It’s not about what you know,
but about what you share.
Smarter Collaboration

Reynout van Adrichem Boogaert
Social Busine...
Social Business
Connected Society
Notification not Collaboration
Game Over
Moving Forward
Friends Share Everything…
Why don’t colleagues…
User Engagement
Social Sweetspot
Capture and Share Knowledge
Enhance Innovation
Clear Goal
Right Equipment
Test Drive
Social Business
Social Team
Value of open collaboration
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Value of open collaboration


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Work differently , move past the habit of email and take the next step

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  • OrganisatiesMeer intonatieErietsmeerstaanLopen
  • Een Social business is eenbedrijfdatgebruikmaakt van sociale media technieken, zoals wiki blogs FB Twitter LinkedIn , en past deze in in bedrijfsprocessen. - ESC typically uses social media and next-generation communications technologies (integrated voice, mobile, video, instant messaging/chat and presence) to promote teamwork and the sharing of ideas and knowledge specifically to improve business outcomes. Minimal layers: A social business is flat - Safe environmentSocial business is a focus on transparent collaboration-- Social people and social products: Every information source in the ecosystem should be used to help employees make better, more-informed decisionsAsk a social business executive, "Who is the smartest person in the room?" and she will answer: the room-- The best ideas win, independent of titles: In a social business, ideas and information flow horizontally, vertically, from the bottom and from the top; throughout the business. Ideas are like sounds, and they should be heard through the seams of the social fabric. In the absence of sound, ideas die. The most damaging syndrome is the HIPPO (highest paid person's opinion) syndrome, whereby all the decisions are ultimately dictated by the biggest title. The best ideas must win. That's the biggest benefit of being social.It's a business that uses social techniques, like a blog, a wiki, to collaborate to be come engaged (interact B2B B2C), transparent (info is share freely), nimble (move quickly)Adopting social software is not the same as social business. Social business is a focus on transparent collaboration, where reuse and expertise are critical. Perceptions are alive and real. Unless the employee is convinced that leveraging socially enabled applications will reduce the level of effort/make them more efficient and/or improve their career, they will not use it.“CIOs focused on cross-enterprise growth continuously tune business processes and internal collaboration to gain tighter integration.Social business
  • Network economyEurostat, 72% of Individuals aged 25 to 54 in The Netherlands use Internet for posting messages to social media sites or instant. Social as a directive or a strategy is just part of a bigger picture. Your real opportunity is to how you can bring around transformation from the inside out to make your business more meaningful, more relevant at a time in an economy where people are putting themselves at the center of their own universes because of the technology that they use and networks they’re creating around themselvesIn de huidigesamenlevingzien we dat we tot eennetwerksamenlevingzijn. In onsprivelevenzijn we verbonden via FB . Twiitter/ Linkedin.Sterkernog de jeugdweetnietbeter. Die groeit op met Hyves, dan FB en LIMooivoorbeeld van de universiteit in Amerikawaar de jongerenverplichtwordenom mail telezen op maandagochtend. ….Hierdoorzijn steeds meermensengewendomeennetwerktehebbenomteraadplegen en vragentetellen. Men begintdatookmeerteverwachten van bedrijven.Is werk de plekgewordenwaar men met oudetechnologieaan de slag kan?Of zie het zo: u kuntbijeenmooinieuwbedrijfwerken en zezeggen op dag 1: hier is uwtypmachine.
  • Email is a place where knowledge is going to dieEmail is omteinformeren, nietomtecommunicerenour organizations haven’t been designed for knowledge work under these conditions. Most organizations have been designed for efficiency and economies of scale, not for enabling collaboration, creativity and autonomy.Network-based collaboration is the only way to deal with the increasing complexity, speed of change and uncertainty that organizations are facing28% of a typical day is spent working on email*
  • VriendendelenallesWaaromniet in het bedrijf
  • Ability to attract, retain top talent, Less frustrationImprove Employee Retention, Morale (41%)Reduced employee turnoverImproved relationships with coworkers survey classifies three types of employees among the 100 million people in America who hold full-time jobs. The first is actively engaged, which represents about 30 million workers. The second type of worker is “not engaged,” which accounts for 50 million. These employees are going through the motions at work.The third type, labeled “actively disengaged,” hates going to work. These workers — about 20 million — undermine their companies with their attitude, according to the report.
  • Employees waste almost 1 day a week trying to find information to complete their work1 –35%Lower Operational CostsMotivated employeeImproved Personal ProductivityMore efficient decision making – Faster/ accurate 24Increased productive time via mobile device use Faster project deliveryOpenness. We need openness to get access to information that we might have use for.Transparency. We need transparency to be able to discover it.Participation. It needs to be possible for anyone to participate, because that’s how we can deal with any kind of problem or opportunity,Dialog. We need dialog to ensure that communication is effective, that we quickly can reach mutual understanding and take action.Recognition. We need recognition, to reward and motivate people to contribute and keep the wheels of collaboration and innovation spinning.Up to 1 day per week is lost simply looking for information to help you do your job
  • 35% sneller info vindenImprove Business RelationshipsSocial Collaboration's Big Payoff: Increased SalesSocial and business process integration: Social businesses have integrated social channels into their business processes and workflows. This means integrating social media networks into CRM solutions. Social CRM is often the first sign of social business adoption, aimed at increased visibility and execution velocity.
  • tacit knowledge of experts is surfaced and retained as a valuable company asset Golden Nugget Happy birthdayAsk a social business executive, "Who is the smartest person in the room?" and she will answer: the room
  • 4510BBC Crowdsourcing
  • Value of open collaboration

    1. 1. It’s not about what you know, but about what you share. Smarter Collaboration Reynout van Adrichem Boogaert Social Business Evangelist @reynoutvab
    2. 2. Social Business
    3. 3. Connected Society
    4. 4. Notification not Collaboration
    5. 5. Game Over
    6. 6. Moving Forward
    7. 7. Friends Share Everything…
    8. 8. Why don’t colleagues…
    9. 9. User Engagement
    10. 10. 25
    11. 11. Social Sweetspot
    12. 12. Capture and Share Knowledge
    13. 13. Enhance Innovation
    14. 14. Crowdsourcing
    15. 15. Puzzled
    16. 16. Clear Goal
    17. 17. Motivation
    18. 18. Right Equipment
    19. 19. Test Drive
    20. 20. Social Business
    21. 21. Social Team
    22. 22. @reynoutvab