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Casting instructions for

  1. 1. Casting Instructions for 'Rose Love Spell Spell' Cast your circle, then make a small circle inside that circle with the string. Then take the rose pedals and put them around the string. Then put the red candles inside that circle around the top so you can fit the picture inside it too. Finally put the picture in the middle. Concentrate, then Chant: One that I love so dearly, You'll go away I'm fearing, But now I take into myself, the power of love, the power of help, How about you stay for a while, Our relationship we can reconcile, This spell is not on you, For it is something I will do, To draw in love and help, So I will have you for myself. Then take what's left of the rose and give it to him. If he refuses, then the spell may not work. Casting Instructions for 'Animal friendship Spell Spell' Casting Instructions for 'Animal friendship Spell Spell' First if you just got this pet give it time to adjust to its new home. Second stare your animal in the eyes pet it three times;then wisper: "by the power i thee indow the power to bind us now". wait for a sign that means yes. Casting Instructions for 'Attract a new friend Spell'
  2. 2. Say: I'm alone, I need a friend, a friend who will be there with me all the time.So mote it be Casting Instructions for 'Become Popular Spell' 1 put on ur fav shirt and whaterve else u want 2 put on the luck charm 3 chant the following, " I will be popular I will be cool I will be popular Even in school A friend making person That's me As i say Now mote it be" x3 Casting Instructions for 'Candle of Acceptance Spell' Set up your altar as you see fit and invoke the gods of our own pantheon. Gods that have the attributes to friendship, socialization and gatherings will be best for this spell. Just never invoke a god not of your pantheon nor gods you do not know about. Give first prayers and then your offerings. A few springs of fresh rosemary or sweetpea may be most beneficial for this
  3. 3. spellwork Now take the candle in your hand and start to bless it (rubbing in) the oil. As you do chant the following 9 time: "Gods of my heart, gods of my love, you all accept and commune so well amongst each other. Help me in this spell I craft now and bring the same acceptance amongst those I dwell/work with." Continue to enfuse the candle with positive white energy of acceptance. This spell may not make them your best friends but it will make your working/living space less awkward when around them. Now place the candle down and light it. As you light it see the energy you put into it release and fill you and your home. Hold you hands around the candle and speak the following: ?Gods of my forefather and myself, please help me to be in the spell craft. Make me be in the eyes of others Accepting from they petty idealisms. Let me truly see the value of, Greeting all with friendship and love. Guide my soul and spirit to let others like me, And let them treasure my ideas and me as well. Each one unique and special find, A positive thought their my mind. To always be kind and fair and caring.?
  4. 4. When done let the candle burn for one hour and blow it iut. Never snuff it out with your fingers, as that's rude. Then at night repeat the spell. This spell may take a few days of working on it to take hold in the material world. Just keep at it. Casting Instructions for 'Grow Hair Spell Spell' Say this spell three times my hair shall grow like nasty weeds my energy will be like little seeds it will grow longer it will grow faster to my tailbone it shall be This is my will so mote it be Casting Instructions for 'Turn Me Invisable Spell' Concintrate hard on yourself disapearing. Close your eyes and chant the following this until you feel invisabe. Trust me you will fell the energy feild around you. CHANT: Oh gods and goddesses hear me plea Please make me un see able by all eyes Sheild me from sight and hide me in clearness This is my will so mote it be.
  5. 5. THIS SPELL TAKES LOTS OF CONSINTRATION AND PRACTICE 1. Read the FAQs - This will give you a good idea about the website and some general information about spell casting. 2. Select a Spell from our spell list. Follow the instructions and cast it. It is that simple. 3. Create a Membership in the website. Membership is free and allows you access to the forums, the chatter and more. 4. Join a Coven. You don't have to join a Coven, but if you do you will find people more willing to help you. 5. Casting Instructions for 'Do you like me? Spell' In your sacred space cleanse, consecrate and empower the red ball. As you repeatedly bounce the ball, repeat these words "From ground to air from ground to air I bounce magick round and round do you like me? Do you love me? I need to know the answer. Dragons eyes, and angels wings. Now I touch the fairy ring. Do you like me? Do you love me? I need to know the answer earth and air fire and water. My little ball goes higher and higher. Mine is magick. Mine is power. Its time to know the answer." Repeat the last line as you bounce the ball. Keep bouncing the ball and say "With harm to none as I will it shall be done. May all astrological correspondences be correct for this working, and may this spell not reverse or place upon me any curse. SO MOTE IT BE!" You should receive your answer soon, if you do not have your answer in 30 days, repeat the spell. Casting Instructions for 'Get your Crush to like You Spell' Take your Paper and write crush's FULL NAME on the paper. Use your scissors to cut the paper into a heart. Now, write + (your name) and draw (# of years you want to be together) hearts on the paper.Fold the paper so your names are on the outside. Kiss the paper (with lip gloss or lipstick on) twice. Fold the paper again so that your names are on the inside. Kiss the paper 5 times. Hold this paper close to your heart for twenty seconds. Then put it under your pillow that night when you go to bed. Side effects- -You wanting to see your crush more -your crush wanting to see you moreYou will need the following items for this spell:
  6. 6.  Lip gloss or lipstick-Pink or red  Pure love  red pen  paper  scissors  W.I.S.H- Will I See Him? (in other words desire to see your crush. -you having dreams about your crush Casting Instructions for 'Cards of Revenge Spell' *Turn on the sounds, burn the candle (or put on a video of one) *Turn the lights off. *Lay the cards on the towel. Shuffle them and select your first card. *Curse the card with jealousy, nightmares, or bad luck. *Repeat step 4 until a pattern is complete. *Say, "Bequeath the anger and jealousy. Bequeath my revenge. So mote it be." *Go to sleep. You will need the following items for this spell:  Cards (either playing cards or tarot cards)  Your Voice  Belief in Magic  Knowledge of How to Read Cards  A Towel  Darkness  A Burning Candle (if it's too dangerous, try a video of one)  Sounds of Elements and Revenge