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Love juice polluted facebook


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polluted facebook.
pollution is now spread into our facebook!
watch it how it goes and learn how to handle it.

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Love juice polluted facebook

  1. 1. Polluted  facebook  
  2. 2. Pollu.on  is  trapping  us  everywhere.  Night  and  day.  Going  through  from  home  to  our  ac.vity  places  such  as  school,  office,  hang  out  spot  could  be  like  hell  if  we  are  using  motorcycle,  economic  public  transporta.on  or  even  walking.    It  will  make  our  mood  goes  bad  if  we  don’t  know  how  to  handle  it.    So  we  create  a  situa.on  where  things  get  worse  if  we  can’t  handle  it.    The  pollu.on  is  trapping  us  everywhere,  even  in  our  digital  space.    A  situa.on  that  will  lead  us  on  how  to  protect  our  self  from  pollu.on  
  3. 3. Idea:  POLLUTED  FACEBOOK    Facebook  is  one  of  the  site  we  use  to  visit  daily.    Suddenly,  when  they  click  a  banner  it  will  open  their  facebook  account.  But  the  looks  is  totally  different.  It  is  polluted!      They  have  to  clean  their  facebook  profile  with  a  Love  Juice  boKle,  a  ready  to  go  drink  that  have  super  an.oxidant  ingredient  to  keep  their  health.  
  4. 4. click  the  buKon  to  con.nue  
  5. 5. Shake  the  boKle  and  clean  the  facebook  
  6. 6. Facebook  is  now  clean.  Click  the  buKon  to  con.nue.      
  7. 7. Page  transi.on  
  8. 8. The  product  shot