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Presentation mac os x security


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Published in: Technology
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Presentation mac os x security

  1. 1. MAC OS X in security 10 - 27 - 2011
  2. 2. Who am I?just an ordinary engineer
  3. 3. Me??an Engineer by heart, a Researcher by nightcommon human with extra ordinary stuff in myheadeasy go, easy left
  4. 4. cat /etc/personhandle orign : Reza Jalalddin Al-harohnick : ask google, or stay away from mefollow me at locate reza
  5. 5. Why Mac OS X?64 bit native operating systemquick primer in unix / BSDthe multi-user nature of unix systemthe unix file system and associated permissionmodelthe way unix provide network servicelets you have your cake and eat it too
  6. 6. how to install unix tools apple didn’t include with OS X? macports > homebrew > requirement : Xcode with X11
  7. 7. mac for scanning network whois nmap -A -T 5 -v -sV
  8. 8. DEMO
  9. 9. high risk social engineering in action intruders : mac os x 10.7.1 target : windows 7 SP 1 32 bit exploit : signet applet social engineering code exec Microsoft windows UAC protection bypass
  10. 10. DEMO
  11. 11. intelligence and forensic gathering maltego from paterva
  12. 12. DEMO
  13. 13. how to hide ur ass in interneta distribute anonymous system “TOR”
  14. 14. DEMO
  15. 15. MAC OS X lion in the wildfounder patrick dunstan > http://www.defenceindepth.netseptember 2011Lion provides non root-user the ability to stillview password hash data by extracting fromdirectory serviceencrypt by OS X LION hashes (SHA512 + 4bytes salt)
  16. 16. MAC OS X lion in the wilddirectory service command line utility dscl localhost -read /Search/Users/c0r3 dsAttrTypeNative:ShadowHashData:hard to bruteforce or decrypt dscl localhost -passwd /Search/Users/c0r3
  17. 17. DEMO
  18. 18. thanks