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Policy, Procedure and DocumentationRezume is a care management company specialising in improving practice, service complia...
Policy Management and DevelopmentOur added value approach to policy management and development means you can decide what y...
Adult Care Forms, Templates and Charts Library  •   ABC Incident Analysis                           •   Individual Support...
• Self-Medication Assessment Form                    Evaluation  • Service Delivery Plan Of Support Needs         •   Supe...
Children’s Care Forms, Templates and Charts Library  •   Activity Consent                            •   Male Body Map  • ...
Policy into Practice Resources    • E-Helpdesk                                         Promotion    • Residential Care Pol...
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Policy brochure


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Policy brochure

  1. 1. Policy, Procedure and DocumentationRezume is a care management company specialising in improving practice, service compliance,inspection requirements and person-centred care in line with statutory and legislatory requirements ina timely and sustainable manner. We provide a beginning to end solution with combined fully brandedcustomised policy, procedure and documentation.Service ScopeWe provide resources to the following services types. Residential Children’s Homes Domiciliary Care Housing Residential Family Centres Supported Living Schemes Residential Special Schools Boarding Schools Adoption Support Agencies Early Years Centres Fostering Agencies Secure Training Centres Secure Accommodation Care in the Community Specialist College Services Community Day Centres Youth and Community Schemes Adult and Residential Nursing Homes Further Education with Residential Care Voluntary and Charitable Organisations.Limited Offers When was the last time you sat down with an external team to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your core policies? We are offering a FREE no obligation review of your care policies. We will evaluate your existing policies and, where necessary, advise upon outcome-driven policy solutions. We are also offering new customers FREE branding of policies, procedures and documentation to your company specification and FREE access to our online policy portal for 12 months. Rezume’s dedicated policy portal is an efficient document delivery system which – Greatly reduces printing costs – Increases administrative efficiency – Massively reduces your carbon footprint – Tracks usage and viewing statistics Contact us today for your FREE no obligation consultation Rezume UK Ltd Website: Email: Tel: 01797 329202. 1
  2. 2. Policy Management and DevelopmentOur added value approach to policy management and development means you can decide what youneed, when you need it, and how it will be delivered. Your policy, procedure, and documentation canbe directly accessible and available to your workforce, stakeholders, and more importantly to peoplewho use your services. We will ensure your care and corporate policies, procedures and documentation are relevant and compliant with legislation, statutory frameworks, and good practice outcomes. We will review your existing content and make recommendation for update and improvement. We will provide periodic amendments and updates on request or as required by statute. We can collaborate with and involve your workforce, stakeholders, and people who use your services in policy development initiatives..Adult Care Policy Library • Administration of Service Users’ financial Relatives and Other Visitors resources • Meeting Nutritional Needs • Advocacy and Involvement • Mental Capacity to Consent • Ageing, Illness and Death of a Service User • Missing Persons • Assignment of Care Workers • Notifications and Reporting • Care Plan System • On-call Arrangements for Staff • Challenging Behaviour and Physical • Person-Centred Planning Intervention • Pet Friendly Services • Complaints and Representations • Principles of Customer Care/Philosophy of • Contingency and Emergency Planning Care • Data Protection and Record Keeping • Promoting Positive Relationships • Designated Responsible Person • Quality Assurance • Dignity, Respect and Choice • Referrals, Admission, Transfers and • Drugs, Alcohol and Substance Misuse Discharges • Email and Internet Use • Review Assessment • Equality and Diversity in the Workplace • Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults • Giving and Receiving Gifts • Service User’s plan • Individual Needs, Choices and Preferences • Social Media • Involvement and Contact • Staff Mobile Phone Procedure • Lone Working • Transport Charges and Fees • Management of Medicines • Volunteer Workers • Managing Aggressive Behaviour from • and more ... 2
  3. 3. Adult Care Forms, Templates and Charts Library • ABC Incident Analysis • Individual Support Requirements • Administration of Medication Consent Form • Individual’s Support Requirements • Assessment Service Needs • Initial Referral Form • Assessment • Inventory of House Contents • Authorisation for the Withdrawal of Service • Maintenance Request User’s Money • Medical Health and Progress Notes • Behaviour Observation Chart - Antecedents • Medication Booked Out Behaviours Consequences • Medication Log • Change of Client Details • Medication Sample Signature Sheet • Client and Activity Requirements • Medicines - Principles of Administration and • Client Holiday Authorisation and Staff Costs Control Questions Calculations • Menu • Client Leaving (Including Deaths) • Missing Person • Client Pre-Admission Checklist • Monitoring Sheet for an Ongoing Self • Clients Monies Service (CMS) - Cheque Injurious Wound Request Form • Monthly Co-ordinator Checklist • Clinician Advice Form - Consent to the • Monthly Co-Ordinator Report Covert Administration of Medicine • Monthly Record Audit • Complaint Logging • Monthly Summary Sheet • Complaints/Compliments • New Client • Contact List for Prescribers and Suppliers of • New Starter holding letter request form Medication to the Home • Non Violent Crisis Intervention Record • Contingency Planning • Notice of Death, Illness or Other Event • Daily Fire Register (Domiciliary Care) • Daily Record of Health and Nursing Matters • Notice of Death, Illness or Other Event • Daily Record Sheet (Residential Care) • Daily Residential Register • On-call Agency Usage Requests • Development Plan • On-call Handover Record • Expenditure Authorisation Certificate • Pharmacist Advice Form - Consent to the • Fire Register Covert Administration of Medicine • First Medication Error Form • PRN Medication Chart • Home Compatibility Assessment • Quick Assessment • Home Quarterly Report • Referral Monitoring Sheet • Homely Remedies Register: Paracetamol • Requisitions for Works, Services and Items 500mg Tablets • Resident’s Weekly Day Services Activity • In-house Session Evaluation Plan - In House • Incident/Accident Report Form • Respite Medication • Incorrect Administration of Medication - • Risk Assessment Incident Report • Second Medication Error Form • Index of Current Behavioural Programmes / • Self Assessment Tool - Adult Care homes Management Plans • Self Assessment Tool - Domiciliary Care • Individual Client Programme Agencies • Individual Service Users Food / Fluid intake • Self Assessment Tool - Domiciliary Care chart Agencies 3
  4. 4. • Self-Medication Assessment Form Evaluation • Service Delivery Plan Of Support Needs • Supervision Planner Form • Service User Bank Account Monthly • Supported Living Manager Monthly Visit Reconciliation Report • Service User’s Income and Outgoings • Third Medication Error Form Schedule • Timetable • Service User’s Induction Programme • Transport Invoicing Request Form • Service User’s Personal Expenditure • Unannounced Wake Night Visits • Six Monthly Evaluation of Day Services • Valuables Held for Service Users Programme • Volunteers Preparation • Six Monthly Review for Staff on the • Weekly Medication - Stock Taking Audit Administration of Medication • and more ... • Staff Allocation and Session LeaderChildren’s Care Policy Library • Absent/Missing Children • Monitoring Quality • Appropriate Adult Guidance • Notifiable Events • Bedrooms • Overnight Stays and Social Visits • Caring for Children from Minority Ethnic • Permissible Sanctions Groups • Physical Intervention Guidance and • Child Protection Procedure Procedure • Confidentiality • Placement Planning • Consent - Responsibilities and • Police Involvement and Liaison Accountability Guidance • Promoting Equality and Diversity • Contact with Parents and Siblings • Promoting Independence • Correspondence, Communication and • Recognising Abuse Guidance Social Networking • Record Keeping and Data Protection • Countering Bullying • Regulating and Vetting Visitors to the • Dealing with Aggression and Violence Service • Digital Photography • Relationships and Physical Contact with • Discharge Procedure Children • Drugs and Substance Misuse • Representations and Complaints • Education and Employment • Role of the Keyworker • Emergency Reviews Criteria • Rostering and Handover • First Aid, Home Remedies and Medication • Search and Permissible Intervention • Gift Giving and Receiving • Self-Harming • Handling Allegations and Suspicions of • Service User Policy - Bullying Harm • Sexual Health and Relationships • Health and Welfare Needs Assessment • Sleep-in, Bed Time and Night Supervision • Health Notifications and Access to Services • Smoking and Alcohol • HIV, AIDS and Blood Borne Diseases • Social Worker Statutory Visits • Holiday Planning • Statutory Recording and Guidance for Staff • Individual Care Planning • Statutory Reviews • Leisure and Activities • and more ... • Lone Working 4
  5. 5. Children’s Care Forms, Templates and Charts Library • Activity Consent • Male Body Map • Admission and Discharge Register • Menstruation Chart • Care Staff Supervision Contract • Ofsted declaration and consent • Consultation Sheet for Children and Their • Ofsted health declaration booklet Families • Physical Intervention Report • Contact Details Sheet • Professional Consultation • DBS Log for Agency Staff • Referral Assessment • Female Body Map • Room Search Log • Fire Drill Record • Sanction Report • Holiday Planning • Signature • House Rules • Speaking Out: Concerns and Complaints • Incident and Accident Report Form • Individual Absence Procedure • Weekly Planner • Instructions to On-site Contractors • Weekly Progress Report • Key Contact Details Sheet • Young Person’s Risk Assessment • Key Worker Meeting • and more ... • Keys AgreementResidential Family Centres • Business Start-up Advice and Corporate • Regulation 25 Visits Documentation • Staff Supervision and Appraisal • Annual Training and Development Plan • Document and Assessment System • Parent Handbook and Guide • Reports and Observation Document • Statement of Purpose Templates • Staff Handbook • Independent Living Skills Programme • Human Resources Policy Pack • and more ...Supplementary Documentation • Statement of Purpose • Service Users Handbook • Human Resources Policies • Policy Development Guidance Pack • Heath and Safety Policies • Service User Friendly Versions • Independent Living Skills Pack • Supporting Forms, Templates and Charts • Recruitment and Selection Toolkit • Implementation Plan and Review Guide • Staff Handbook • Terms of Reference • Parents Information Handbook • and more ... 5
  6. 6. Policy into Practice Resources • E-Helpdesk Promotion • Residential Care Policy and Procedure • Stakeholder Consultation Meetings E-Manuals. • Service User Involvement Facilitation • Policy Control Hosting and Web Access • Accessibility Options • Quality Design and Corporate Image • and more ... Contact us today for a FREE sample of policies Rezume UK Ltd Website: Email: Tel: 01797 329202. 6