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Choose Experiential Tech Wisely (at EventTech 2016)


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Today, we face an overwhelming set of experiential technologies to evaluate and use in trade show, event and retail spaces. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Projection Mapping, Holograms and more. The list grows daily. Yet, not enough attention is paid to how to use these technologies effectively. This session surveys the expanding list of tools available to experiential creators, categorizes them analytically, and offer examples on how you can create high-tech experiences that engage people effectively.

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Choose Experiential Tech Wisely (at EventTech 2016)

  1. 1. choose your tech wisely matching the latest technologies to your event objectives november 2016
  2. 2. who? brands & agencies using tech at events, tradeshows, and retail ROI, success, awesomeness criteria for picking the right technologieswhat? why?
  3. 3. 25 years of the next big thing cd-rom touchscreens websites social media mobile web mobile apps gestural ui touch walls projection mapping virtual reality augmented reality
  4. 4. Experiential technology can help people understand concepts and feel things that lead to mutually positive and measurable outcomes for both customers and brands.
  5. 5. holograms computer vision device tracking beaconsgesture-basedtransparent screens nfc rfid projection mapping augmented reality vr (360° & room-scale) touch walls
  6. 6. wait a minute…
  7. 7. what are we trying to do here? build loyalty attract engage measure & optimize connect
  8. 8. build loyalty attract engage measure & optimize connect booth signage demos performers speakers brand ambassadors giveaways contests sweeps swipes
  9. 9. build loyalty attract engage measure & optimize connect transparent screens touch walls gestural ui beacons nfc & rfid computer vision device tracking projection mapping holograms augmented reality virtual reality
  10. 10. 9 ways to evaluate event technologies ?attractive ?engaging ?easy ?convert ?measurable ?adaptable ?reusable ?cheap ?maintainable
  11. 11. projection mapping
  12. 12. Holograms holograms
  13. 13. augmented reality
  14. 14. virtual reality room-scale vr 360° vr
  15. 15. touch walls transparent touchscreens
  16. 16. touch walls transparent screens gesture-based ui beacons projection mapping holograms augmented reality vr 360° vr room scale a common framework
  17. 17. let’s talk strategy • What problem does the tech solve? How well? • How does it affect flow and retention? • Can they create WOM? • Do they affect ROI? • Build for re-use: hardware, software, talent, expertise
  18. 18. putting tech to work concept prototype test on newbies polish late plan for problems
  19. 19. case study • evolving stories • many stakeholders • short schedule • high tech • big expectations
  20. 20. RESULTS “All I can say is wow – what a wonderful display – I think it is your best so far … simply amazing.” RALPH DE LA VEGA Vice Chairman of AT&T Inc. CEO of AT&T Business Solutions and AT&T International 7,025 guests 89,310 impressions 10,048 interactions
  21. 21. measurement • Combine measures path, dwell time, interactions, gaze • Gauging intent • Real-time reactions • Have an after-action plan
  22. 22. planning for the future • Build a portfolio of tested technologies • Move each tech through a roadmap • Refresh it regularly
  23. 23. Bonus Tip: Choose a real partner
  24. 24. let’s review: choosing tech wisely 1. use tech purposefully 2. choose tech that’s strong, not just shiny 3. concept heavily 4. test relentlessly with newbies 5. measure & improve 6. re-evaluate regularly and often 7. choose a real technology partner
  25. 25. thanks Got questions? @buzzer