Ux people 042010


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Ux people 042010

  1. 1. Communication is the key to effective user experience Have the impact you deserve
  2. 2. Some ground rules• Discussions are more fun than talks• Ask questions• Volunteer information
  3. 3. A little bit about me
  5. 5. A definition "User experience" encompasses all aspects of the end-users The design of the whole experience a interaction with the company, its person feels when using a Web services, and its products. site, both online and offline. IncludesThe creation of the architecture and such online factors as ease of useinteraction models that impact a users and content, as well as such offlineperception of a device or system. The factors as fulfilment and customerscope of the field is directed at affecting service. User experience (UX) represents the"all aspects of the user’s interaction with perception left in someone’s mindthe product: how it is following a series of interactions The design of an experience a person hasperceived, learned, and used." between people, devices, and events when interacting with a specific design. This can range from a specific – or any combination thereof. artefact, such as a cup, toy or website, up to larger, integrated experiences such as a museum or an airport.
  6. 6. My definition of User Experience the creation of a digital design that is: usable useful and engaging
  7. 7. HOW DO WE DO THAT?
  8. 8. A variety of skill sets / techniques / tools• User research • Content Strategy• Ethnographic research • Voice & tone guidelines• Field research • Content Management principles• Directed interviews • Taxonomies• User Requirements Gathering • Content Matrices• Business requirements Gathering • Journey mapping•• UX makes the nebulous Stakeholder management Personas • • Free play user testing Card sorting• ••• Site mapsconcrete User Journeys What’s missing? Process flows • • Feature prioritisation activities Guerrilla / informal user testing Formal testing• Wireframes (Lo & Hi-fidelity) • Search log analysis• Specifications • Web analytics analysis• Prototypes • ….
  10. 10. A few questionsWhy did you choose User Experience?
  11. 11. A few questionsHow do you define success?
  12. 12. A few questionsWhat are your frustrations?
  13. 13. A few questions Who decides? and why? What’s missing?
  15. 15. Communication skills“it is useless to be a creative, original thinkerunless you can also sell what you create” -- David Ogilvy
  16. 16. Thoughts from a veteran Poor Excellent communicationtechnical skills skills
  17. 17. Thoughts from a veteran ExcellentPoor technical communication skills skills
  18. 18. Thoughts from a veteran Excellent Excellent communicationtechnical skills skills An effective user experience
  20. 20. Your work is valuable To the userTo the client / project owner To your company To yourself
  21. 21. Value to userHave an experience that is useful, usable and engaging
  22. 22. Value to the client / project owner Ensure they hit their targets Accomplish their goals Get their bonus Get promoted
  23. 23. Value to your companyAgency Client-side• Revenue • Increase revenue / Reduce• Keep customers happy costs• Awards / Case studies • Keep stakeholders happy• Bring clarity / Reduce risk • Pay for your FTE • Bring clarity / Reduce risk
  24. 24. Your work = revenueSome assumptions• Average length of UX • 1 person = 4 weeks engagement• Average day rates for • Freelance -- £250 - UX £600 • Company -- £500 - £1500
  25. 25. Your work = revenueFreelance Agency / Client-side• £5,000 - 12,000 • £10,000 - £30,000
  26. 26. Why is the range so broad?Hard measures Soft measures• Industry standard rates • Brand• Experience• Portfolio / Case studies• etc.
  27. 27. Value to yourself Pride Portfolio Your reputation and brand
  28. 28. Brand: A definition “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.If the consumer (whether it’s a business, a buyer, a voter or adonor) doesn’t pay a premium, make a selection or spread the word, then no brand value exists for that consumer.” -- Seth Godin
  29. 29. A little bit about brand• The communication of the work IS your brand• The quality of the finish is representative of the quality of the thinking
  31. 31. So...Why do we destroy the value of the work with poorly communicated deliverables?
  32. 32. Physician heal thyself
  33. 33. Improve the value of your work Know your user Make it Useful Make it Usable Make it Engaging
  34. 34. Thank youSome facts about Robert• Robert M. Fein Director of User Experience Work history – 6 ½ years in the US high-tech industry client-side grandunion • US West, Intel, Trilogy, Convio – 9 ½ years in the UK • Sapient, FullSix, DNA, LBI, Seren, Electronic Ink, GrandUnion – On a wide variety of use domains • Web(B2C, B2B, B2E), Device, Mobile, Consumer software, m: +44 (0)7803 605 666 Enterprise software, client-server, IVR t: +44 (0)20 7908 0708 – On a wide variety of industries f: +44 (0)20 7908 0701 • Retail, Grocery, Consumer Electronics, Government, Energy, Telecom, Leisure, Construction, Financial services, Non-profit Moray House• Educational History 23-31 Great Titchfield Street – He studied for a PhD in Cognitive Psychology but got London, W1W 7PA bored at the final hurdle and decided work was better – www.thegrandunion.com one of the best decisions of his life• He is a proud father to Georgina Note: He is looking to hire a Mid-weight and a Junior UX