Assignment 16


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Assignment 16

  1. 1. Rahel Fasil
  2. 2.  The objective is to gain understanding of WHAT the titles are in an opening sequence and HOW and WHEN they are applied. All must – research and complete analysis of at least 4 opening film
  3. 3.  For motion pictures the opening credits are shown at the start and list the main members of the productionCOMMON OPENING CREDITS ORDER1. Name of studio2. Name of production company3. (Producer name) Production A FILM BY (Director name)4. Starring5. (FILM’S TITLE)
  4. 4.  Billing is the order of how credits are presented for films or other creative works. Information given in billing usually consists of the companies, actors, directors, producers, and other crew members.
  5. 5.  The order in which credits are billed usually show their importance.1. Production company2. Director3. Actors4. Composer5. Costume designer6. Film editor7. Production designer8. Director of photography
  6. 6.  Seven Gattaca The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Casino Royale
  7. 7. A. The titles say ‘New Line Cinema Presents’ ‘An Arnold Kopelson Production’ ‘A Film By David Fincher’. Actors eg.‘Brad Pitt’. ‘Casting by..’ ‘Music by..’ ‘Costumes designed by..’, ‘Edited by..’ ‘Production designed by..’ ‘Director of Photography’ ‘Co producers’ ‘Written by’ ‘Produced by’ ‘Directed by’B. Timing of titles is 2 minutes and 8 seconds.C. The colour of font is black and white which relates to the film as its about a mystery case and adds to the seriousness. The capital letters reflect the newspaper article shown which is key in the film.D. D. The titles are flashing on and off the screen.
  8. 8. A. The titles say ‘Columbia Pictures Presents’ ‘A Jersey Films Production’ ‘A Film By Andrew Niccol’ Actors eg ‘Ethan Hawke’ ‘Gattaca’ ‘Casting by..’ ‘Co Producer..’ ‘Music Composed and Conducted by..’ ‘Costume designer’ ‘Editor’ ‘Production Designer’ ‘Director of Photography’ ‘Produced by’ ‘Written and Directed by’B. Timing of titles is 3 minutes and 33 secondsC. The colour of the titles is an artificial looking blue which reflects the medical and supernatural elements of the film. The style of writing is also biblical and the film address biblical themes.D. The titles fade in and out
  9. 9. A. ‘A Scott Rudin – Yellow Bird Production’, ‘A David Fincher Film’ Actors eg ‘Daniel Craig’, ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’, ‘Casting by..’ ‘Costume Designer’ ‘Co producers’, ‘Sound design by’ ‘Music by’ ‘Editors’ ‘Production Designer’, ‘Director of Photography’ ‘Executive producers’ ‘Produced by’ ‘Based on the book by..’ ‘Directed by’B. Timing of titles is 2 minutes and 25 secondsC. The colour of the titles is black and white and the titles are capitalised to show that the film is frightening and serious.D. The titles tighten and then cut to the next one.
  10. 10. A. The titles say ‘Albert R Broccoli’s EON Productions Ltd Presents’ ‘Daniel Craig’, ‘Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007’ ‘Casino Royale’ ‘Starring Eva Green..’ ‘Associate Producer’ ‘Production Executive’ ‘Costume designer’ ‘Music by’ ‘Co producer’ ‘Editors’ ‘Director of Photography’ ‘Produced by’ ‘Directed by’B. Timing of titles is 3 minutes and 8 secondsC. The colour of the titles is black and white which adds to the mystery and shows that the film could be about somebody smart and professional. Possibly someone who commits a crime.D. The titles appear and then slowly fade out.