Luminaria ceremony 2012


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Relay for Life Grapevine Texas 2012

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Luminaria ceremony 2012

  1. 1. Luminaria Ceremony**Love, Strength & Hope lighting our way around the track** April 27th, 2012 GRAPEVINE, TX RELAY FOR LIFE
  2. 2. Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back. Luminarias help us to recognize our loved ones who have been touched by cancer It is a vital part of our evening’s ceremonies, and reminds us of WHY WE RELAY This slideshow hopes to bring your loved ones who have been lost to cancer or are battling cancer to our event tonight so we can celebrate their presence & share their stories
  4. 4. In Memory of Amber Duncan MozingoWe love you and miss you,- GHS Class of 1981
  5. 5. In Memory of Sherry Smith OlsieWe love you and miss you,- GHS Class of 1981
  6. 6. In Memory of Tom AylettWe love you and miss you,- GHS Class of 1981
  7. 7. In Memory of Jerry OrrWe love you and miss you,- GHS Class of 1981
  8. 8. In Memory of Steve StinsonMy Friend SteveWith Love,Debbie Reynolds
  9. 9. In Memory of Patsy Luers My Friend Patsy, Love, Debbie Reynolds
  10. 10. In Memory of Russ RussellMy Friend Russ,With Love,Debbie Reynolds
  11. 11. In Memory of Peter KouwenLoving Husband,Peter Kouwen11-30-1946 – 02-03-2011I love & miss you so much!Love Always,Your Wife, Barbara Kouwen
  12. 12. In Memory of Patty Arnold (Mom) Lost to Breast CancerWe miss our beautiful musician, singer, lover of nature and loving mother.Thank you for teaching us to appreciate the beauty life has to offer, the precious memories, wonderful example and unconditional love you gave us!Love,Your daughters,Shanda, Darla and Cheryl & our children
  13. 13. In Memory of Grandpa Lonnie G. Goodman Lost Feb 20th, 2012 to Lung CancerWalking in memory of her Grandpa, who was recently lost to lung cancer this yearWith Love,Shelby GoodmanTeam Swag
  14. 14. In Memory of Uncle Moe Perez We Miss You Uncle Moe!!! Your love will never fade! XOXO, Rita & Barry LewisPhoto of Perez Family
  15. 15. In Memory of Joe BridgesYou are missedWith Love,Caitlin Bridges
  16. 16. In Memory of Sandra Alice Collins We miss you! Lucretia Frederick “AA DFW Remembers” Team
  17. 17. In Memory of Alice V. ErhardtWe miss you Mom!Lucretia Frederick“AA DFW Remembers”Team
  18. 18. In Memory of James E. ErhardtAunt Jean’s SoulmateLucretia Frederick“AA DFW Remembers”Team
  19. 19. In Memory of Mary Jean Erhardt Uncle Jimmy’s Soulmate Lucretia Frederick “AA DFW Remembers” Team
  21. 21. In Honor of Arthur F. Erhardt Dad, so much more than a caregiver Lucretia Frederick “AA DFW Remembers” Team
  22. 22. In Honor of Tim Anderson Thank you for being my best friend and a wonderful husband. Love Always & Forever, Lisa Anderson
  23. 23. In Honor of Paul M. Moreno Congrats on Last treatment Monday, April 23rd 2012!!!The BEST DAD in the whole world!Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor at 88 years old!I knew you could beat it dad!Love you dad,David M. Moreno“AA Cancer Walkers” team
  24. 24. In Honor of Barbara Stewart We are so blessed to have you in our lives! With Love, Caring Crafters
  25. 25. In Honor of Rachelle AudetWe are so blessed to have you in our lives!With Love,Caring Crafters
  26. 26. In Honor of Nancy CampbellAloha from the Big Island!Breast Cancer Survivorand Awesome Friend!You are an inspiration!-Rita Lewis
  27. 27. In Honor of Kay Lewis Breast Cancer SurvivorCelebrating with other Grapevine Survivors!We Love You,Barry & Rita
  28. 28. In Honor of Jane Johnson Breast Cancer Survivor at 82Grandma,We are so blessed that you were able to beat your breast cancer so that we had the chance to know you and have you in our lives!You are so kind and sweet, and a great card player!We Love You with all of our hearts!Your Grandaughters Katy & Sarah Fullhart,Your Daughter Linda Fullhart &Your Son-in Law Dave Fullhart
  29. 29. In Honor of Cassie Luna, Sassy SurvivorMay you continue to inspire others with your wit & wisdom. We are grateful for your friendship! With Love, Rita & Barry
  30. 30. In Honor of David JentschBattling Stage Four Throat CancerWith Love, Your daughter Karen
  31. 31. In Memory of Kecia Cryer-RileyFrom your American Airlines FamilyWe all miss you!
  32. 32. In Memory of Ricardo Ceballos, PapiThank you for fighting for your life & teaching us not to give up. We miss you very much & think about you often! Te queremos Papi! From your daughters who will always love you! -Valeria Ellsworth & Eliana Ceballos-Merrill
  33. 33. In Memory of Berniece Fullhart Breast Cancer Survivor, Lost to Leukemia Grandmother, Thank you for fighting for your life to survive breast cancer to be able to meet your first grandchildren. Your were always a strong woman, the best caregiver, & more concerned with the wellbeing of others then yourself. You brought beauty & education to the world with your music, and instilled in us the value that music and art can bring to our lives.From your grand-daughters who will always love you! -Sarah & Katy Fullhart
  34. 34. In Memory of Charles B. Fullhart Prostate Cancer Survivor for 20+ yrs, Lost to Stomach & Bladder Cancer To Grandad, You were always a fighter, and we are so thankful that you battled to survive and fill our lives with joy, love & happiness. From your grand-daughters who will always love you & remember you! -Sarah & Katy Fullhart
  35. 35. In Memory of Cameron Merrill Loving Husband Lost to Testicular Cancer at 26 yrs old Cameron, I will always miss you!Your have always inspired me to chase my dreams….I love you. From your wife who will always love you! -Eliana Ceballos-Merrill
  36. 36. In Memory of Cameron & Ricardo My Loving Husband and My Incredible PapiTo Left:Cameron Merrill, husbandTo Right:Ricardo Ceballos, fatherMy two Angels!With love,Eliana Ceballos-Merrill
  37. 37. In Memory of Linda EllsworthDear sister….cherished friend…and the Amazing Aunt Linda!Your memory fills us with happiness & puts smiles on our faces & warms our hearts.We miss you, we love you, & we know we will see you again!MUCH LOVE from Gregg, Valeria, Cami & Sophie
  38. 38. In Memory of Robert Dean Henry Lost to Brain Cancer at 12 yrs old Robert Dean Henry 1973 – 1986 Aged 12, much too young to go! Beloved Son, Grandson, Nephew We miss you and love you! Kimi Healy, AA team
  39. 39. In Honor of a Great Dad! Forrest HerndonWith Love, Bruce & Rene Herndon
  40. 40. In Memory Of Mabel Malone  Oscar Newkirk McCash Bonnie & John F Lloyd  Sarah Chambers Collins Donna Murphy  Vanessa Burris Laura Lloyd Blevins  Mom & Dad  (from Trisha Madden Stacy Burton) Laverne Phillips  Mary Beth Reddell Rylee Cayden Hayes  Fred Harris Elsie Siegal  J. Don Clark Josephine Nelson  Sally Laya Robert Barrett  Mari Cordero Minerva Trevino  Jeannette Ruiter Hester
  41. 41. In Memory Of Charles Martin Cathcart  Linda Ellsworth David Lawrence Doud  Ricardo Ceballos Lottie Wolf Halcomb  Berniece Fullhart Mary Ferwalt (Grandmother) Clayton Eoff  Charles Fullhart Dorothy George (Grandad) Marguerite Dougherty  Virginia Garcillano Delores Poray  Charles Nunn Dennis Neubauer (1943  Thelma Inez Nunn – 2010)  Steve Ewing Henry Ekberg  Ray Smith
  42. 42. In Memory Of Manny Poole  Sharon Middlebrooks Berta Logan  Rodney Smith Jeff Smith  Ray Smith Herbert Lippe  Cindy Torres Owens Diane Fox  Victor Lorenzo Torres I Ronda Weller  Hugh Lee Mode Wilma Dainwood  Patricia Arnold, Mom Al Dainwood  Ralph Marone Jaylene Stanton  Missy Joe Lewis  Moe Perez Beth Marshall  Constance Peters
  43. 43. In Memory Of George Peters  Mrs. Dennett Kay Giese  Mary Competiello Peggy Smith  Russ Russell Pat Reynolds  Patsy Luers Maxine Widener  Steve Stinson Tom Dooley  Mary E. Mosley Bill Trask  Joan “Ammy” Curran Linda Nipperess  Jim Brennan Mary Beth  Tom Aylett Bev Boyd  Sherry Smith Olsey Karen Chan  Amber Duncan Mozingo
  44. 44. In Memory Of Jerry Orr  GiGi Chandrasoma Jack McClendon  Charles Scribner Michelle Weaver  Stephen Fleming Mary Beth Reddell  Gwen Watson Francis Whitney  Oscar Gomez Carolyn Beik  Patsy Dennis David Welch  Hollis Reed Monroe Lee Schulz  Sandie Smith Francis Whitney  Evelyn Jones Louann Drips  Vanessa Burris Mary Jo Scribner  Joe Eustis
  45. 45. In Memory Of Shelly Chandler  Margaret Huff Charles Nunn  Christy Jacobs Inez Nunn  Mama Jake Schrickel Mary E. Mosley  Vanessa Burris Dowell Richardson  W. E. McKnight Charlotte Scalf  Douglas Allan Ernst Helen Wilson  Ray B Smith Ronny Powell  James C Stewart Jr Frankie Rawls  Lorene Stewart Bob Rawls  Jesse Parker, My Pops Mary Quinlivan  Granga
  46. 46. In Memory Of Marcel Pena  Merrill Woodfield Clyde Stinson  Billie Loyd McClendon Steve Stinson  Francis Jones Nora Johnson  Joe Bridges Arthur Johnson  Mr. Baker Mary Lou Stebler Dalton Teroy Emily Dodd William Studenic Linda Archer Cheryl Gardner
  47. 47. In Honor Of Edna Watkins  Cathy Blair Barbara Stewart  The Love of My Life Rachelle Audet (from Susan Bridges) Virginia “Ginger”  Wesley Stecker Roberts  Harold Grant Tim Anderson  Wendy Hackett Darla Deipharine  Doris Clark Hilda Paap  Goldie Ferris, Jennifer Broussard grandmother that Robert Gillock, survived 37 yrs after melonoma survivor breast cancer!  Kurt Hinds
  48. 48. In Honor Of Rina Schmidt-Clevenger  D Gunn Diana Coulter  Forrest Herndon Scotty Ferwalt  Emily Clark Nancy Eoff  Thelma Suson Cindy Ryan  Joan Wilt Jane Johnson  David Jentsch (Grandma)  Sally Mohammad My Mother (from Karen  Martha Polanovich Green)  Nancy Campbell Cindy Tyska  Jeannie Tayne Nilda Guzman  Evelyn Urbanosky
  49. 49. In Honor Of Wendy Merrill  Mr. Paul M. Moreno Cindy Ryan  George Peters Robin Blankenship  Debbie Trask Carole Lippe  Mark Zeko Lynda Abshire  Cathy Laurence Russell Thrasher  Russ Widener Cameron Merrill  Binnie Linda Archer  Kim Giese Charlie McClendon  Sandy Pollack Judy Lynn Maloney  Mini McCulloch Tribble  Bea Rejstroem
  50. 50. In Honor Of Mark Urbis  Dorothy Johnson My Sister – Michelle  A. J. De La Cova Merritt  Rudy Troeger (Brother) Ann Dempsey  My Dad David Storz My Mother Susie  Katie Ashby Casey Ross  Denise Holley Heivilin  Billy Blake Denise Smith Miller  Eugenia Fleming Susan Smetana Boysen  A. H. Fleming Charlie McClendon  Rhonda Covtant Ruth Tackel  Archie Fleming
  51. 51. In Honor Of Warren Scribner  Shirley Kinman Debra Brandes  Ann Pitstick Mary Withers  Eileen Pettit Carrie  Jim H Jan  Helen Holland Robin  Thomas MacGregor Phyllis McConnell  Deborah Hale Dottie DiiBon  Cayla Leonard John Schlenger  Jamie Davis Thelma Suson  Tracker Easley Nancy Eichelberger  Helene Studenic
  52. 52. In Honor Of Pat LeClaire Alex Noriega