The card itself becomes a referral generator • Easy to customize and produceLetter From The Heart• Personal way to keep in touch• Be seen as a real person• Has nothing to do with business• Templates are easy to use and merge with myClients Client Newsletter • Generates referrals and strengthens relationships with people who already know you, like you and trust you • Fully customizable – you can change anything you want • Quick and easy version takes less than 2 minutes to prepare • Includes 3 versions – Realtor, Lender and a Realtor/Lender combination version • Pre-written – it looks as if you wrote it yourself • Includes special reports that position you as an industry expert The very first Evidence of Success postcard I sent out brought me four transactions and $16,000 in commissions. Each month since I’ve sent an Evidence of Success postcard, and every time one goes out I’ll get anywhere from one to seven referrals. Phill Tomlinson Glendale, Arizona Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit 13
  15. 15. Accountability As a member of our community you’ll have access to our Business Advisory Team to help you focus on your personal and business goals. They are experts in helping And Support you get the biggest return on your investment in the least amount of time.To Get Things Done And Whether you need more quality leads, more appointments, more signed contracts, Get You more closings, or more referrals – our team is here to ensure you get results with Results the least amount of time and effort. Fast Your Business Advisors will be there to guide you, support you, and hold you accountable, making sure you’re working on exactly the right thing at the right time, so you’re getting quick results in your business. It’s the accountability and support you need to get things done. Whether you want to make more money, help more people, or have more time with your friends and family, your Business Advisors will help you get it done. They’ll help you set the goals, create the plan and implement the systems to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Your Business Advisors have heard all the questions and know the best answer for you. They are expert at installing our systems into your business and motivating you to get it done. And they know all the shortcuts to getting you Bankable Results quickly. When I joined the community, I’d just experienced my worst year ever in real estate after 16 years in the business. I immediately connected with my Business Advisor (whom I love), and she said, ‘Here’s where we get started.’ She told me we should start with the Reconnect Letter, so the next day I mailed my Reconnect Letter and began doing my follow-up calls. One of my past clients returned my call a few days later and I ended up selling his condo and finding him a new home. Within five weeks of mailing my Reconnect Letter, I got a check for both transactions for $33,000 plus. Lin Shih Seattle, Washington 14 Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit
  16. 16. As a member of our community you never have to figure things out on your own – Imagine…Joe and our entire community are on your team and always just a click away. AlwaysThe Community Message Board is an amazing resource for answering your Havingquestions and giving you tips and guidance to make sure you’re getting Bankable Someone ToResults in your business. Ask Any QuestionOkay – you get all the tools and all the systems to build a reliable predictable About Yourbusiness. How do we ensure your success? Accountability. Just knowing what todo doesn’t get it done – you still have to do the work. We make it easy for you to Businessstay connected and get the accountability and support you need to get thingsdone.You’ll also get inspiration and guidance from the daily blog, with Joe giving you thebest Magic Words for handling today’s buyer and seller objections. We’ll also postthe latest marketing tips and secrets to help you generate more quality leads, closemore deals and generate more referrals.Plus, you’ll have all of Joe’s trainings at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days aweek. You’ll always know exactly what to say and how to say it to turn more ofyour leads into appointments, more of your appointments into contracts and moreof your contracts into closings – while generating more referrals for your business. Join a Do Group, read the blog, and the members-only archive for what it’s happening in the industry. You’ll stay informed and up-to-date on what’s new in the community and the market.Joe On The Go – download all of Joe’strainings and dialogues, then listen whileyou’re on your way to meet yourprospective client, show your buyer a newhome or close that big deal. Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit 15
  17. 17. A Swift Kick Ready to step up and play big? Then our Boot Camps are just what you need. As a member of our community, you have access to any of our regularly scheduledIn The Assets Boot Camps to help you stay on track, finish what you start and get results quickly. - To Get You Bankable Plus – you have access to our Specialist TeleClasses, which are short, simple and Results Fast laser-focused on getting you results. Each of these TeleClasses is specifically designed to focus on what you need right now to generate a consistent, predictable, reliable income. Here Are Just A Few: • Starting Your 30-Day Lead Blitz • How To Get All The Listings You Want – In Any Area You Want • Generating Leads With craigslist • Converting Leads to Appointments • The Art Of The Ultimate Scenario Conversation • Generating Referrals With Your Hour of Power Boot Camps and TeleClasses are led by By Referral Only Specialists who are committed to your success, and are ready – right now – to help you understand and implement the strategies and tools that will bring you Bankable Results. I’ve been a member of By Referral Only for 2 weeks, and the help I’ve had in that short time is mind-boggling. My Business Advisor had my clients list imported and up and running in no time, and 2 days later I took the myClients Boot Camp and that just simplified everything for me. And I’ve already had results from being a part of the community. Because of the “Hows The Market?” Magic Words I gained a client the 4th day after being a member. Ive got multiple offers on a listing due to the pricing Magic Words – and the 5-6-7 conversation has persuaded a young client to make a move – he had been holding off for seven months. The language really does work beautifully. I love the Message Board. I have picked up so many good ideas already. I’m really happy to be part of this community. Bev Dutchak Burnaby, British Columbia16 Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit
  18. 18. The By Referral Only Community is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in real A Networkestate before. You’re never alone – members willingly share their tips for success andhelp you get the results you want for your business and your life. Of Real Estate AndAs a member of the community you’ll tap into a network of thousands of like-minded Lendingreal estate and mortgage professionals who willingly share the wisdom gained from theiryears of experience and the secrets to their most recent successes in today’s market. Professionals Helping YouThe best place to get connected is on the Community Message Board – the centralonline forum for members where you get advice, support and tips from membersgetting results in today’s market. You’ll get solutions and answers to your mostpressing issues from professionals right there in the trenches with you. Ask a question and you’ll get answers from Joe, the Business Advisory Team or your fellow community members Without my By Referral Only family – I’d feel alone in the world of real estate and mortgages. Some of the best coaching, insight, and strategies I’ve installed in my business have come from other members who are in the trenches enduring the same struggles and frustrations I have been facing. And the fact that I have a huge network to tap into for giving and receiving referrals is big to me. I’ve been able to pay for my membership every year since starting with By Referral Only from the community referrals alone. Todd Asbell Provo, Utah Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit 17
  19. 19. Stay On As a busy professional you don’t have time to master all the new tactics and technologies that come your way. And The Cutting when you become member of our community you won’t Edge With have to.... Expert Tips And Step- You’ll get access to our Member Breakthrough library where By-Step Community Members with Master’s-level experience in real Instruction estate share what’s working for them right now in today’s market – and then give you step-by-step instruction, so you can put their same tactics to work for you in your business. These members have already done it all for you, all the learning, all the testing, and all the troubleshooting. All you have to do is plug in their proven strategies and you’ll be generating the same Bankable Results for your business. You’ll get expert tips and step-by-step instruction on these topics and more... How To Use craigslist To Generate More Leads • Setting Up An Account • Sample Ads • Posting Ugly Yellow Signs • Keys To A Successful craigslist Drip Campaign • The Power Of Magic Codes • Sample Scripts And Postings How To Blog Yourself More Business • Blogging Basics • ActiveRain • Ways To Promote Blogs • Blogging Resources • Community Tips And Strategies18 Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit
  20. 20. Real-Time Referral Network™ Create Lifelong Strategic BusinessThe Real-Time Referral Network is an easy-to-use networking tool that helps yousend and receive referrals throughout North America. With thousands of Relationships Andmembers in the community and hundreds of referrals broadcast each month, this An Endless Sourceis one of the quickest and easiest ways to generate immediate income. Of IncomeAll you do is create your profile, broadcast your availability and then watch thereferrals flood into your area. You’ll get instant, real-time notifications of referrals inyour region, so you can be the first to connect with them.And when you send referrals, you’ll have the security and peace of mind ofknowing that you’re referring to a trusted consultant within the community whoshares the same world-class service values you do. It’s More Than Paid For Our Membership We enrolled in the Real-Time Referral Network as soon as it came online. So far it’s brought us four inbound referrals, and we’ve used it to broadcast six outbound referrals, for $35,236 in revenue. In other words, the Real-Time Referral Network has more than paid for our membership in the BY REFERRAL ONLY Community! Lynda and Don Teehan Phoenix, Arizona Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit 19
  21. 21. Achieve ResultsTrak is an online system that monitors your progress and keeps you on track to achieve your financial goals. It’s your road map to experiencing quick,Your measurable, Bankable Results.FinancialGoals ResultsTrak helps keep you accountable while you maintain your momentum. Your progress is recorded online, so you’ll never wonder if the strategies are working for you; you’ll see the impact these strategies are having on your business immediately.A System You and your Business Advisor work together to set your goals for the next 12 months. With ResultsTrak, you review your business plan and goals with graphsTo Keep You and detailed information about where your business is coming from and how muchOn Track new revenue you’re generating. It’s the perfect time management system. Your Business Advisory Team will help you identify untapped business potential20 Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit
  22. 22. You want results quickly, right? As a member of the BY REFERRAL ONLY Community, Startthe first thing you’ll receive is your JumpStart Kit. Your JumpStart Kit is acomprehensive set of resources and trainings that shows you exactly how to get Gettingstarted, so you can start generating more commission checks fast. More CommissionYour JumpStart Kit contains the Magic Words card decks and audio CDs with theexact Magic Words that will get you more referrals right now, plus the language you Checkscan use today to crush every possible objection a buyer, seller or borrower will Fastthrow at you.You’ll also get seven Bankable Results CDs, including Initial Consultation dialoguesand trainings on the art of the 5-6-7 conversation process. With these training toolsyou will convert more of your appointments into contracts, contracts into closings,and closings into commissions.And you’ll get a supply of BY REFERRAL ONLY Gold Seals, the Initial ConsultationLaminates and Binder, and more. It’s everything you need to get started, getfocused, and move from where you are now to where you want to be. With your complete set of Magic Words Cards and CDs, you get access to hundreds of the world’s most powerful dialogues created specifically to get you Bankable Results fast When I first entered the business, I made over 300 cold calls a day. Now I’m using BY REFERRAL ONLY systems and strategies to deliver world-class service and nurture lifetime relationships. Instead of spending my time on the phone, I spend time with my wife Dina and our children Eli and Nova. Micah Peterson Artesia, California Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit 21
  23. 23. Here’s what you get with your membership:• Certified By Referral Only Business Advisors – A team of Business Advisors who are experts in helping you identify the greatest opportunities in your business and creating a custom step-by-step plan to help you achieve your goals• The 30-Day Lead Blitz – A low-tech easy-to-implement system for generating a steady stream of Five-Star Prospects right now in your market• The Art of Finding, Getting And Selling Listings – Your proven system for dominating the listing inventory in any market and selling these listings fast• The Finding Buyers Program – A turnkey program to attract quality buyers who want to purchase a home right now; perfect for generating commissions in a hurry• The 30/30 Program – A turnkey touchpoint system designed to yield 30 new transactions each year from 30 touchpoints to your Top 150• Ongoing Training With Joe – Video and audio training in the Magic Words Dojo; blog and Message Board posts; live TeleClasses every month – all recorded and downloadable, so you can take your “Joe On The Go” audio trainings and interviews with you everywhere you go• Boot Camps – Get a swift kick in the assets with these powerful laser-focused trainings that will help you stay on track, finish what you start and get Bankable Results quickly• myClients Referral Management System – Mail, email, track to-dos, manage your lists, know which relationships are creating referrals for you and calculate lifetime value; all fully integrated to work with all your strategies and programs; and it syncs with popular mobile devices• myPhoneLeads – Your own toll-free number, 200 extensions and 300 pre-paid minutes, call forwarding, and recorded messages to attract new clients quickly and track your results automatically• myWebLeads – 21 lead-generating Web pages and your own custom URL with opt-in forms and pre- written email auto-responders all preloaded to compel prospects to call you• Real-Time Referral Network – Send and receive referrals instantly with just a few clicks of your mouse• The Turnkey Touchpoints Program – An easy-to-implement system with the most effective touchpoints to help you generate a 50% referral rate from your clients during the transaction• The Power Productivity Program – Find your biggest opportunity, get focused, and get more deals closed with these powerful 12-week intensive trainings with Joe Stumpf• Turnkey Lead Generators – Ads, flyers and templates with pre-written email auto-responders that compel prospects to call you asking for your help• Professionally Written Monthly Mailings – Personalized referral-generating postcards, letters and customizable Client Newsletters to keep you top-of-mind with all your clients and sphere of influence• Community Message Board – Where you’ll get expert advice and mentoring from Joe, Business Advisors, and other By Referral Only Community members22 Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit
  24. 24. • ResultsTrak – Keeps you on track and accountable to achieve your business goals• JumpStart Kit – So you can start generating more commission checks fast, we’ll ship to you the Bankable Results audio CDs, Magic Words card decks/audio CDs, the Initial Consultation presentation binder, gold seals, and trainings that show you exactly how to get started• Trademark License – As an active member you’ll have permission to use all our materials, ads, templates, scripts, and the By Referral Only trademark, a nationally recognized symbol of excellence in the industry• Price Lock Guarantee – Your price will never go up as long as you remain a member; you get every system, all the new programs, any technology enhancements, and all online releases at no extra charge• Community Master Mind Groups – Join a local gathering of like-minded community members who gather as a group regularly to exchange ideas and strategies to help each other generate more leads, appointments, contracts, closings, and referrals• Accountability “Do Groups” – Get more done, stay inspired and motivated, and be held accountable with a “Do Group” of community members actively engaged in mastering the same strategy or program• Help-On-Demand Hot Line – To always reach a Business Advisor or Technical Support during our business hours, simply call the Help-On-Demand Hotline toll-free Monday through Friday for supportGet An Insider’s View Of The CommunityAnd See Everything In ActionSee for yourself how easy it can be tobuild the business you’ve always dreamed of...Your free guided web tour will take you inside the By ReferralOnly Community, where you’ll get an insider’s view of the entiresuite of turnkey systems, tools and business-generatingprograms you’ve seen in this brochure. See for yourself the programs and community thatJust visit to schedule will help you get more leads, more contracts, more closings, more referrals – and more commissionyour free web tour. And start building a business that gives you checks.more commissions, more time, and more life! Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit 23
  25. 25. We just closed a transaction this week for a $35,000 commission, and last month we had another one for $38,000. We started sending Evidence of Success, the Letter From The Heart and the Client Newsletter to our past clients – people we’d totally ignored – and they started calling and emailing. We stopped all the vanity ads, and today our mailings’ return on investment is about $47-to-$1. I can’t even begin to imagine being in business without By Referral Only. The systems are extraordinary. And once you have the systems in place, you have a pipeline. Lee Ann Monfredini San Francisco, California In 18 months the By Referral Only Finding, Getting and Selling Listings Program brought me just over $80,000 in gross commission income. Currently I’m showing a family who will buy a home for $300,000, and list their home with me. Several others are in the wings waiting. Getting Listings is the best program I’ve ever seen. It was so easy, I thought it was illegal! John Duncan Friendswood, Texas When I joined the BY REFERRAL ONLY Community I didn’t have much of a life. I worked 24/7. I took loan applications on Sundays. I had no time off. Today, Karen, my life partner, and I have a team of people. We helped 263 clients with first mortgages last year, closing $60,000,000 in business with 82 percent referred from our clients. Our income of over $1 million enabled us to take two months off, and this year we’re traveling to Greece, Holland, New York City, California and New Orleans. Thank you, BY REFERRAL ONLY. Karen and I are blessed with a wonderful team, and we’re enjoying the fruits of our labor. I’ve referred many, many folks to BY REFERRAL ONLY who are now clients as well! Chris Young and Karen Zendels Greensboro, North Carolina24 Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit
  26. 26. I installed the Finding Buyers program and it brought me a $6,600 commission and a great relationship with a new client. From the time he got in touch with me to writing the offer was about two weeks. This same program also brought me two more buyers that I’m working with right now. I’m having fun again selling real estate! Troy Doty Portland, Oregon Anyone can use this program and be successful. For anyone thinking of joining the By Referral Only Community, I would tell them – just do it. Do it and don’t question it because it works. Everything is right there, it’s so automatic, and there’s something for every type of personality. I do the By Referral Only Two-Minute Client Newsletter and in four months it’s brought me three transactions earning $22,835 in net commissions. I spend about $58 a month to send 100 newsletters, so that’s a $116-to-$1 return! Jana Waters Mesa, Arizona The Getting Listings Program brought me five transactions for $55,000 in gross commissions. It cost me about $320 to mail 1,000 postcards per month, a better than $21-to-$1 return. By Referral Only helped me structure my business with the Before, During and After Units, and improve my skills so I can survive in any market. I love the fact that everything is right there at your fingertips. Peter Danaher Boca Raton, FloridaTo Meet More Of Our Members, Go To Schedule Your Free Personalized Web Tour - Visit 25
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