Computer Devices Classification


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Computer Devices Classification

  1. 1. Device Classification Outp Input ut Inpu t -Ou tput ssor Proce St o rag y eD mor evic Me es
  2. 2. Input Devices Keyboard oard se Mou Keyb Mic rop hon e Webc am
  3. 3. Output Devices o r er Pr int o nit M s aker Spe Headphones
  4. 4. Input-Output Devices Micro soft Surfa ce s on itor enM cre hS T ouc
  5. 5. Processors Micro processo rs
  6. 6. Memory RAM mor y Ca ch e Me
  7. 7. Storage Devices Flo ppy Mem Dis ory k Key o m CD R
  8. 8. Software Classification Sy s tem Sof tw a re oft ware licat ion S App
  9. 9. Application Software Pow erP o int Wo rd Ex ce l
  10. 10. System Software e O ffic t ro sof Mic ws XP W indo W ind ow sV ist a
  11. 11. Computer Classification pu ter l Com Work stati Serve na Perso on r r m pute m e Co Vide r ra ogam o lle M ainf e Con tr sole on c cro Clien t Mi PDA ut er one eld Comp Sup Sm art Ph Hand h erc om Porta put b le Me er dia P lay er
  12. 12. Personal Computers op Lapt Des Com ktop put er
  13. 13. Workstation
  14. 14. Videogame Console n 3 statio Play Wii Xbox 36 0
  15. 15. Server Se r ver s r m e r Fa S erv le G oog
  16. 16. Client pu te r Com Blac kber ry Cell P ho n e
  17. 17. Mainframe Computer Mainf ra me Co mpute rs
  18. 18. Supercomputers ut ers r comp Supe
  19. 19. Handheld Computers Blac kber ry Ce ll Ph one on e IPh
  20. 20. Personal Digital Assistant s P ho n e GPS PDA
  21. 21. Smart Phone ne Cell Pho o ne IPh
  22. 22. Portable Media Player IPo d e IPhon
  23. 23. Microcontroller llers Micro contro