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Indesign tutorial


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Indesign tutorial

  1. 1. In Design Tutorial Rahel Fasil
  2. 2. Creating and Setting up a New File To create a new file click document
  3. 3. Creating and Setting up a New File The ‘facing pages’ box must not be clicked! Everything else is fine to be left as it is.
  4. 4. Creating and Setting up a New File Your document page should look like this!
  5. 5. Windows and Doc ‘Windows’ is at the top of the page and helps you to do most things such as editing and adjusting layouts. ‘Docs’ is at the right side of the page
  6. 6. Using Rulers/Grids/Guides This is the ‘rulers’ section of the page, it is near the top of the page and the ruler goes all the way across the page if you click and drag you can make a guide to add some precision and they can be hidden if and when you wish
  7. 7. Stroke and Colour Windows Stroke box Colour box
  8. 8. Stroke and Colour Windows Black arrow is used to select and move objects Text box Pencil tool Line tool
  9. 9. Stroke and Colour Windows You can adjust the weight of the lineYou can adjust the You can adjust thethickness of the height of the lineoutline of the box toyour choice
  10. 10. Rectangle tool Click the rectangle tool first and thenThen a rectanglewill appear andyou can adjust itto any size youwant by movingit around
  11. 11. Rectangle frame tool – how to place images Once you have clicked on the image you want, it will be placed inside the boxClick file then placeand then you canselect an image fromyour files.
  12. 12. Tools – in tool barBlack arrow(select)Text toolPencil toolLine tool
  13. 13. How to manipulate/crop/arrange/transform objects Scale tool Eye dropper tool Hand tool Zoom tool