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Rey ty compilation teacher evaluation letters

  1. 1. This document is a compilation of Teacher EvaluationLetters written by professionals and graduate students in support of Prof. Rey Ty’s teaching. Teacher Evaluation Letters For Dr. Rey Ty 2014 NorthernIllinoisUniversity
  2. 2. 1 February 12, 2014 Hello Dr. Ty, You have put a smile on my face that is even bigger than the one I enjoyed, whenI found out I would be receivingmy degree. You are such an inspirationto me with the selflessness you display, during the course of your everyday life. Your enthusiasmand professionalismare contagious and you are setting an example that every college professionalshould follow, along with everyday people. You are truly the ideal of a transformational teacher, because you have steered me into going beyond the ordinary to make myself and others better. Just your kindness inspires me to help others reach their full potential. Again, thanks for all of your assistancein this process and I will keep in touch. Sincerely, Darrell Tribble Master’s Degree Northern Illinois University
  3. 3. 2 Contents Peer Evaluation ..................................................................................................................................3 By Jorge Jeria, Ph.D........................................................................................................................3 Students’ Evaluation of Prof. Rey Ty...................................................................................................4 By Dr. Awni Alkarzon ....................................................................................................................4 By Graduate Student Manal Alkarzon ..............................................................................................6 By Samuel-Louis Bandy..................................................................................................................7 By Graduate Student Brigitte Bingham.............................................................................................8 By Professor Khal Mambuay...........................................................................................................9 By Mr. Al F. Quillope, MA ...........................................................................................................10 By Prof.Aldrin F. Quintero.............................................................................................................11 By Graduate Student Michelle Sailor .............................................................................................12 By Professor Argie Sarco..............................................................................................................13 By Graduate Student Kenosha Seaberry.........................................................................................14 By Morton College Vice President Muhammad M Siddiqi...............................................................15 By Graduate Student Darrell Tribble ..............................................................................................16
  4. 4. 3 Peer Evaluation By Jorge Jeria, Ph.D. “I know Rey well, and I very pleased to write on his achievements. Rey is a very independent, passionate and articulate person. I appreciate his keen understanding of social theories which reflects very much his experiences with people from the Philippines and Asia in general. He articulates well theory and practice over the social role of education; this is always an asset in order to expand class discussion. His contributions allowed for enlarging the intellectual boundaries of other students enriching the classroom experiences for those participating. Much of his research has been centered on people’s participation and the educational aspects that are drawn from their social capital including popular organizations and capacity building in the Philippine society as well in conflict areas of Philippines. Rey brought to our program his vast experiences and understanding working with issues of peace and human rights especially in the territories that are in armed conflict in the archipelago. This experience has translated in his participation delivering papers in conferences, seminars and the classes he has taught for us. He has connected his current academic knowledge with his experience to produce unique scholarship. He has matured as a scholar and as becoming a college professor. I have no doubt that he will become an excellent professor. I strongly support him for the position which is applying." — Jorge Jeria, Ph.D., Professor of Adult and Higher Education, Northern Illinois University
  5. 5. 4 Students’ Evaluation of Prof. Rey Ty Recommendation In Respect of Dr. Rey Ty By Dr. Awni Alkarzon This gives me immense pleasure to lend my support and recommendation in favor of Dr. Rey Ty. I have known Dr. Rey as a distinguished teacher at the College of Education. I have known Dr. Rey for nearly Seven years, I can most confidently confirm that he has an excellent academic and administrative reputation and has established a very successful record at Northern Illinois University. Furthermore, Dr. Rey is relentlessly industrious, tenaciously loyal to his goals both in life and knowledge and education, immensely energetic to carry his ambitious plans and equally intelligent and well-balanced in his discussions, arguments and his judgments about situations and individuals. Dr. Rey is a self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a class is all about from the outset, and how to teach it effectively. He functions well as a teacher, and has taught effectively in different classes such as CAHA 501, CAHA 700, CAHA 561, and CAHA 540. Dr. Rey’s competence in English as well as his critical type of thinking enabled him to participate constructively to the teaching of these four classes. Dr. Rey has proved to have wide knowledge, rich experience and high potentials for successfully coping with various teaching situations. I was able to understand the class topics based on Dr. Rey’s teaching methods, style, helpfulness, and clarity. The most important aspect is that Dr. Rey considers himself as a learner. In CAHA 700 class, I noticed that Dr. Rey followed Paulo Freire’s "teacher-student" approach. In class, Dr. Rey exposed the aspects of true leadership. He inspired and influenced students through expert and referent power but never coercive power. Dr. Rey knew his subject well and was kind and respectful toward his students. He was flexible, encouraged, and supported his students. Dr. Rey empowered me as a student. He made me to do things I did not imagine I was capable to achieve them. He is a real collaborator who shared his ideas and materials with us. Dr. Rey’s use of humor in class served the learning process. He taught us some hard points in a comic way. This made students gain more confidence and increased their love to the class. Dr Rey’s constructive comments and his availability for assistance made us improve our skills and insights. His guidance helped us to develop responsibility for our own learning and become self- reliant. We, as students, were able to observe Dr. Rey’s virtues and imperfections because he had the ability to self-disclose. Dr. Rey provided us with an environment of intellectual safety. We used to express ourselves and our views freely even if those views were at odds with those of Dr. Rey. As a holder of M.S. Ed. Master’s degree, I found Dr. Rey has a strong sense of class management. During our face to face and online classes, Dr. Rey was able to build a community of learners, design a safe, friendly, and well managed classroom environment. He was able to create a variety of communication channels. As online instructor, he was able to guide the students about the location of resources, use of tools and expectations for their participations. This helped the students to use the tools that would be part of their later learning experiences. Dr. Rey was able to know his students and address any conflict quickly and wisely.
  6. 6. 5 Dr. Rey encouraged me to co-author and presents a paper in the 29th Annual Research to Practice Conference. Dr. Rey mentored me while writing my academic papers. Dr. Rey was a resourceful, creative and solution- oriented person. He was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to different problems and obstacles I used to face in my assigned academic papers, projects and duties. He has an excellent mature, sociable character and highly respected as a person, professional, and teacher by colleagues, employees and students alike. Dr. Awni Alkarzon (Ph. D. in English Literature) Ed. D. (in progress) M.S.Ed. Tel. Home: 815-756-4080 Work:815-753-1985 Address: 565 Normal Rd. DeKalb, IL. 60115
  7. 7. 6 Teacher Evaluation By Graduate Student Manal Alkarzon The course CAHA 760 (International Education), which I took in the spring of 2014 represents for me a turning point regarding my understanding of the world in general and education and higher education around the world in particular. In the beginning, I was hesitant to take this course (CAHA 760) as I did not have enough information or solid background about the nature of courses offered in CAHA programs as I belong to the department of instructional technology, Northern Illinois University. In fact, when I saw the name of Dr. Rey Ty that he was going to teach CAHA 760 I decided to register for the class immediately and without any hesitation. In fact, I have known Dr. Rey Ty since 2005 as a friend to our family. I always admire his wide knowledge about different human sciences, world issues, various cultures, different religions, and ability to speak different languages. I knew him as a dedicated doctoral student in 2005, and I have known him as a skilful lecturer in the spring of 2014. I consider Dr. Rey Ty as a great teacher because he was able to make us as students to remember and cherish forever. I believe that his class will have long-lasting impacts on our lives because he has inspired us toward greatness. I consider myself as the type of student who depends greatly on the teacher’s explanation and I found Dr. Rey to be very engaging and holds the attention of his students. I found Dr. Rey to have incredible knowledge of and enthusiasm for the subject matter about international education. He was prepared to answer questions and keep the material interesting for us. Dr. Rey was able to develop a strong rapport with students and established trusting relationships among them. I found Dr. Rey to be patient and direct – flexible in his ideas but confident in his decisions. I found him to be delicate and firm at the same time. I admire Dr. Rey’s punctuality. Dr. Rey reaches class before students, welcomes us to the lecture and gives the chance to speak with students individually when we need him. I admire Dr. Rey’s formative assessment style. He was able to show us how well we were progressing and he gave us feedback in time so that we know how we were doing in order to improve. I believe that Dr. Rey’s effective feedback built my confidence, transformed my understanding and motivation and also helped me develop key critical skills. Dr. Rey has taught us how to plan an educational research and present our research in a conference. I have learned, from Dr. Rey, how to identify a research problem or topic, how to review prior research, how to determine the research purpose and research questions. I have learned, from Dr. Rey, how to consider research implications and construct a research proposal. The final project of this class has been sent for a conference. I hope to coauthor it with Dr. Rey Ty. Finally, I can say that Dr. Rey taught me one of the most influential class I had ever taken in my life. Manal Alkarzon Graduate student Instructional Technology Northern Illinois University Dekalb, Illinois April 21, 2014
  8. 8. 7 Teacher Evaluation By Samuel-Louis Bandy Director of Global Affairs Rockford University Dr. Rey Ty was my Professor for CAHA 760, a doctoral seminar on international education in Spring 2014 at Northern Illinois University. Dr. Ty has a unique mastery of this subject due to his international background and his ability to delve into the deeper issues which converge in the international education setting. While Professor Ty is a staff member at NIU during the day which occupies a great amount of his free time, he always is able to stay after class to meet with me. I have also heard from other classmates that they had visited him during his lunch hour so that he could meet them during the day. He also gave us the procedure from start to finish to prepare a conference paper on an international education topic of our choice. Dr. Ty connects his projects with the International Training Office at NIU with the classes that he teaches so that students can get the most out of his class. This has allowed us to attend talks on a variety of international issues. For instance, we were able to attend a talk on drone warfare to gain a new critical lens from which to view this topic. Professor Ty also uses his network of experts on international topics to bring a variety of guest lecturers to our course. This teaching method allowed for us to have exposure to a variety of teaching methods and perspectives. He also allowed students in this seminar to teach portions of this course which empowered us to become experts on our topics of choice. Dr. Rey’s eclectic and innovative approach to facilitating this course made the environment learner-centered. Professor Ray has an open mind to discuss new topics and other points of view. He encourages his students to think out of the box and volunteer information. He is also open to accepting perspectives which may run counter to his points of view. When students do share an opinion which may be ethnocentric or counter to a global citizen’s perspective, he will not tell the student that they are wrong. He commends them for their point of view and asks that they try to keep an open mind on the topic at hand. Through discussion he is usually able to put into practice techniques which make his classroom experience transformation for these and all learners involved. Samuel-Louis Bandy Director of Global Affairs Rockford University Rockford, IL 61108 815-226-4138 April 24, 2014
  9. 9. 8 December 19, 2013 Teacher Evaluation By Graduate Student Brigitte Bingham It is my pleasure to evaluate Dr. Rey Ty as he has been a motivating force for me during completion of my Master Thesis equivalency examination. He met with me outside of the classroom to aid me in outlining my topic choice and provided several follow-up meetings via email and face to face assemblance to assist me in staying on track. I also had the pleasure of learning from him as he co-taught a graduate course at Northern Illinois University. Dr. Ty encourages detailed and organized thinking that teaches students to create organization within their own documents. He approaches teaching with such empathy for learners and ardor for conveying the information. He is quite accommodating in seeing different points of view from students, yet he continues to be focused on the lecture at hand. Dr. Ty displays great personality and effortlessly demonstrates command of the many variables of higher education. He is energetic and willing to step outside of his comfort zone to absorb new learning. He is truly an inspiration and rare in the academic world. Dr. Ty is a natural teacher and does so with humility; he would be a tremendous asset to any institution as a professor. Sincerely, Brigitte Bingham Graduate Research Assistant Adams Hall 219 – NIU 815-753-9406
  10. 10. 9 Teaching Evaluation By Professor Khal Mambuay Rey Ty was one of the lecturers during the Philippine Minority Program (PMP) entitled "The Past is Always Ahead of Us: Empowering the Minorities" held at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois last October 2-23, 2010. The program was sponsored by the US State Department to train, teach and expose young minority leaders from Mindanao on how the United States of America manage to promote "unity amidst diversity." I, Norkhalila Mae B. Mambuay, as one of the thirteen participants of the second batch of PMP, was fortunate enough to have the chance to know a great mentor like Rey Ty. My three-week trip to US has been amazing since "Kuya" Rey (Kuya in Filipino means big brother) guided us in everything -- from academics to how to enjoy, survive and make the most of our US stay. Kuya Rey's knowledge and expertise on political and social issues, human rights, national unity, co-existence and good leadership moved the participants to greater heights. We were enlightened about the pressing issues in the Philippines, our country, and USA have in common. Not only that, we were amazed on how he presented to us his lectures. He took advantage of the technology by making movies and slides presentations—this way, he was able to capture our attention and interest. Hence, his literacy in computer also made him distinct from other lecturers. When I went back to the Philippines, I could not help but tell everyone about how wonderful my stay in the US was and, of course, how a great Filipino mentor in US, Kuya Rey, motivated us to be great in everything that we do. A teacher is good if he imparts the lessons to his students; but a teacher is great when he moves his students to excel in life using the lessons he teaches. So when I heard that Kuya Rey is applying for a teaching post in Canada, I said to myself -- people should know how competent Kuya Rey is. I am sure that with all his previous teaching experiences all over the world and his technology literacy, he can sure be one of the best teachers in Canada. Norkhalila Mae B. Mambuay Member of the Faculty Department of Philosophy Mindanao State University Marawi City, Philippines +639053523413 December 10, 2010
  11. 11. 10 By Mr. Al F. Quillope, MA Center for Peace and Environment NOTRE DAME OF MARBEL UNIVERSITY City of Koronadal, South Cotabato, Philippines June 3, 2014 Dearest Dr. Rey Ty, Peace. I have known you since 2011 through the Philippine Youth Leadership Program (PYLP) of the US Department of State in partnership with the International Training Office of Northern Illinois University (NIU). This is a program that brings our Filipino youth leaders to a 6-week training at NIU in view of building them into a new generation of citizens as catalysts for social change. Our meetings were both professional–educational and collegial. As a Training Coordinator, you have exhibited the highest standards of professionalism especially addressing the needs of the program up to the last detail. You are able to foresee all possibilities thus responding appropriately to the different capacities of your students. I personally was so impressed when at the beginning of the PYLP you were prepared to distribute a comprehensive program manual that includes all the presentations, schedules, directories, workshops, journal pages and program guide. You are nothing less than a high processing computer. As a professor, you have maintained the best quality of teaching by engaging us, your students, to higher level critical thinking skills and leading us to concrete action. Your well prepared presentations are always leading toward deeper self-reflection. I can only feel so fortunate to have become your student because you are not a far away loud speaker so detached but a nearby mentor that facilitates my change of behavior and improves my worldview. As a colleague, you are surprisingly cool. You are able to pleasingly adjust to the language, genre, interest and personality styles of friends from all ages and all walks of life. I even fondly call you Kuya Rey (elder brother). You are such a versatile companion and always fun to be with. You make an excellent tour guide in that big windy city – Chicago, and the wonderful Washington DC. You explain in detail most historic landmarks and you also join the jump shots! Moreover, I am also greatly thankful for you have shared your books, resources, readings and presentations in Philosophy and various Environmental topics. I have been using them in class. Kuya Rey, thank you. You will always be remembered as a great person. You have touched the lives of many in your professional career. May you remain steadfast in bringing life and vigor and inspiration to others. Good luck! Sincerely, Mr. Al F. Quillope, MA Coordinator, Center for Peace and Environment Notre Dame of Marbel University Tel: (083) 520-0248 / 09215600702
  12. 12. 11 July 22, 2014 By Prof. Aldrin F. Quintero Teacher Evaluation I am honored to share my thoughts and evaluation to Dr. Rey Ty, our model and mentor, our inspiration and friend in PYLP Batch 11. Dr. Rey Ty became one of our lecturers during the Philippine Youth Leadership Program (PYLP Batch 11) held at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois last April 10-May 10, 2014. The program was funded by the U.S. Department of State of Educational & Cultural Affairs Youth Programs Division. Dr. Ty is a man of modern education, and a man for others. His seemingly unrelated worlds are integrated in his life. Not too many people are as successful in bringing together their different worlds and competencies in the service of education. I learned about searching for purpose bigger than myself and being a person for others. I became so disturbed about integrating these seemingly irreconcilable passions that I ventured into education. His teaching style is characterized by steadfast support for revolutionary ideas, a balance of compassion and action, and an active support for the vision and energy of the youth. His qualities as a professor inspired and encouraged many young Filipino leaders to make their own world. I am privileged to be one of those who can say that I was inspired and encouraged by Dr. Ty: charisma, passion and outpouring dedication as an educator. A great man is often many things to many people. Dr. Ty is often bigger than his job description, the measure of his achievements. He is many things to a multitude of students and friends, to the constituencies he serves, especially to the NIU community with many milestones. Dr. Ty is the Action Plan genius who is not confined to theories and concepts. Where he gets energy is a marvel to people half his age. Things that seek the common good beyond purely self- interest have become attractive and desirable endeavors because of his dedication to work. ALDRIN F. QUINTERO Department Head College of Arts & Sciences St. Alexius College, Koronadal City, South Cotabato Philippines Email: +639995744601
  13. 13. 12 Teacher Evaluation By Graduate Student Michelle Sailor Dr. Rey Ty was the professor for the International Adult Education course this semester (Spring 2014). This course was the most unique of any graduate course I have taken. Each class two to three speakers came in and discussed their passion areas, whether that be their dissertation, the groups they are involved in on campus and in the community, or their personal experiences abroad. The first-hand experiences these presenters were able to talk about was much more beneficial than being lectured at by someone who has not been to the area of the world or experienced the culture they are teaching about, or even than reading the same account out of a book or article. The variety of presenters was also astounding. We heard from PhD candidates, professors, activists, and even undergraduate students. Especially hearing about everything that the undergraduate students have done internationally and within their cultural groups on campus is inspiring and makes standing for something seem much easier and more attainable. Each class we also watched a video on the topic of discussion for the day and learned about multiple articles from class presenters. These presentations opened my eyes to different attitudes and events happening across the world and helped to remind me that I should take a greater interest in what is happening. It is so easy to get caught up in my own life that I forget about the much greater struggles that people across the world are dealing with and I could easily help with by just becoming informed at the minimum. I enjoyed that Dr. Ty had us present each week because I never knew what to expect from my classmates and was always surprised and left with new knowledge. Dr. Ty was very helpful and quick with his responses to my questions for help. A couple of times I asked him for suggestions on projects and he provided his opinion in a speedy manner. He even scheduled a lunch meeting to help plan the outline of my final paper. The questions that he asked helped me take a daunting task and make it into something as simple as figuring out what I was interested in. He was also very interested in my life and job and relating that to the information I was learning. Dr. Ty was always extremely encouraging and welcoming. Michelle Sailor Graduate Student Counseling, Adult and Higher Education Northern Illinois University DeKalb, IL 815-753-7625 April 23, 2014
  14. 14. 13 Teacher Evaluation By Professor Argie Sarco Rey Ty is known as an educator, academician, and best facilitator for facilitating learning and transforming students into an intellectual individual like me. I am Argie J. Sarco presently connected with the Basilan State College as College instructor. I am one of the 13 participants during the 2nd batch Philippines Minorities Program, a U.S.-Based training and study tour with the Theme: “The Past is Always Ahead of Us: Empowering the Minority Leaders in the Southern Philippines.” I met Rey Ty during the program which was held at the Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, U.S.A. and sponsored by the U.S. Department of State through Northern Illinois University. I am inspired by him because of his experience in roaming around the world, for sharing his own philosophy, principles and expertise as lecturer of political science, violence, political culture, socio-economic issues, human rights, peace and justice, co-existence and leadership. Above all, he has a background, knowledge on using multi-media for educational technology purposes. Rey has his own personal knowledge, information even personal perspectives about issues in the Philippines, in particular, on human rights abuses or violations. Moreover, Rey is aware on the on-going armed conflict in Mindanao (southern Philippines) where there is a long standing war, arising from the struggle of the Bangsa-Moro people against the legitimate political structure in the Philippines. During our 3-week stay in the U.S. for our exchange program, Rey is one of the faculty members who gave us insights on the struggle of Bangsa-Moro people and indigenous peoples. In fact, Rey played multi-tasks not only as mentor but even as best friend. He really likes to train and educate young but responsible leaders of their own communities, especially in Mindanao to become a catalyst for social change. A great and effective teacher remembers that an important goal of teaching is to HELP STUDENTS LEARN TO HELP THEMSELVES, and I see this in the person of MR. REY TY. ARGIE. J. SARCO College Instructor Basilan State College Political Science Department Sumagdang, Isabela City, Basilan, 7300 Philppines Email: Phone: +639262706850 December 10, 2010
  15. 15. 14 Teacher Evaluation By Graduate Student Kenosha Seaberry This is my first semester with Dr. Rey Ty as a Professor. Enrolling in his International course, I did not know what to expect. Fortunately, I was lucky to have taken his course. I am in my third semester of being in the Higher Educational Program and I have never had a class that I had the ability to learn outside of my culture and country. The first day that I attended class, honestly I was nervous because I had never thought to learn of the identity and struggles of countries outside of the United States. Dr. Rey Ty, set up a curriculum that taught me how to question our government in every way. Each program, assignment and speaker he assigned open my mind set to a new world. By taking this course, Dr, Rey Ty helped me understand how to write a scientific paper and presentation. Of course it was a challenge with understand the formatting of the paper but he made sure that he answered any concern that I may have had. Most importantly he always made sure that he made an inclusive and warm felt environment to learn. For that purpose, I really respect him on a entirely different level. He taught me that Humor is always okay, that humor allowed to learn easier. I can say that Dr. Rey Ty held open office hour if needed and if you could not make it he would allow room for answers before, during or after class. Overall, I am excited that I took this course. I learned more than just was expected. I learned that life outside of the United States exist and I want to travel to those places one day. I have also learned the importance of researching, speaking in conferences, protesting for human rights, and publishing books. It was the values that I took from the curriculm that have truly changed my outlook of the world. I want to say Thank youuuuu!!!! Kenosha Seaberry Graduate Student Adult and Higher Education, Human Resources Northern Illinois University Dekalb, Illinois 773 786 9509 April 24, 2014
  16. 16. 15 Dissertation Mentor Evaluation By Morton College Vice President Muhammad M Siddiqi I know Dr. Rey Ty in two different capacities, one as my class instructor and second as my dissertation mentor. I met him first time when I took “Learn How to Learn” class and Rey was the associated instructor of the course. During the duration of the course, Rey presented on several occasions and facilitated classroom discussion. My initial impression about Rey was that he is an intellectually resourceful person and very eager to learn from varied perspectives. During successive conversations, Rey demonstrated a depth of his knowledge in adult learning and human resource development, both as a practitioner as well as a researcher. After three years, while working on my dissertation, I contacted Rey and sought his advice on my dissertation journey. Rey examined my work and provided me constructive feedback to ensure my study was of high quality. Specifically, Rey walked me through the dissertation writing process and shared his knowledge drawn from his teaching and research. Although, I am still in the process of my dissertation writing, but Rey’s help has truly enabled me to start thinking in a broader context, which is a prerequisite for a successful dissertation project. Thank you both for your guidance and support and your willingness to help me work through the hoops. Muhammad M Siddiqi Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Morton College Cicero, Illinois Graduate Student Counseling Adult and Higher Education Northern Illinois University DeKalb, Illinois 815-501-1086 March 19, 2014
  17. 17. 16 Teacher Evaluation By Graduate Student Darrell Tribble Dr. Rey Ty has been a lecturer for many of my graduate classes and offered valuable insight into my particular field of interest concerning critical theory. His knowledge on the subject is vast and comprehensive. Dr. Ty has also offered immeasurable advice concerning writing literature reviews and the important elements that are required to complete Masters and Doctoral-level documents for graduation. He is more than willing to offer his time and expertise to accommodate any student in need. Bringing an international perspective to the forefront of American education has benefited my knowledge base and broadened my perspective on many issues that are often ignored. Bringing critical philosophy to life, while recognizing the necessity for knowledge, reflection, and action are just a few elements that have added to my way of thinking. Dr. Ty has always been graceful, empathetic, and attentive to any issue I have brought to his attention. Dr. Ty has brought to life an overall historical knowledge that helps bind the past and present together, to make sense of events that are taking place throughout the world. The ideas of power, privilege, and marginalization have been themes that have been brought up in the past. Dr. Rey’s idea of hegemony and structural control of the masses have peeked my interests for further investigative research in the areas. The way Dr. Rey brings energy and passion to the classroom help energizes my own curiosities and investigation. Dr. Rey is knowledgeable about computer literacy and emerging technologies, because of his constant research pursuits. There have been few times that I have been to the library or a computer lab and not seen Dr. Rey performing some type of academic task. Dr. Rey has provided me with a host of knowledge about research, writing, and general ways of the world. He is extremely positive and encouraging, with a smile waiting to share. He is not content with his present credentials, but strives to make himself better, although he has accomplished a terminal degree in his field. Dr. Rey is committed to making the world a better place by mentoring and teaching students. I have been the beneficiary of his efforts and would recommend that other students use him as a resource as well. I would love to see Dr. Rey as a permanent professor at Northern Illinois University. I would hate to see such a wealth of knowledge benefit other students at a different institution of learning, when we have the opportunity to secure his presence at our university. With all of the experience Dr. Rey has accumulated at an international level, we all can benefit from him becoming a permanent professor. Darrell Keith Tribble Graduate Student Counseling Adult and Higher Education Northern Illinois University DeKalb, Illinois 815-501-1086 August 22, 2013