Assignment 9


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Assignment 9

  1. 1. Assignment 9 – Getting into Groups Sanel, Kaya, Rahel, Gia
  2. 2. Group Member 1 - Kaya SumblandWhat Grade did you receive from Assignment 8? D-What did you learn from it?• Not to be too basic• To think carefully before I put a genre to my idea so that it fits perfectly• Think about health and safety when planning my ideaWhat skills do you I bring to the group…• Detail of idea’s• My creativityTargets I set myself to improve my individual presentation…• Film theory• Do more research into my idea and develop it cautiously
  3. 3. • I received a C- for Assignment 8 and I learned how genre conventions are applied in my inspirational films. I also learned how to develop my ideas into plans for an opening sequence.• I bring my creativity and understanding to the group.• The targets I have set myself from Assignment 8 are the consideration and application of film theories.• WWW – good layout and well organised slides, wide range of shots• EBI – more detailed target audience, more inspirational films
  4. 4. What grade did you receive and what did you learn fromassignment 8?I received a grade D. In assignment 8, I learnt that if you ask yourself what went well andwhat you felt on what you could improve on (EBI), it also helps you to improve on yourwork and chances of you getting a higher grade. Also I learnt that a storyboard helps you tohave a clear idea of what your opening sequence would be like.What Skills would I bring to the group?I would bring creativity and enthusiasm stability because I am a annalistic person.What are some targets you have set yourself to improve from the individualpresentation?I have set myself an organisation target as I need to improve the way I lay out my work soothers can understand the presentation more clearly.
  5. 5. Group Member 1 - Kaya Sumbland (My Theme and idea for opening sequence has changed as I’ve made a second draft)Theme is Mystery / DeathMy idea for the opening sequence is…• Girl gets phone call, no one on other line• Two days later, has loads of missed calls, she panics• Two days later he/she calls again when she’s at home• Scary/freaky things happen to her• Her doorbell rings, when she opens the door her face gets deformed and she screams dementedlyWWW• Good detail of characters and target audience• Good detail on my storyboardEBI• More detail – too basic• Use pictures to back up my point• Add more appropriate conventions
  6. 6. • The theme of my film is addiction and the concept is overdose.• Opening sequence: 1. The girl has passed out on the floor 2. She skips school and calls dealer, he threatens to attack her 3. Flash back of how she got introduced to drugs 4. Waits for friend in the park, the friend doesn’t turn up 5. Empty bottle of pills on the floor
  7. 7. What was your theme and/ or concept for your film? My theme was revengeWhat was your idea for opening sequence • A car comes • Jessica hand on the ground • A rose on the grave • Jessica starts following the bully Amy • Amy gets scared.WWW & EBI of your ideaI think that I had some good explanationsbut it was very basics and could have beenmore clearer.
  8. 8. Genre THRILLER• We want to do this genre because it will keep our audience engaged and interested in the film.• It has many diverse ways of creating enigma.• We feel as a group we can challenge and meet the conventions.• Also we like thought of being scared.• A large majority of our target audience find thriller’s more exciting than other genre’s.
  9. 9. Examples of thriller filmsDevil – 2010Devil is a thriller film because throughout the filmyou don’t know who the devil is and it really thrillsyou to figure out who the devil is throughout thefilm and at the end when you find out who it is itreally shocks you. Also at the end of the film youthink that everything is solved but its not.
  10. 10. Examples of thriller filmsBuried – 2010Buried is a thriller because throughout the movieyour always anticipating to see what will happennext, to him in the coffin/box. Also at then endwhen the sand is pouring in and he’s about to besaved it builds up all this excitement but, when youfind out they got the wrong guy, it really shocks you.
  11. 11. Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples from Thriller Challenge Description Films Use – Someone lies, Purpose – To keep the Paranormal ActivityFalse Ending won’t keep their audience thinking; Cliff promise. A man. hanger. Change the way Develop – A woman. you view curtain Challenge – Something situations. demonic and scary giving Description – We through false hope. Keeping there would be a new audience scared not just equilibrium, but it ended annoyed. with a cliff hanger and the Ending – Demon still in her. demon is still inside her. Use – Young girl. Purpose – To make the Disappearance of AliceInnocent Develop – An older age, audience feel sympathy Creed possibly a man for the character and toVictims Challenge – Almost shock from her killing the being the villain, the villain victim ends up killing the Description – At the end villain. of the film the woman taken hostage ends up killing the men that took her showing no remorse over it. The Victim kills the villain. Convention’s based on our film
  12. 12. Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples from Thriller Challenge Description Films Use – Middle aged male. Purpose – To show the Law abiding CitizenEscaped Develop – Female. mentality of the character – how smart and cunningconvicts they are. Description – The man planned his escape from prison before her went in to out smart the police and get justice. Planning an escape from prison. Use – Kidnap film. Purpose – To shock the The Human CentipedeShock Develop – Making it audience, showing a real psychological. life situation in a Challenge – Making it disturbing and terrifying horrific and unexpected. manner. Not predictable . Description – The villain Disturbing. holds 3 people hostage and shocks the audience in doing some extremely unexpected disgusting the Takes people hostage and audience creates them into a human centipede. Convention’s based on our film
  13. 13. Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples from Thriller Challenge Description Films Use – To show someones Purpose – To show Saw 2Blood hurt psychological state of Develop – To disgust the characters and their audience horrible mentality, also Challenge – To present a how much they believe in symbol from belief using something pain and blood horrifying Description – When the the audience serial killer cut out a jigsaw from a victims skin to show Cut out trademark some his symbol/trademark. someones skin. Use – To show ghost exist Purpose – To terrify the The exorcist of Emily RoseSupernatural Develop – Scaring the audience showing that audience putting the supernatural is stronger supernatural in realistic than yourself and can situations controlling your mind. Challenge – Showing the Description – The victim is supernatural invading possessed and cant personal space and control herself, she forms someones mind. into unnatural positions and talks in demonic Possessed on the floor and voices of the demon. saying demonic voices. Convention’s based on our film
  14. 14. Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples from Thriller Challenge Description Films Use – A man get’s away At the end of the film The TownRelief at and starts his life again the guy gets away and else where. start his life againthe end. elsewhere with no attachments Develop – It becomes At the end of the film Devil scary and it plays with the man is sorry for your mind. what he did and he is rescued yet there is still tension about where the devil goes next. Challenge – Making it so At the end the police The Human Centipede disturbing and horrific - come over and even although your relieved, though theres loads of your still disgusted and gory killing the girl in feel uncomfortable. the middle will be recued.
  15. 15. Convention Use / Develop / Purpose and Examples from Thriller Challenge Description Films Use (villain) – Can’t see You don’t see the PsychoVillain and details, remains a villain killing nor whoVictim mystery. they are killing the Use (victim) – An woman in the shower, attractive innocent woman. it makes the audience wonder who it is. Develop (villain) – You Scream can hear that it’s a male The villain is a male in their voice, not that and you see the girl he much of a mystery. killed hurt but you Develop (victim)– Both don’t see how he killed makes and females, you can see them hurt but her or the gory details. not them getting hurt. Hose of wax Challenge (villain) – Very The victim is a male shy and insecure. who is killed by a shy Challenge (victim) – and vulnerable villain, Male, showing him in a you see the victims get gore like manner hurt. killed and in detail what it looks like.
  16. 16. Inspirational FilmsThe exorcism of Emily Rose Saw – 2004 The disappearance of Alice – 2005 Creed – 2009 Drama/ Horror Horror/ Mystery Crime/ ThrillerWhen Emily is possessed When Jigsaw cuts out a When the innocenton the floor in unnatural trademark symbol out of kidnaped girl at the endpositions also when she one of his victims skin. of the film, kills the mentalks in demented tones. who kidnapped her.
  17. 17. Inspirational FilmsLaw Abiding Citizen- 2009 Human Centipede – 2009 Paranormal Activity – 2007 Thriller/ Crime Horror Horror / Thriller At the end, instead of a The way he had Being a film about Kidnap new equilibrium, the film planned his escape its shocking in the sense ends with the demon still from prison for 10 you wouldn’t think this being in the girl and the years before going in. would happen to them. problem isnt resolved.
  18. 18. Idea 1 RevengeGruesome Death • Someone gets hit by a car • Violent • PainStruggle Idea 1 • horror Revenge Sadness • Crying over the person death.Depression • Loss Bullying • Grief • Physical • Verbal • cyber bulling
  19. 19. Idea 2 MysterySupernatural demon Murder • Violence • Assault Idea 2 • DeathShadow walking Mystery Secrets • HiddenMystery of the killer Solving Vulnerable victim • Unknown death • Clues • Puzzles • Curiosity
  20. 20. Theme: PossessionConcept: Hostage Idea 3 possession (CHOSEN ONE) Extra- Terrestrials Supernatural Idea 3 Disincarnate Paranormal Activity Possession Gods Demon Spirits
  21. 21. Possession Why we choose this theme• The reason we choose possession was because of the excitement of getting scared and we thought it would have been an interesting theme for our target audience.• Most thriller movies are based on possession such as ‘Mirrors and Paranormal Activity’ and most teenagers would watch it with friends too soften the fear and perhaps make it darkly comic.• Such films can bring about a giddy sense of fear and adrenaline that appeals to a wide range of target audience.• Also we asked everyone out of our three ideas (Revenge, Mystery and Possession) which one would they want to watch more and most of them said possession. So we decided in the end that possession would be our theme.
  22. 22. Idea Development Option Our first meeting!On our first meeting we all discussed each other’s individual ideaand then collaborated them together coming up firstly with revenge.We then decided to make 2 more idea’s to have some more varietywhich we then came up with the mystery idea and lastly thepossession idea. We then as a group decided it would be best to dopossession as our theme as it is the most thrilling and we though wecould really develop into a really good opening sequence thatcreates a lot of enigma.
  23. 23. Idea Development OptionWe collaborated multiple ideas into one idea and worked towards developing itfrom…• Kaya’s idea of possession and the devil and a theme of religion• Sanels idea of the escaped convict and the news• Rahel’s idea of pictures across the walls and the concept of hostage• Gia’s idea of where we should locate the O.SEveryone is contributing by…• Meeting up 3 times a week• In each meeting everybody comes up with new developing idea’s• Watching more thriller films for extra inspiration
  24. 24. Whole Film• Gwyn (villain) talks about escaping from prison• Gwyn escapes from prison• Takes Paige (victim) hostage and does demonic possessions on her• Gwyn takes more people hostage to possess as a statement• Paige kills Gwyn
  25. 25. Opening Sequence• Gwyn (Villain) makes a video and puts it on the internet• Gwyn watches the news and her video is played• They show how the tape is shown across the internet• They play the tape with Gwyn and Paige (Victim) holding her hostage• The news ends with a dramatic line telling the world to keep safe
  26. 26. ENIGMA• Current films in the Thriller genre create enigma in their opening sequences.• In our opening sequence we are going to create enigma by using the concept of kidnap which we got inspiration from Kiss The Girls The use of dark settings in Kiss The Girls gave us the inspiration to use dark and secluded settings in our opening sequence.
  27. 27. How we will create enigmaIn our opening sequence we will create enigma by…• The news reader saying very dramatic lines at the end of her report which will alarm the audience• Not showing why Gwyn is the way she is• The audience will want to watch more to know more about her cult• The audience will want to know further what happens to Paige – and if she will survive.• Also the music we will play through out the opening sequence will add tension and build it up to a climax getting the audience excited.
  28. 28. Target AudienceAge – 15 - 18Gender – FemalesEthnicity – European, mainly religious countriesLocation – Inner city; LondonInterests/Hobbies – Religion, The unknownLifestyle – Hectic, religious, but not overly religious lifestyle TARGET AUDIENCE FEEDBACKFrom the feedback we received on our questionnaires, 4 in 5 of them though we shouldmake the villain have the mental illness schizophrenia as they thought it would be moreinteresting. Also they all thought the opening sequence created enigma making them watchmore, but again 4 out of 5 of them liked the sound of the whole film and what it is about.
  29. 29. CharactersThe Villain – The Victim – The News reporter –Gwyn DuPont Paige Shay Audrey Donahue
  30. 30. CharactersName – Gwyn DuPontGender – FemaleAge – 32Costume - White dirty tattered hospital scrubsProps – Video cameraMake up – Very muddy and blood stained faceStereotype – Crazy possessed womanCharacter representation – The villainBody Language – Very open, lankyFacial Expression – Open eyed, dramatic movements
  31. 31. CharactersName – Paige ShayGender – FemaleAge – 17Costume - jeans and a shirtProps – NoneMake up – Run down mascara, pink checksStereotype – Young, teenage innocent girlCharacter representation – VictimBody Language – Timid, shyFacial Expression – Terrified, confused
  32. 32. CharactersName – Audrey DonahueGender – FemaleAge – 42Costume - Long, fitted, pencil dressProps – MicrophoneMake up – Professional, classy, subtle but thereStereotype – Middle class womanCharacter representation – News reporterBody Language – Straight back, good postureFacial Expression – Tight faced, not showing expression
  33. 33. Location• This is the Janitors spare room in the basement of our school.• It’s always accessible apart from the holiday’s if there are no revision sessions on.• We would film after school and film during in our free periods.• There is no need for any health and safety concerns, it is in a very reliable environment.
  34. 34. Location• This is outside the inisfree house next to our school building.• It’s always accessible as we only need the street and the look of the building.• We can film after school or we would travel from home on the holidays and do it.• There is no need for any health and safety concerns, it is in a very reliable environment.
  35. 35. NarrativeOur film is an open narrative because at theend of our film it’s a cliff hanger, you don’tknow what will happen to Paige and the restof the possessed soul’s she’s trapped withafter she kills Gwyn.It is also linear narrative because the wholefilm is shown in order of its occurrence. Fromstart, middle to end.
  36. 36. Film TheoryTzvetan Todorov – Narrative film theoristEquilibrium – Gwyn is in prison and Paige leads her normal life.Disequilibrium – Gwyn takes Paige hostage.New Equilibrium – Paige kills Gwyn.Claude Levi-Strauss– Narrative film theorist Good Vs. Evil Paige GwynVladimir Propp – Film theoristWe don’t feel that our film applies to the Propp theory as onlyone of our characters fit his criteria – that being the villain.