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I champ


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A TV show produced by Telenor Pakistan to promote the youth of the nation

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I champ

  1. 1. I-Champ Way Forward 2015
  2. 2. Template INTERNET FOR ALL Objective OfPakistan Presentation Flow Objective Strategy Insight Way forward Activity Details
  3. 3. WINTERTemplate INTERNET FOR ALL Objective OfPakistan
  4. 4. I-Champ Reality Show Strategy House wifes Workers Youth Make it a National phenomenon Associated with TP Parents Professional s Teachers Trialofmobileinternetwithpositiveusecasesforall..
  5. 5. Benevolent intent is must! Insight Do’s  Capture each participant story  Use mobile internet as the enabler in each round  Help most emotional stories with positivity at the end  so everyone would be involved and would want them to win Don’t  Come straight to the game show  Become preachy with our message  Make it a completely commercial show We have studied all famous reality shows and have following insight.. Emotional involvement of audience and instant gratification to the winner is key to success!
  6. 6. Activity Details Telenor I-Champ Show • 13 Episodes • Aired in prime time with a media partner • Each episode will start with a emotional story about the participant of the show • The participant will talk about how he will use the winning amount to influence / change lives and empower our society • The participant will answer difficult questions using mobile internet • Each round will have mobile internet as enabler, i.e – Answer through Google in 30 sec – Play a game on big screen with mobile as the controller  using 3G – Get picture of todays news paper through whats app / snap chat in 40 sec etc Proposed Participants 1.Survivor of APS 2.Winners of I-Champ 1 3.Parents of Arifa Karim 4.Son and Mr Edhi him self 5.Aamir khan boxer 6.Shehzad Roy 7.CEO SKMCH 8.Ansar Burney 9.CEO TCF 10.SOS village 11.Musarat Misbah 12.Khan Academy 13.Master Ayub 14.CEO PFP
  7. 7. Way Forward 1. Lock a media partner 2. Costing and budget approval 3. Production kick off 4. Airing
  8. 8. Thank You