Supernatural Botanicals Media Kit


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Supernatural Botanicals Media Kit

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Supernatural Botanicals Media Kit

  1. 1. Supernatural Botanicals Eco-Chic Bath & Body
  2. 2. Who We AreSupernatural Botanicals is an eco-chic bath and bodyskincare company. We adhere to Green practices andprincipals and formulate our products with intent andpurpose. Our pledge to our customers is to make ourproducts pure and gentle, free of toxins, parabens, andphthalates, and to exclusively use ingredients that arebeneficial to your skin and health.We develop, then extensively research, every product wecreate. Our products are researched and thoroughly testedto assure quality.Supernatural Botanicals also commits to being Green by thepractices in our workshop. We recycle almost 100% of thewaste we create. By using natural, quality products, weassure avoidance of putting toxic substances down ourdrains. We use high efficiency lighting to illuminate ourwork areas. We use eco-friendly recyclable packaging.By adhering to high standards and Green principals, youcan feel good knowing that the products you purchase fromSupernatural Botanicals are not only safe and extremelybeneficial to your skin, but also to the environment
  3. 3. Why Green MattersBecause your skin can absorb up to 65% of whats put on it…andsome experts believe that number is even higher, we believe itsimportant to be mindful of 100% of what we put in our products.Supernatural Botanicals follows a Green approach to skincare...ifits not 100% beneficial to your skin, we dont use it. Our productsare made with intent and purpose. We formulate our productsto nurture the skin with the purest ingredients available. Ourcommitment to being Green and to the environment is to tread aslightly as possible and to be cognizant about our carbon footprint.Thats why youll never find toxic substances in our products, likeparabens and phthalates.Our bath & body products are formulated pure and natural,because we believe its important to be eco-responsible.Super natural skin care creates super natural beauty.
  4. 4. Supernatural BotanicalsOur Signature Skincare Spa Soaps Body Lotions Body Sprays Bath Salts Botanical Skincare System Farmers Market Soaps Moisturizing Oils Linen Sprays Lip Balms Body Scrubs Mama & Baby Skincare
  5. 5. Supernatural Botanicals Signature Body Lotions & Body Sprays
  6. 6. Supernatural BotanicalsOur Signature Skincare Spa Soaps
  7. 7. Supernatural Botanicals Bath and Shower Sea Salts
  8. 8. Supernatural Botanicals Signature Linen Sprays
  9. 9. Supernatural Botanicals All Natural Baby Collection
  10. 10. Supernatural Botanicals Mama Collection
  11. 11. Supernatural Botanicals in the PressSupernatural Botanicals has garnered national success with our signature brand ofeco-friendly skincare and eco-home products. We have been featured in Everydaywith Racheal Ray magazine, WE magazine, Fox News,, CincinnatiEnquirer, Start Up Princess, Smart Talk Connected Conversations, Girlfriendology,Cincy Chic, Soapbox Cincinnati, amongst numerous other publications.
  12. 12. Supernatural Botanicals Eco-Chic Bath & Bodywww.SupernaturalBotanicals.com1-888-461-7772Founder/CEO: Robin FeltnerEmail: Robin@SupernaturalBotanicals.comPhone: 513-368-7045Wholesale: Wholesale@SupernaturalBotanicals.comInformation: