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Assignment 9


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Assignment 9

  1. 1. Assignment 9 – Coming together as a group Kaya Sumbland Gledis Dedaj Rahel Fasil Joanne Aroda
  2. 2. AS WorkWhat were areas of success for you as an individual?• Being a leader/director of my group• Organising my group’s meetingWhat did you feel confident in the c/w? (WWW)• Sound effects• Titles• Use of Mise-en-sceneWhat could have improved in the c/w (EBI)• Some pieces of diegetic sound cut out• Equipment seen in the background of a shot• Time/length of sequenceWhat did you feel let you down?• Time• Lack of communication with the whole group
  3. 3. AS WorkThe Areas I Was Successful In As An Individual? • Coming up with the new ideas • Showing up to every single group/editing session • Being a leaderWhat I Felt Confident In The Coursework With?• Being the Director and leading other members.• Editing footage.• Planning the next ideas for the Opening Sequence.What I Could Have Improved On In The Coursework?• My attention to detail in relation to continuity errors.• The lighting should have been more consistent.• The picture quality of the footage.What Let Me Down?• Not communicating with some of my group regularly.• Not helping less capable members of my group when they werent producing work
  4. 4. AS WorkWhat were areas of success for you as an individual?• Being the director of photography• Organisation of workWhat did you feel confident in the coursework?• Titles• Editing• Understanding of genre and conventionsWhat could have improved in the coursework?• Length of opening sequence• SoundWhat did you feel let you down?• Time
  5. 5. AS Work• My areas of success for me in my individual assignments assignment #11:Getting into groups. It allowed me to bring something to the table and show what work Id done.• The things I felt confident in and I could have improved in were… • WWW • EBI• Presenting in front of my peers • If I put more information on my slides• Acting in our opening sequence • I knew the information needed but they• My ability to draw specifics when it needed to be on the slides comes to the storyboard • Handing in work on time• What I feel let me down was my inconsistency in my work one time I would have but my all Into it another time I would do it for the sake of getting it done
  6. 6. Individual ContributionWhat I bring to the group…• Bring organisation for myself and the groupMy strengths…• I’m on time with group presentations• I try my best in group work• ReliableMy Weaknesses…• Bossy• Shy to share my ideas• Don’t approach people I don’t know to gain wider knowledge3 Targets to work effectively in a group• To not be so bossy• Be more of a team player
  7. 7. Individual ContributionWhat I Bring To The Group…• Creativity• Fast thinker• Confident with editingWhat My Strengths Are…• I am good at being a leader and am independent• I can edit footage at a fast pace yet with precision• I ensure that I attend ALL group/editing meetings and am reliableWeaknesses…• I need to start exploring new and different resources for my research.• When others are not contributing I tend to take over instead of helping them get back on track.• Some homework has gone over the deadline.My 3 Targets To Work Efficiently In A Group… 1. Less bossy. 2. Make sure that I use all types of resources to research my topic and get primary research too. 3. Make sure that I stick to homework deadlines set by my teacher.
  8. 8. Individual ContributionWhat do you bring to the group?• Topic development• Good ideas• OptimismWhat are your strengths?• Work is done to a good standard• Constructive contribution in group discussions• Can work independently and in a groupWeaknesses?• Bulky paragraphs in PowerPoint presentations• Time managementSet 3 targets to work efficiently in a group• Manage my time better• Improve on reliability• Make standard of work excellent
  9. 9. Individual Contribution• What I bring to the group is…1.Is my ability to find solutions to problems2.My thought process to create new ideas and topics• My strengths and weaknesses…• Strengths • Weaknesses• I’m good at drawing • Im not always organised• I’m good at working in a group and • My attention span being part of a team • My presentations are weak• I’m good a good listener
  10. 10. Gledis’ ContributionWhat does Gledis bring to the group? Picture• …. Creativity• LeaderGledis’ Weaknesses• Bossy ….• Easily stressed out• Be more confident in presentationsGledis’ Strengths• ….• Reliable• Efficient• Considerate to other members of the group
  11. 11. Rahel’s ContributionWhat does Rahel bring to the group? Picture• Good at group discussion to develop idea’s• She follows instructionsRahel’s Weaknesses• Organisation of slides• Late giving in work• Lack of independence and initiativeRahel’s Strengths• ….• She knows a lot on celebrity culture• Good ideas• Team player
  12. 12. Joanne’s ContributionWhat does Joanne bring to the group?• …. Artistic• Works well in a teamJoanne’s Weaknesses• Late giving in work and to filming ….• Contribution to ideas• Staying focusedJoanne’s Strengths • ….• Knows a lot on general knowledge• Considerate of other team members• Good ICT skills
  13. 13. Kaya’s ContributionWhat does Kaya bring to the group?• …. Creative• StructureKaya’s Weaknesses• Bossy ….• Easily frustrated• Bulky text on presentationsKaya’s Strengths • ….• Organised leadership• Reliable• Well designed presentation
  14. 14. Individual TopicsMy two main topics were…• Does social inequality still exist in the UK• Is the UK too dependant on the internet for socialisingWWW…• Sufficient research• Relevant to todays news/topics• Good examples from other DocumentariesEBI …• More primary research• Explanations into why things related to my topics occur• Less bulky text
  15. 15. Individual TopicsTwo Main Topics:•Animal Rights‘•Paparazzi and the MediaWWW…•Detailed research•Well selected information•Good choice of statisticsEBI…•Less text and more images•Wider range of resources for research•Use primary research
  16. 16. Individual topicsMy 2 main topics were:• Domestic Violence• Celebrity Audience: Then and Now
  17. 17. Domestic ViolenceWWW• Variety of research• Good inspirational documentary• Good consideration to style and purposeEBI• More thought to audience types• More primary research• Topic isn’t very attractive to a mass audience
  18. 18. Exploration of Questions
  19. 19. Exploration of Questions
  20. 20. Exploration of Questions
  21. 21. Possible Topics• Is our engagement with social media progressive? Chosen Topic• Why are people so obsessed with social media?• Is social media the new puppeteers of our world?
  22. 22. ContributionHow does my previous topic contribute to this?• Globalisation• Online Dating• Networking• BlogsMy responsibilities of research…• Video Sites• Online Dating• Social News
  23. 23. Contribution To The TopicHow Does My Previous Topic Contribute To The GroupTopic?Paparazzi and the Media:•The role of the audience and how they contribute to the growth of media•What effects media has on society•The effects of YouTube and Internet fameResponsibility of Research:•How The Internet Became Popular‘•Web 2.0‘•Networking
  24. 24. Contribution to final chosen topicHow is each person going to contribute to this final chosentopic/question?• By summarising my most useful and relevant findings of research and informing the group on them.Does their previous individual topic contribute with this?How?• Linked research to subtopics so there was a clear direction of where the individual topic was going.What are their responsibilities of research?• Blogs• Wikis
  25. 25. Contribution• My 3 targets in order for me to work efficiently in a group are…• Always be organised i.e. always have my part of assignments ready to the best of my ability• Use other methods of research i.e. blogs, periodicals, online articles• Make sure I keep I log of all our meetings and take pictures to post on the blog with a summary of the meeting
  26. 26. Contribution to final chosen topic Name Targets for research • Use more resourcedKaya • Primary research • Use less bulky text • Use more resourcesGledis • Primary research • Use less text • Use more resourcesJoanne • Put spoken information on slideshow • Send presentations on time • Use more primary resourcesRahel • Less text • More images