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tweakin' facebook apps


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tweakin' facebook apps

  1. 1. tweakin’ on the fb platform
  2. 2. face of the app: name and icon 16x16 icon and name shows up in: ‣ minifeed/newsfeed ‣ invitation ‣ notification ‣ profile
  3. 3. program and viral flow • reduce steps required for AARRR • emphasize links/pages of importance through placement, styling, wording • strong and varying calls to action
  4. 4. news feed optimization mini-feed & feed tell a story.. • mini-feed: “what’s going on with me?” • feed: “what’s going on with my peeps?” • both are visible to your network & their friends
  5. 5. news feed distribution & conversion • how to create & publish messages to widest possible audience, w/o being spammy? • how to optimize messages for conversion / get the highest possible CTR? • where does click-thru take the user, and how can I optimize that page for best activation?
  6. 6. minifeed/newsfeed • publish relevant messages for users • use each message as an advertising opportunity with a specific CTA • include text & icons to inform, brand, remind • create a a well-designed CTA button with compelling text to increase CTR • include narrative text to increase CTR • include fb:name & other links to increase network visibility
  7. 7. minifeed/newsfeed Users involved are mentioned in feed. •Include names of all involved friends Clear and concise call to action Images separate newsfeed item from other items •Emphasizes call to respond
  8. 8. invitations Actionable “type” of request Describe application Call to respond
  9. 9. notifications Action performed on user Strong call to action
  10. 10. profile Provides social proof Badges Clear and concise call to action Dashboard functionality