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Web 2 0_tools_sp11_group_b


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Web 2 0_tools_sp11_group_b

  1. 1. Helping Teachers Make the Grade!Lonnie Cochran, Krystle Horton,Kimberly Cing, Kristi Reynolds, Rachel Ashwood
  2. 2. Table of Contents Lonnie Cochran 3-8 Krystle Horton 9-11 Kimberly Cing 17-22 Kristi Reynolds 23-27 Rachel 28-32 AshwoodSummary 33
  3. 3. What is Quizlet is a free easy to use Web 2.0 application that allowsusers to create and master vocabulary using a variety ofinteractive games.
  4. 4. Getting StartedGetting started on Quizlet is easy! View the video below:
  5. 5. Examples from my
  6. 6. Benefits of for... Teachers StudentsEasy to create setsReady-made flashcards, Practice online at homereview games and Check accuracy of classquizzes using a variety of notes and data byformats (multiple choice, comparing to teacherfill-in, matching) posted Quizlet definitionsTrack student progress etc.Ready-made class review Immediate feedbackactivities Track individual progress promoting metacognitive skills Fun activities for pratice Audio provides correct pronounciations for ELL
  7. 7. Potential Frustrations/ LimitationsLimited to students who have internet access, but printableflashcards and quizzes make it accessible to all (teacher printsand distributes)Short Answer and Fill-insmust be typed correctly to berecognized by the programas correct, but site providesan override option toaccommodate for this.
  8. 8. forI love Quizlet! It is easy to use and access. It is free! Quizletis a great way to integrate technology in the classroom andhomework habits of my students! The interactive nature notonly allows my students to practice, study, and quizthemselves, but the comments feature allows students to posequestions of their peers and of me, the instructor, forclarification! In addition, Quizlet is a tool my students can useto generate flashcards for any course they will study! It is agreat tool for promoting lifelong learning and study skills.
  9. 9. is a website devoted to providingfull-length documentary films to a wide variety ofpeople across the world.This website also allows people to do what is called“snag a film” and post it practically anywhere on theInternet.The best part about this site is that it is FREE!
  10. 10. also has an educational sectioncalled SnagLearning.Selected films that are appropriate for studentsgrades six and up from the SnagFilms’ collection.Films cover almost every discipline and includefilms from PBS and National Geographic.Teachers can collaborate with one another bysubmitting lesson plans, activities, quizzes, andhomework.The goal of this site is to share educational films thatopen the class up for participating in discussions.
  11. 11. What does look like?Take a look at my class wiki page to see just how it can beused.
  12. 12. What Does SnagFilms Look Like?
  13. 13. How Do I Use & ?SnagFilms Search for what you are looking for Choose from: What’s Hot, Topics, Channels, or search A-Z Use MovieMatcher to connect you to films that interest you Choose from topics: arts, campus, environment, health, history, international, life and culture, music, political, religion and spirituality, science and nature, short form, sports and hobby, war, and women’s issues.SnagLearning Choose from: grade level, subject, or channel.After you choose your film, just press play!
  14. 14. Benefits of & Free Connects students to real Easy to use world problems High quality, Award- Increases student winning documentaries engagement Teacher collaboration Involves critical thinking New films added weekly
  15. 15. Frustrations and BarriersThere are none!
  16. 16. ConclusionSnagFilms and SnagLearning are great Web 2.0 Applicationsthat should be used in the classroom. They are a greatalternative solutions to YouTube and are more about what isgoing on in the world rather than random people uploadingwhatever comes to mind first. This tool allows students to learnabout different disciplines in relation to their world.
  17. 17. “ is a creative writing site that matches beautiful images withcarefully selected keywords in order to inspire you. The object is to put theright words in the right place and the right order to capture the essence, story,and meaning of the picture.” Users choose a photograph from a large gallery of beautiful, inspirational, humorous, and thought-provoking photos Users may utilize a list of words (divided into nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and universal words) that the website offers related to each individual picture (sort of like “magnetic refrigerator poetry"), or the users may choose to freewrite poetry or descriptive paragraphs. Users can then post the finished poem to their Facebook or MySpace page, their blog, or a wiki or other website. They can also email the finished poem to any address.
  18. 18. Setting up an account on is absolutely free! Just go to Enter your e-mail address, a password, and a pen name (under which your work will appear) You will immediately be directed to a page where you can start composing your poetry!
  19. 19. A Sample PicLit that I wrote myself! Link to my PicLit
  20. 20. Benefits of using PicLitsFor teachers: For students: Has poetry and creative Its free! writing lesson plans Can be accessed from any incorporating the website computer with internet use Lesson plans have Simple to use ... students can suggested worksheets and use keywords to inspire them quizzes and help them to write poetry All keywords for each Drag-n-drop option helps photograph are divided into students change the tense parts of speech (helps teach and forms of the keywords students grammar) A wide variety of inspiring "Coming Soon" to the site: pictures to choose from search tools and tagging to Students can post their aide with finding examples poems to their Facebook to use in class page or email it to their You can also browse the teacher gallery for good examples
  21. 21. Frustrations and Perceived BarriersStudents would need There are only 72 keywordsinternet access perYou cannot mix drag-n-drop photograph on the "drag-n-with freewrite (i.e. if you drop" optionchoose to use the drag-n- You cannot print your workdrop option, you cannot add unless you do a screenprintwords that arent already in (yet ... this is listed in thethe keywords) "Coming Soon" info!)
  22. 22. Final Thoughts on PicLits.comIm excited to use this Web 2.0 site in my classroom. Thelesson plans provided on the site are an outstandingresource. I have my students write poetry when we doour poetry unit and theyre always asking, "What do Iwrite about?" and "How do I get started?" PicLits reallygives students some inspiration and some ideas to getstarted. Students could complete the assignment andupload it to the class wiki or they could email it to theteacher. It would also be a wonderful extra creditassignment. Or I could also have students writedescriptive paragraphs on the photographs instead ofpoetry. This site is a literature teachers or creativewriting teachers dream!
  23. 23. What isGlogster EDU defines itselfas "A Web 2.0 platform thatallows users to easily uploadphotos, videos, text, audioand more to create a uniqueonline, interactiveposter." This is an example of a glog.The neat thing about a glog is that it is interactive. See interactive glog
  24. 24. How to get started 1. Go to 2. Click on register and sign up for an account. 3. Do NOT add any students at this time, you can add them later.How to add students to your class.Click on Download File not addaccounts Watch this detailed video for extra help with setting up an account.
  25. 25. Benefits of Glogster EDUFrom A fun learning experience A new way to express creativity Private, secure, safe virtual classroom monitored by teachers Drives new interest levels around subjects that may have been seen as “boring” before Adds audiovisual aspects to traditionally text-oriented subjects Fosters teamwork and collaboration with classmates Increases drive to be independently creative Unlimited shelf life Improves student-teacher relationships by allowing both to explore Web 2.0 & learning concepts together Keeps teachers and students up-to-date with modern technology
  26. 26. Barriers of Using Glogster EDU I think Glogster should simplify their "Dashboard" because it is hard to find things at their site. It has a lot of "Junk mail" and other things that are not useful included that make it really hard to find your own glogs. Make sure to add your students using the "Excel" option. To add sound, data and drawing options, you must purchase the premium edition.
  27. 27. Try Glogster for your next class projectI would definitely suggest using Glogster EDU in yourclassroom. It is so easy that you dont really need to spendmuch time teaching your students.I plan on using Glogster this summer in a class I am teaching.They are really easy to embed into other formats such aswikispaces too.SEE MY GLOGSTER
  28. 28. PortaPortal Portaportal is a bookmarking site that is free and server based Convenient to bookmark all online links using categories and subcategories Easy for parents, students, and other teachers to access Share links with others Search other peoples portals for specific things you might want to know more about
  29. 29. How to Get Started on PortaPortalGo to Click the 2nd button down on the lefthand side that says"Signup," enter your basic information, then click "Joinportaportal"Note: The username you choose will also be the guestname of your portal. Keep it simple so guests can easilyremember and access your portal Once you have your account you may beginadding/editing/deleting categories, bookmarks, or basicquick links by using the tools on the top right So that guests may view your portal, you must go to thepreferences page (top right), then you will seee the menu"Guest Access" and you must change it to "Allow GuestAccess"
  30. 30. Portaportal Classroom Benefits Quickly pull up links on the projector to pull up websites from categories or quick links Helpful since bookmarks can be opened from any computer like the one in the classroom, the computer lab, or your students home Parents can access easily to see what are good websites for them to use at home Students can access easily at home Categories can be specific like: "Parent Links," "TCAP Practice," "Phonics Skills," or links to other skills that have been studied in the classroom There is no limit to how many users may access your portal at one time
  31. 31. PortaPortal FrustrationsAesthetically unappealing colorschemes, icons, and advertisementsCannot aggregate and separate: Ifyou want a link in two categories, youhave to enter it twice; If you want toremove it from your categories, youhave to remove the link fromwhichever categories it is inindividually It is not difficult to search otherportals, but it isnt very social becauseit is not networkedThere is no notification or feed to letyou know when things have changedon the site
  32. 32. Additional PortaPortal ThoughtsMany teachers at my school use portaportal. Our schools websitehas all of our individual teacher links to portaportal. This is helpfulfor parents with more than one child at our school so they do noteven have to remember our portal username.I like how I can share links easily with fellow teachers and parentsMy students are only in kindergarten so they do not access itthemselves, but I often pull it up on the projector to quickly openbookmarks. I like it because I can use it in the library, computerlab, another classroom, etc.I like portaportal, because it is what many people at my schooluse. However, I think Delicious is overall a better bookmarking siteCheck out my portal:
  33. 33. SummaryWeb. 2.0 applications are definitely useful for educators and studentsalike! Technology can be used to engage students because its such ahuge part of their lives. The learning can be more relevant to studentsif they can somehow use it with technology. In our research wevefound that ... Quizlet is a great resource for any subject and grade level. Teachers can create vocabulary lists, flashcards, quizzes, and review games promoting both in class and independent study skills. SnagFilms and SnagLearning offers educational films at your fingertips. It also offers activities and quizzes to accompany the films. PitLits is a creative outlet for students. It gives them inspiration to be great poets and writers and offers them a place to publish their work to Facebook or their class wikis. Glogster allows students and teachers to create interactive posters with photos, video, and audio. This would be an innovative way for students to do group projects in any subject area. PortaPortal is social bookmarking for the classroom allowing quick access to links and teachers, students and parents to share bookmarks.